you’re our bee t.v here with brian and scientific Soria we’re really excited this is the call-in question show if you have Colin if you have any questions whatsoever hit us up on the comments and Facebook live hit us up on the comments and Facebook instrument instrument is it going now Anthony and we actually had some of you right in from the newsletter so we wrote in from our just kind of us public publicizing this we want to do as much this as we can for you guys just answer any question given about entrepreneurship about personal branding about raising venture capital about starting a business about networking about finding a job anything that you guys want to know about we’re here for you to kind of share our experiences what it’s been like to build a business what it’s been like to work with some of the best brands in the world and some of the smallest of entrepreneurs soul practitioners across the board so Santa yeah take it away take it away take it away now all right first question comes from us or comes to us from Jenna Tamara from Casablancas Domingo the Dominican Republic and she says I see you run a bilingual business I admire you for it I’m bilingual myself and I’ve been debating for a while which marker I should want to assert how has the dual business been working for you any tips or insight you could share I would greatly appreciate it all right cool I think that building a bilingual brand is actually a lot of work so the first thing I would say is two things number one think about where you live so if you live in the United States or do you live in the Dominican Republic or in Colombia or Latin America because the reason I say that is the markets are different and the amount of money that you can make is different so the first thing that I would say is if you live in the u.s. I would start by focusing on the US market number one there’s a ton of Latinos in the u.s. number two you can just make more money here and I’m not even saying it’s got to be about the money but if you’re going to be doing a if you’re going to be doing a business and you’re going to live in the u.s. that and I think lives in Boston now she said then you have to make us dollars otherwise it’s going to be hard if you are an American that lives in Latin America or if you are a Latino that lives in Latin America I would say start by focusing on the place that you live the other thing that I would say to Jen is this number there’s there’s couple more things number one is if you already a fluent Spanish speaker which I’m assuming that she is because she lives in the Dominican Republic and she’s heard she was asking about the negra goal if you’re fluent Spanish speaker you can recycle content so what I do is all of my content is in one language in other words I first shoot in English and then I translate that into Spanish whether that be I’m actually translating it or I send the English content to my Colombia team and they subtitle it in Spanish so there are ways to basically get into that flow where you shoot in English and your content is English and then it gets translated into Spanish so it’s actually very possible to do both even if you’re only focusing in an in a single market the second thing that I would say is there are a ton and ton and ton of Latinos in the u.s. so even if you’re very passionate about serving a Latin American community and you don’t maybe have time or you don’t want to go to the Dominican Republic to build out the business there then you can still focus on serving Latinos in the US and that will maybe fill that need that fire in your soul to be able to give back to community the third thing that I would say about building a bilingual brand is for me I think it makes a lot of sense if you are American or if you can work in America to earn in America and then to go and give back or to build in Latin America so one of the things that I do is I rely very almost five to ten percent of my business you know in terms of money comes from Latin America just because the money is not the same it’s different economy and I don’t live there I live your New York even though I spend six months in your in Latin Rica so what I would say is figure out a way to build out projects in Latin America if that’s something that you really wanted to be in Latin or in the Caribbean in this case if you really wanted to be in the Caribbean then figure out ways that you can make enough money and make enough business here in the US you can go down there and maybe work for free maybe start projects for free maybe start organizations or camps you know where you teach or you speak whatever that may be so that’s not kind of a longer answer but I would say folks in the market you live in earn in dollars if you live in the u.s. earn in pesos if you live in the Dominican Republic figure out ways to recycle the content that you’re doing in the US or in Latin America for both markets double dip hit both markets there’s no reason you can’t do that with the subtitling that’s available now and if you’re builing will do just spend a little extra time and do both and if if that if you can’t you can’t figure out a way to make money in Latin America make more money in the US or live a little bit more freely in the US spend that month or two months or three months a year in lettering getting back other questions coming in yeah we do we have one for my friend Pablo Perez Pablo what’s up I see you doing big things lean I’m watching you you’re on my radar you’re on my radar tell me what the question is what is the single most important concept that you live by everyday yeah although thanks for asking the question my brother I miss you I hope you’re going well the single most important concept to live by every single day is actually up to number one I am just eternally grateful to have this life to have this moment to have this thing to have this team that’s around me right now shooting to have this office that this view of the Hudson River on the natural light coming in I mean it’s almost like when you make that decision to be grateful every single day there’s really like nothing can get thrown at you like every single thing that happens I look at as something that I’m grateful for every single thing that happens I look at as something that is a blessing in disguise that’s the first thing the second thing is I really believe in a lot of magic like I try to live by this magic principle which you know Santa and like any of you guys that have been follow me for a while you know that magic I think is is so important and I think it’s such a critical part of life like yes I work really really really really really hard but I like to look for the magic like how do we all end up here today like how did I meet this team and if you think about that like it just fuels the gratitude so like believing in the magic and seeing the magic in everyday life actually jewelz the gratitude that I live by and I think that that is the two things there’s a third thing that I would say which I just referenced is like work really hard I think that that is something that you that that every single one of us has control over and I’ve always been kind of a staple for me I was a college athlete I was never ever ever even close to the most most athletic I was never ever even close to the strongest the fastest the biggest but I was able to really do well and I was able to do well because of hard work I think it’s just it is equalizer that you do have control over other questions coming in yeah we have one more opening Cocola from Staten Island today what’s up that an Islander right and his question is how do you find your niche in your business or your area of expertise well there’s a few ways I think Anthony and and this is actually why I want to do a call-in show because I actually like to know more about Anthony so if you guys leave us your numbers in the future that would be awesome so I can actually call you for this show so we’ll well that’ll be something we can try in the future but without knowing too much about Anthony and without knowing too much about what’s the business or field that he is in I would say there’s a couple things the first is this idea of IDs sex or the intersection of ideas which is like figure out the one or two or three or four things that you love to do and then find that intersection of what those ideas are so for example I love to speak in Spanish I love entrepreneurship I love giving conferences I love being around people I love teaching so my niche could be entrepreneurship my niche could be public speaking my niche could be on Latin America my need to be speaking Spanish I could build out businesses around all four of those but what’s more interesting to me is to find where all those things intersect and where is the middle point of all those things and what that looks like is basically the Latino brand that I’m building that Jennifer that Jenn asked about which is I give conferences in Latin America about entrepreneurship where I can teach everything I’m learning in Spanish that’s the intersection so I think that too many people are focused on like what is the the one single nation they want to hold on like I want to make mugs or I want to make iphone cases or I want to be a coder like if you have all of those three if those are three different interests that you legitimately have figure out the sweet spot in the middle and that’s how you can become the best in the world a lot faster another give you another practical example I had a woman call me about a year and a half ago and she said Brian I’m sick of my job I have to leave and I can’t take it anymore but I don’t really know what I what I can do I have three or four big interests I don’t know how to turn them into a business and I said okay her name is Lorena and I said what is what is it Maria what it she’s a Colombian who lives in San Jose California and she said I love spending time with my daughter I love being on the beach I love health and wellness and I love retreats okay fine if we look at that if we look at the intersection of those ideas it looks like this why don’t you start oh and then the final piece that she said to me that was important that so like listening was but it’s really hard for me to find retreats because they’re expensive and then like they don’t allow my daughter to come and so I said why don’t you start retreats on the beach for a weekend where you teach health and wellness to single moms that can bring their daughters at a reasonable price and now she has the business doing that so that’s a niche right that’s I think that’s where you can figure out it because a lot of us have like more than one thing but it doesn’t mean you can’t do all those things that just means find that to let them have sex see what the baby is and you know nurture the baby I see people writing in I really appreciate the questions I think we’re going to just like stop at this point but thank you for what we’re going to do a lot more of these be on the lookout for snapchat Instagram Facebook we’re going to promote when we do them hopefully we can move into a call-in show soon but thank you for your questions I really appreciate them I really appreciate your time let me know if they were helpful let me know how else I can help and it is it’s your hour it’s your life it’s your dream so go get it because if you don’t no one else will thanks for watching the show guys fun to be with you today ciao thanks Tom’s us bye guys [Music] you [Applause]

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