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Welcome to our online lender review of prosper, where today we’re going to dive in talk a little bit more about the rates, terms, program, features that prosper offers. My name is Ty Crandall I’m actually the CEO here at Credit Suite. And a Credit Suite what we do is help business owners obtain business credit, and also all different types of business financing through loans and credit lines, but along the way we find a lot of our customers are looking into lenders, like prosper. By having a tough time to understand what the features the benefits the programs or the qualifications are. So we went ahead and did our own research and came up with this presentation that goes through these items. We even reached out to prosper as we do with any online lenders we review, to ask and see if they wanted to contribute to our research. Now keep in mind rates in terms do vary and will change over time. So if you’re interested in applying for prosper my advice is that you contact them directly to learn a little bit more about the rates in terms you may specifically qualify for. So prosper offers personal loans for business use. So however application for business loans are shunted off to their partner OnDeck. So prosper really focuses on personal loans. So if you access and that’s one of the things you need to know, but their business loans, they move right over to their business partner which is OnDeck. Now this is regardless of personal credit rating or amount of credit requested, it just really comes down to whether or not you’re using the money for business or personal use, if its personal use, prosper has great programs that can help you. If it’s business use OnDeck has great programs that can help you. That prosper would then forward your amount your loan to. So prospers personal loan are offered for two thousand to thirty-five thousand the prosper will check your personal credit score. Now along the way they offer low-interest rates, fixed terms of about three to five years, helping you keep your payments low. They also offer a single monthly payment which is uncommon nowadays, a lot of times a lot of these lenders will want paid back bi-weekly or even sometimes daily or weekly. There’s no hidden fees with them or no prepayment penalties either which is something we really liked as we did research. Now advantages include fixed terms and no hidden fees. Which is fantastic, when you’re obtaining any kind of financing. Disadvantages include an unspecified interest rate and prosper we’ll perform an inquiry on your personal credit report. But again prosper deals with personal loans. So it’s very normal to expect that you’re going to have an inquiry on your personal credit report and also keep in mind that if it’s business financing you’re looking for, and prosper probably isn’t the best fit you might as well as go to on deck directly, or another source for business financing. But if its personal loans from all the research we’ve done and prosper has a lot of really good options that may work for you to be able to obtain lower rate longer-term financing on the actual personal side. So if you want to access the most amount of money for your business at the best terms, well then make sure you check out At we can actually go through, you can enter a little bit of information, you’ll speak right directly with our finance team, and our finance team can help determine all the financing that you can qualify for now, and help you get loans and credit lines, even if you’re a startup have credit challenges or can’t get approved at your bank. And we also map out a finance blueprint helping work on a long term strategy as well to help you get even more money down the road. So make sure you check out to get the most amount of money for your business at the best terms.

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  1. D. J. Langehennig says:

    Thanks Ty. Good information.

    Prosper has also very recently started a HELOC product with a bizarre one-year-at-a-time draw period that can go to ten years or be terminated after the first year at their discretion. I have not decided if they are just being brutally honest or if other lenders are downplaying that they could do the exact same thing if they chose.

  2. Mark Cardin aka MR FABULOUS says:

    Ty for all you do 👍👍👍👍👍

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