(Proof) Exitus Elite $1000 Paydays!

hey how you doing this is Dan Froelke
with an exitus elite update for yet it is June 20th Wednesday June 20th 2018
again this is an exitus elite update for you and you know what I’m absolutely
loving these $1,000 paydays with exitus elite so it’s only Wednesday and I
actually helped out two people already start their exitus elite home-based
business and I want to share with you those results first of all I also want
to give you some updates on what’s happening inside our exitus elite
business and there’s some awesome very exciting updates for you and also I want
you to stick around to the end of the video because I’ve got some extremely
awesome bonuses for you when you join me in Exitus Elite so when you enjoy my team I
give away a lot of bonuses lots of value that will help jump start your exitus elite
business alright so one of the people who joined me she said to me hey Dan I
love your success I can see you’re very successful in a exitus elite however you
know all I want to do is make an extra 500 to 1,000 dollars per month and I
said hey that I mean that’s awesome because here’s a deal and I’ve been
online for nine over nine years now so I know exactly how maybe people think and
the average person right the average person just wants an extra 500 to $1,000
per month okay that I mean that would be awesome
to the average person okay and and then they can learn and earn as they go right
then if they want to they could scale up and make a lot more money all right
however again the average person is just looking for that 500 to 1,000 dollars
per month right in but the problem a lot of people a lot of new people have they
join a company right off the bat that only pays out small commission let
say $25 per commission right so in order for them to make $1,000 per month they
have to sell a lot okay so with exitus elite one sale equals one one thousand
dollars so that’s why I’m saying I’m loving these one thousand dollar paydays
with exitus elite so one thousand dollars versus $25.00 and here’s the other thing
all right it doesn’t take much more effort to sell a one thousand dollar
product then it does a twenty five dollar product right and chances are
we’re using the same traffic strategies all right so really it doesn’t take a
rocket scientist to figure that out you know you really should position yourself
at the 1,000 dollar level in exitus elite so that’s one sale one thousand dollars
instantly to your bank account all right so but anyway so let’s get
into some results right here and then I’ve got some really quick out updates
for you and then stick around to the end of this
video because I’ve got some huge bonuses for you when you join me in Exitus elite
okay guys income come income all right guys income
disclaimer time three two one okay income disclaimer three two months okay
income disclaimer time I believe in hard work will only happen with active
participation oh okay very quickly disclaimer
okay okay disclaimer okay income disclaimer first these results are not
typical this is not a get rich quick get rich rich what the okay income
disclaimer these results are not typical this is not a get rich quick program nor
do I believe an overnight success I believe in hard work integrity in
developing your skills if you want to earn more financially as stipulated by
law I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get
results or earn money with this affiliate program courses events tools
or strategies this presentation or any piece of content
you see online should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your
actual earnings or profits success with excess elite affiliate program will only
happen with active participation in successful marketing efforts which
require work commitment consistency on your part
man these videos are becoming a lot of work anyway and like I said it’s
Wednesday June 20th and ok here’s a $1,000 sale that I just received this
week as you can see right here and I’m gonna fly through this so anyway there’s
your income results there I’ve got one more June 19th here in 2018 $1,000 and
then again I’m loving these $1,000 paydays with exitus elite ok so there’s
there’s your results there and again these results really for me anyway speak
louder than words so anyway I want to show you some fantastic Exitus elite
updates that I’m super excited about and you should be too so here we go okay
I’ve got some very important updates very exciting updates for exodus elite
in my team when you join me in exitus elite here and so for starters we have a
brand new sales presentation video of ESL and it is really converting very
well for not only me but a lot of people on the team a lot of people inside
exitus elite and it’s converting with our cold traffic ok
and we have complete hands-free done for you
traffic resources in the back office and I have at my own as well when you join
me I share those with members of my team but anyway I’m excited about the brand
new sales presentation there there really isn’t anything out there as
professionally written as this one already professionally recorded as this
one and it’s a great explainer video man it explains everything and that’s
awesome I’m excited about that I’m also excited about what’s called the ESS the
Exitus Sales System now if you’re in a hurry you don’t want to learn anything
off the bat there’s just three steps to get your Exitus system
that up and running and again just three steps step one set up how you want to
get paid step two you copy your capture page URL
and step three you purchase traffic within the exitus elite back-office because
actually we are working with a traffic generation resource that is probably
never have heard of it before they’re very good high quality top tier
traffic you know it’s just a fantastic I’ve been using it and it’s been
converting for me and I do get sales with this traffic the other thing that
I’m really excited about is starting in a week or so we’re gonna have weekly
webinars so there’s there’s gonna be two live webinars and it’s designed to
inform people answer questions and close sales okay so you’ll be able to invite
your prospects to these weekly webinars and they’ll answer questions and they’ll
be able to close sales for you with these weekly webinars and I’m really
excited about that plus for me personally I have a brand new team
training site all right in I’m gonna show you that in a little bit here but
it’s a it’s a password-protected training site and it’s got my exits elite fast Start Guide exclusive team traffic resources online offline marketing
training there’s a brand new Craigslist training if you’re into that for 2018 I
got it and there’s tons of other bonuses that go along with it and and to be
honest with you there really isn’t any other leader the inside exitus to be
honest with you that has this type of training available for members of their
team. all right real quickly I want to show you inside our Facebook group very
helpful very informative and friendly Facebook group and the owner Paul
Stephenson is very active in this group and if you’ve been in any other systems
out there it’s very rare that an actual owner is inside the Facebook group helps
out and is in front of the action ok oftentimes
you see these guys in the background and they don’t want to be seen I don’t know
why but but anyway I want to show you a person who I helped out just recently
and the only reason why I’m gonna show you this it’s kind of embarrassing
I guess not embarrassing but but anyway so I helped this person out and she was
very grateful let me see what she says here and and you can read this I’m not
gonna read it it’s a little little embarrassing but she she does really
appreciate the help that I’ve given her and you know what I help out everyone
just like this okay so when you join me I’m not gonna leave you high and dry
because I remember what it’s like when I joined some someone years ago all right
so I join it this particular program and my sponsor absolutely completely
deserted me I always remember how that that that
felt and I swore up and down if I ever got myself into position where I can
help people out that I would never treat people like that so anyway this person
who I helped I was very thankful and very grateful that’s what I wanted to
show you so let’s move on to my bonuses so when you decide to join me in exitus
elite I’ve got some over the top value for you and these are the exclusive team
bonuses that I have right here first of all I explain this to you a little bit
ago you’re gonna get access to my private team training site has all kinds
of training resources and you know it’s a work in progress okay that’s what I’d
like to say because I’m always adding to that site and you’re gonna give access
to it but not only you will get access to it but the people who join you as
well so if you want to you can use that as an incentive all right they’ll have a
whole team training site right here and again you can check this out
all you have to do is click the link below and you’ll be processed through my
sales funnel and you can check out all about this you’ll read a lot more about
me on what I used to do before online marketing actually used to be a
stonemason alright and I have a whole story with that now I’ve got my own
special weekly team traffic co-op right here and that’s
another huge benefit that you get when you join me in you know my exitus elite
team all right and you can read up about actually you can watch this video right
here and it’ll explain a lot more to you all you have to do is opt-in there you
know but as they say but wait there’s more okay so you’re gonna take
one-on-one personal coaching and here’s the deal you know I don’t care if you’re
at the 100 dollar level the 1000 dollar level I treat everybody equally alright
so you know I’m gonna help you the same amount of time and all that stuff but I
work with you one-on-one help you get your system set up and we strategize on
a marketing plan for you again I’ve got lots of bonuses I’ve got a huge swipe
file right here over the thirty three hundred pieces of copy that you can use
so if you ever wondered what to say in an email or an ad or if you were if
you’re writing anything okay write it inside here and again we have a friendly
and helpful Facebook group I just showed you
I’ve got the seven-figure blueprint guide and this guide will help you put
together a game plan to scale up okay to hit seven figures with multiple streams
of income I’ve got all my contact information right below or right here
and in you know if you have any questions on Exitus you can post them
right below I always answer and if you have any questions at all you can always
give me a call I always answer my phone if I’m helping someone else obviously I
won’t answer and I always get get back to you
alright so hey I appreciate you watching this as always I know there’s a
bazillion videos out there but I really appreciate you watching this video if
you have not yet subscribed to my channel please subscribe and and click
the bell so you’ll be notified when I have a brand new video out there okay so
again this is Dan Froelke appreciate you watching this and have a great marketing

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