Quicken Loans National from CRTW 425

here’s your chance to see some of the
world’s top golfers tee off right here in the county is the Quicken Loans
national golf tournament it will be held at TPC Potomac it’s open to the public
from June 27th through July 1st here to give us some more information is the
tournament director Mike Antonini thanks for being here Mike and what can
people expect this year thanks for having me we’re really excited about
this year’s Quicken Loans national as you mentioned we’re back at TPC Potomac
just an amazing tournament site our tournament hosts Tiger Woods who has
taken not only the golfing world but the sporting world by storm will be with us
along with Rickie Fowler and major winners Jimmie Walker there’s a lot to
like about the the site at TPC Potomac it’s great tests for the players but
outside the ropes it’s a great experience for the fans tickets are on
sale at our website at Q L national calm and if you go to our website you can
find all information on parking transportation gate times and the full
schedule of events all right so circling back to parking
and transportation where are some of the details that people do need to know so
for a limited time only you can go to our website now @ql national calm and
actually purchase on-site parking that can only be purchased in advance while
supplies last general parking will be at Rock Springs Park at 6720 Rockledge
Drive that is a pay day of and again you can go to ql national dot-com / parking
for information on our general parking complimentary shuttles will be at Rock
Springs Park to take fans to the tournament dropping them off
conveniently right at the driving range at our main entrance gate just steps
from the first hole steps from the 9th green the 18th green our yard which is
our public fan experiential area it’ll have the video board routes Chris
Bonefish Grill lots of amenities a kid’s village with a mini putt-putt in a TGR
Learning Lab there’s a lot for the fan whether you’re golf
or not thank you Mike you really got me excited there

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