Dreams, Dreams, Dreams! Presentation: TATIANA ARIAS It is an honor to have the gift.. It is always a gift for me to hear him I love his talk, I love how he presents himself on stage He will be talking about STORYTELLING Which is…how to tell stories… Wow…that is a lot of pressure, don’t you think? One moment! We are taking a video Or you are here in front of everybody.. Your potential client, your perfect cleint He is in front of you… You have 50 perfect clients in front of you What is your message for them? Less dictating, and more sharing – In the moment you went bankrupt, and felt that every part of your life was unbalanced Keep going, you have all my attention And your life is completely disorganized, of working so freaking hard Every day, up to 18 hours a day And not see any kind of tangible results in your life??? Now we are talking my friend… Give me one more brother, don’t sell me out… You have an agenda that does not let you think, Doesn’t even let you see…called: How do I increase sales in my business? You are good.. Feeling to young to leave an impact in the world, to leave a print …. Not feeling powerful enough to make an impact and leave a print… And leave a message in the world.. Keep going, keep going Yeah, you are good, you are on yor flow right now I am leaving! it was a pleasure guys 😉 Wait!! I have the tools that will make you believe in yourself To elevate and show the value you have And demonstrate yourself that YOU CAN DO IT, even though you are a woman. You have to find the moment… And start from there. And everything from your brand And everything from your story, derives from that moment. Your moment, in an orphanage, In the Dominican Republic where there was 125 women who had been abused, raped, abandoned… But they gave you something really important…. That was my moment…That is why I am here, here with you!!! Which one is your moment?? And that is how you start How you start your story. Big Applause for Valentina If you ask me…I also know what it is to go through that. I also lived though it. Because I also know what it is to live paycheck to paycheck, in debt and in deficit… But it was only when I understood my inner self, which represents who I am And through that belief system That I can change my own results was when everything changed And today I want to invite you to be part of this process of emotional healing My camera man!! But I love the challenge I like the process I LOVE THE PROCESS And In fact, Tatiana was who taught me this. She literally, loves the process And I think you can see the difference.. A year ago if anything happened…UGGGGHHH Now…nothing, all patience. That in 2, 3, 4 years….and this will happen They will put 80 billion dollars where? Facebook y Instagram And today, the promotions that we can buy for five dollars, will cost 85 in the next couple years That is super important for you guys to understand! Because if we are not learning evryday How can we reach more people and how can we add more value than our competition Because in three years when there is an 80 billion dollar investment in Facebook What is gonna happen with us: Because Facebook limits the content that you see on your feed. They have a super smart algorithm. And that is why Twitter is losing the fight.. Because they just pour out information…and it is too much. Facebook at least knows what are your general interests and will send that to your feed. But what will happen I am not going to be able to pay one hundred dollars for a promotion to reach 100, or 1000 people But Macy’s, Coca Cola, Familia and SURA will be able to. Why this that is supposed to be happening the following years Its been taking long, because Facebook has been in the Market for quite a while already And big companies investing a vast amount of money in these outlets.. Good question..answer is, because they are full of ego. And, what happens is, you have to understand how the structure of those companies work.. Because they do commercials Literally, and I meet with them, literally, they do not know the ROI(return on investment) I would ask them, you spent $100k, or $100 million in this publication, or advertisement What was the return?? They don’t know… But is beautiful right? And commercials… They all wait to win a prize with that commercial, because they can charge more To their clients if they win a prize with a single commercial. The thing is that they always have to think in their boss… And the Super Bowl phenomenon? A commercial during the Super Bowl is the only time it is a good Idea to put out one.. If I had millions of dollars I would buy an ad no questions asked And I would say ‘I am Brian Follow me’ Follow me on Facebook…that’s it… You will have sex everyday 24/7, everyday…sex, sex, sex And your spouse will be like…Honey, chill out. Its just IDEA SEX And what’s idea sex? The intersection of your ideas. Tell me your interests… And she tells me, I like the beach Hmm. Who doesn’t? What else? – I like spending time with my daughter…I am a single mother What else? – I like things that are related to well being… Stay fit, eat healthy, do yoga.. What else? – I also like retreats.. But you know what?…. Is really hard to find a retreat that is not very expensive And that also allows kids And I have a daughter…and the dad…Hmm, I don;t even know.. I told her, ok, her name was Lorena. I told her ‘Lorena, you and me, we are having sex.. She said…Brian I only wanted to talk to you about business!! 🙂 I told her…don’t worry, we are just having Idea sex. I told her, why don’t you start thinking about A retreat, in a beach, Where you teach fitness stuff, for single mothers with their daughters… BUSINESS! Here is where all the magic happens That is the intersection of ideas. Think about your purpose in life… Like a media business Where your community Can’t wait to wake up to see what you are going to upload to your YouTube video, TODAY Who here has a story, who has a daughter that changed their life… Or a son.. tell us.. sixty seconds Its all good, I don’t want to hurt you.. I have an 11 year old daughter, product of a failed marriage And everyday I think on how can I share more time with her, because I really don’t New years eve, we had a phone conversation, she was in her house.. In tears she told me that she also wanted to share more time with me… and earlier I was thinking.. On what can I do to share more time with her. And what can you do to share more time with her? I was thinking about sending her daily videos.. So you will use one of those videos in your social platforms.. Now, I want you guys to look at each other And now I want you to tell that story again looking at her, because that is your purpose in life. and what will you do with that information.? I want to impact my daughter’s life Because of the separation with my daughter’s mother, I have missed a lot of moments with her. And because of my work, I can’t share much time with her. And after a call she made on New Years eve, where she was sharing with her mom Crying she told me that she wanted to share more with me So I came up with recording and sending a bunch of videos so we could stay connected Congratulations, that is something very special. Because sharing…connecting Heart to heart, and she knowing that you are connecting with her will fulfill her soul, her spirit, and she will feel safe! Now, you have two videos for your new channel. And in a city like Quito you can find thousands of ideas of videos, of testimonies…and this is what will happen.. He will be part of your community He will share your channel with his connection on Facebook Life, to life, to life, TO life Every time I see someone, I see a story And if you can make that story captivating I will buy what you are selling, no matter what, because you are adding value to my life, I trust you And you are doing good things for your community. That is a story! A friend just had a suggestion: for him to become a YouTuber dad. To be a YouTuber? Meaning?? Ahh, Alright, a YouTuber Dad…cool I thought you were speaking with a Dominican accent or something… I know he is good looking and everything…but I thought you guys were saying something else YouTuberDaddy Look I coined a new name…YouTuberDaddy Thanks…today was a busy day Twelve hours working, about eight or more in conferences.. And something that I thought was super… Impressing actually, the responsibility involved with the work that I do. Because as you can see it was crazy, a lot of selfies, a lot of advises, people asking for advice.. and all of that And when people show so much trust in me to answer their doubts and questions Help them to create or grow a brand What a life I mean, what a way to make a living I something that is really…. just a ginormous honor And Is something that I take very seriously.. So I feel so blessed, so appreciative, so happy and that we are doing exactly what we are supposed to do! And in moments like this one When I am giving conferences all day Talking, coaching, with those people who are really open to absorb what I want to teach Open to innovate, open to the advice I can give WHAT A LIFE!!! I will keep following this path And I want to thank all of you For giving me your attention your energy and your trust! Because if you are here watching this episode, you are probably looking for something Not sure what, but you are And if I can help you find whatever you are looking for Please write me something, call me, just let me know what you need, because I am here for YOU For all of you putting your attention in me, in my brand In my knowledge that I am sharing with all of you with pleasure Let me know what you need, I am here And I will keep serving you for the rest of my days. SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW


  1. Titi Acevedo says:

    waoooo eres mágico Brian!! Estuve ahí gracias a Tatiana Arias y vivimos una grandiosa experiencia, gracias por crear y servir!! graciass!!!

  2. Instamarket Dominicana says:

    Gracias ,,, Por favor sigueme….. te lo agradezco

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    superrrrr superrrrr mi nombre es Luis Marrugo de santa Marta tengo 31 años soy recreador bailarín y papá de luna una niña de 4 años
    que genial y espectacular vídeo te felicito y te doy gracias por la inspiración
    te quiero preguntar voy a empezar a estudiar comunicación social y quiero saber si te parece que es una buena carrera en estos tiempos y hacia donde me debería encaminar ??

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    grandioso brian ,para adelante, super. 🙂

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    Gracias por estar en Colombia…Gracias

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    Waoo interesante eres genial un ser humano que comparte su luz con valores morales

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