find from the bench live from Central Park finally some Sun in New York 11 guys I’m really loving these call-in shows / writin shows / in-person question show today we had a great presentation at Manhattan Marymount College here on the Upper East Side and outdoors that’s the Sabrina we’re going to Central Park we’re going to pull a hand pull those questions we’re going to answer them and do arrive to an a show for you today Lions in the bench here on 72nd Street in Central Park so surreal let’s cue those questions up let’s go back to that men has a Marymount College so we have 3 3 or 4 not sure a number of questions that were going to ask for you today well my friend the best way that you can do that is to actually have something that you produce as free content as the articles have some videos have some results you know it’s really it’s a lot easier to talk about yourself in a way that doesn’t feel like it’s bragging when you’ve actually done it bragging means that you’re kind of like it’s the negative conversation I’m bragging is like I haven’t really done anything I don’t want to sell myself so do stuff that’s step number one and then selling yourself too short think about this if you really believe in what you want to do if you really want that job or if you really want your businesses beat or you really want to start that idea is our best service you have to actually believe in what you’re doing because when you do you won’t serve you won’t be thinking about that you won’t be thinking about am i selling myself short am I talking too much about myself because the vision the mission the service the Prague’s the idea is so much greater than you that literally in your soul you can’t wait to share that with the world you can’t wait to get that out there produce something that you’re proud of believe in it with all your heart and then sell it to the fullest of your Sabrina next question so the connection game is actually an interesting one because it is completely important in fact I would say that if I could allocate like percentages to my success of half 50 to 60 to 70 percent of my success I think has been because of connections and the way that I do that is a couple dozen think number one gives the care about the existing connections you have so many people are frantically running around like chickens with their head cut off the networking event up your networking imagine that very to do what to meet new people but the key the things that a lot of us are not remembering is that we already know a lot of people and so how what are you doing to nurture those relationships because those relationships are actually extremely important and with those relationships alone 75 to 85 percent of you could actually be doing what you want to be doing now if you’re actually nurturing those relationships so think about going to the family barbecue of your friend go to their kid’s birthday party show up for their speech show up for what’s important to them and nurture those relationships really think about how can I add value and call your friends call your existing relationship to ask them like what else you need in your life right now how can I help you with that the first thing for the new contacts meaning they don’t know you yet it’s all about value so if you’re going to cold email or close chowder can call someone number one know who they are know what’s important let me know what they need and then offer that to them reaching out and saying how can I help you is actually not even a good strategy because now I have to think about how can you random Joe random Jane who I have know nothing about your life or your skill sets or your abilities help me so now I have to think about what do I need and then I think about what can you do for me and hope that those match up it just doesn’t make sense value is the name of the game whether it’s for existing relationships or there’s for new people in your life that you want to reach out to anticipate their needs provide a solution provide a second solution provide a third solution and the final piece that is just kind of be persistent and be persistent is different than email me every day but just recognize that I get one two three four hundred emails a day or messages a day across the platforms and I just literally even if I want your help can’t keep up so just kind of do gentle reminders every week or every month or whatever feels right for you but those are the three things that I say when you’re really trying to build connection question number three Sabrina a1 and create a brand in a business just where you gentlemen hello friends I love with your treasure singing together the best way to start a YouTube channel is to let the other hip or we have to start a YouTube chat I’m absolutely blown away at how many people say to me I want to start this I’ve wanted to start this I’ve had this idea for a month I’ve had these visions for six months and I’m like okay cool show me six months worth of product and the oil and you haven’t started yet but okay start right so let’s just see this like real concrete number one write down three to five names of your station whatever can be anything that number two write down ten videos you can make right now and then number three you want followers interact with the one security app we have five followers right each problem is they what can I answer for you you have ten followers right ten power to see which one’s which which questions you can answer for them and if you’re a position where what you want to do is share knowledge a really good way to spread your new YouTube station and pick up borrowers it’s interview other people in the industry that you want to be in if you want to leadership a youtube channel interview other leaders and you can do it something as simple as this have someone sit by you in the bench and interview them about their process and everything about their products that fit and interview them about their three previous moments of disappointment how they bounce back whatever the point is that everyone wants a million subscribers but no one wants to start start a station have some videos have the videos actually be content that people ask about as the videos because of the people actually need to resolve in their mind promise to need solutions for how other people come on and then focus on distribution everyone starts today I have a million subscribers in a year don’t think like that start today and had a million pieces of valuable content in the year and you’ll have a million subscribers that’s it that’s the show crying on the bench here in Central Park hope that was helpful way up we’ll answer them and we’ll answer them on the show and then we’ll send you the show thinking of building your subscription let us know how we can help you have a great day the Sun is out I’m going to let it hit my face and I hope you guys do something nice for yourself today thanks for check it out best shot

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