QuantyPhi – Balance Sheet Optimization for Credit Unions

You talk to any credit union, they talk about how many hats they wear. We’re all busy. As credit unions have gotten larger and more sophisticated within their portfolios and their balance sheets, their needs have changed. They may not have the level of expertise on-hand that they need to optimize their entire balance sheet and their portfolio. But, what if you had an experienced partner who could… Help maximize your credit union’s day-to-day performance? Help you stay on top of market trends? Help you expertly balance risk and opportunity? That partner is QuantyPhi, a new CUSO from Corporate Central Credit Union. Our goal is two-fold. We want to really help members evolve the way they’re managing balance sheets. We want to help them find those better analytics, find better ways to drive the decision-making process. The decisions need to be driven by the numbers, not necessarily what’s producing the numbers. We want the numbers to kind of make the decision for us, and be able to quantify it. We’re here to help credit unions make good relative value decisions, and strike that balance between risk and return. We started looking at what Corporate Central could do to come up with a more holistic approach to their entire balance sheet. There’s always opportunity in the marketplace. It’s just a matter of determining how it fits into your portfolio and into your risk profile. Whether interest rates change, credits change, whatever the changes are, we want to be more proactive and understand what’s likely to happen before it happens. Why QuantyPhi? We have a different viewpoint on how to manage investment portfolios with an eye to the entire balance sheet. There’s some very powerful systems that we’re bringing on board here to be able to do the analytics that are necessary. Our system is going to capture all the possible movements that are out there. We have the ability to do a series of “what-ifs.” We also are going to be using different types of tools to measure the different rate scenarios for the multiple complexities that have been introduced into the credit union world and into the investment world in general. From a technology standpoint, we’re going through an evolution here at Corporate Central. We want to be that simple, convenient, reliable, easy-access, easy-to-do-business-with solution for our members. I want to see a credit union succeed. We can help them get their arms around previously unmeasurable risks and provide consistent performance, time and time again. Our focus is on improving their bottom line. They own us. They’re owners, whether it be directly with Corporate Central or our CUSO. So, by partnering with us, you know that you’re going to get somebody that you can trust. When it comes to investment advice, Corporate Central is somebody that we trust to help us manage our risk. They’re not pitching something to us to sell us a product so they can make a commission. They want to understand what our needs are, what we’re trying to accomplish with the investment, how it fits in with our overall strategy. I worked with them for over 30 years. That trust has always been there. Maximize your credit union’s day-to-day performance. Stay on top of market trends. Bring risk and opportunity into perfect balance. Hire a trusted partner. Hire QuantyPhi, balance sheet optimization for credit unions. It’s our duty to make sure that we’re there to help credit unions get where they’re trying to go. We’re going to be helping them make business decisions that are in their best interest, not in our best interest.

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  1. David Michalski says:

    Over the past 10 years I've learned that the CCCU leadership team is dynamic, focused and active in the pursuit of  "Best in Class" solutions for their member credit unions.  QuantyPhi is a terrific example that has investment experts, Nick Fanning and Kevin Chiappeta delivering a powerful tool to help credit unions maximize their balance sheet activities.  Kudos guys !!!!

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