Quicken Loans winter blast weekends: Fortune Cooking Food Truck

I have someone famous here with me Tom Lin let me show you just one I wanted cutthroat kitchen weekend’s kick off this weekend starting Saturday through Monday Martin Luther King Day and then next weekend as well skipping Super Bowl weekend and then returning for two more weekends in February free ice skating also skiing snowboarding the big slide and of course entertainment and food and to talk a little bit more about the food and all the yummy food trucks let’s first just focus on yours Tom and you have the fortune cookie cooking yes truck and let’s look at the food and tell me what you guys are gonna be served well with the quick and lone winter blast weekend and also campaign with the Kroger zero hunger zero waste okay so that’s for weekend I will be on the first weekend at the campus marshal which is this weekend yeah something yes all right food you’re gonna be serving yeah we gonna oh the food truck gonna donate $500 food to the d’être home shelter homeless shelter oh that’s my food truck we have lots of fresh delicious food as a curry chicken no fresh herb you name it we got it and there’s a famous general tso chicken okay and we have vegetarian spring roll regular grow and the cheese crab rangoon yeah and we have this yes a fresh vegetable with the chicken with the great brown sauce and that’s what it looks like when you go to the food truck although we about selection on our food truck menu we have like SRAM and B we got them all all right well we are showing the food truck right now because they’re preparing some food whites outside of the local force to do I should mention more about the Quicken Loans winter blast weekends you mentioned that you’re gonna be this weekend this weekend the foods trucks changes the entertainment changes and also the activities change so this weekend it is you’re taking over my job is like the giant snow slide the snowboarding and the skiing and all the other activities not to worry they’ll all come back but all on different weekends you get a different experience every week and all the reason to come down to Campus Martius Park beginning on Saturday 11:00 a.m. how is it lots of fun top general what is jerath Oh iris ginger we’re going to nibble on this but more information on winter weekends on clickondetroit.com

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