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for you QUICKEN ROCKET-MORTGAGE Important news
for you Now that I have your ATTENTION I’m Michael Kelleher from Loan Fuel some of you guys watch my videos hopefully you I’m just grinding, I’m actually in a
parking lot, outside of Starbucks.. I’m guessing 18 people are looking at
me And I’m actually gonna go walk into it And refill my Starbucks But I was sitting out inside my car Giving a demo to a company, a credit
union That gets it, WANTS TO SIGN UP I said this point about QUICKEN
Their COMMERCIALS are for YOU In the Mortgage Industry because you got to put yourself in the position of….. When people are on demos with me I feel sometimes they’re checking emails they’re not putting themselves in the position of what they would be A parent at a soccer game A parent in a swingset
pushing their kid checking making sure everything’s okay How about watching the commercial… Half the time we are on our phones so we are…. looking down…. looking up looking down… looking up Is quicken really advertising themselves?? Or for somebody watching are they just advertising A mortgage should be done with an App? I’m looking down checking my phone I look up and I see somebody battling spider-man applying for a mortgage very few times do I think somebody watches the entire commercial TAKE ADVANTAGE of that!! Have the app Have similar technology They are advertising for you with a 10 MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET All you need to do is get an app AT least with us they’re (APPS)
getting so scalable now You can afford it Easily and leverage their
advertising To give the consumer the experience they want Then follow Gary V’s advice it’s a Thank You economy Use the app to thank them for
doing business with you take that gray matter out of their head of what’s going on what’s going on “did you get this?” “Calling just to check that it go through?” Eliminate that and go out and get some new business Follow a lot of these sales
leaders here on LinkedIn Follow their advice Just let our app allow you to be
more productive Let QUICKEN’S COMMERCIALS allow you to advertise as.. Yeah that’s me I see on TV

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