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It’s not my job to haul scrap metal at night
but I did it anyway Doesn’t fit sub
It was around 9pm. I had just sat down on the couch with a cup of tea after an hour-long
struggle to get my six year old boy to bed. All of a sudden there is a tremendous noise
out the front of my house. It sounds like the world is ending. A metal apocalypse. I leap up and run to the front window and
squint out into the darkness of my usually quiet blue collar suburban street. There across the road is my neighbour Johnny.
He is dragging 12-ft long metal beams along the sidewalk, resting one end on the top edge
of a big cage trailer, then trying to shove-slide the beams down and inside. The noise is unbelievable.
I watch for a couple minutes in disbelief and growing anger as I notice about 50 more
metal beams stacked behind him. This is not going to finish anytime soon. Then to top it off my son wakes up and starts
making a fuss. I grab a piece of paper and write an angry
message at Johnny in big block letters. My neighbour Johnny is profoundly deaf, hence
the written note. He has lived in that house for all of his 50 years – and alone, since
his mother died a decade ago. He hasn’t done so well by himself, I think. His house
has fallen into disrepair, and he has hoarded so much scrap metal it has filled his property
and flowed over the outside of his wall, encroaching on the sidewalk. I know the mess drives other
neighbours crazy, but I don’t particularly care. Makes me feel less guilty about not
mowing my lawn as often as I should. Apart from the eyesore he’s never bothered me
in any way. I’ve barely had anything to do with him at all over the years, to be honest. At 9pm last night, however, I was spitting
mad. Another huge boom echoes outside. Fantasies
of physical violence flash through my mind. The blood rage takes me. I grab my angry note, put on my slippers and
storm out the door in my pyjamas, straight over to him. I am a tall, heavily built, pretty mean looking
guy. Johnny is about 5 foot 5, and looks like a shrunken version of Zach Galifinakis. My appearance startles him and he looks up
at me with a worried face, still holding one end of a metal beam, sweat running down his
cheeks. I’m about to unleash on him. I look down at this small hairy deaf hobbit
man in front of me. I look back across the street at my son watching
us from behind the screen door. I look at the angry note in my hand. My anger evaporates and is replaced by something
else. I feel ashamed. I consider how he’s been deaf since birth and may not even realise
how noisy he’s being and I feel even more ashamed. I shove the note in my pocket before he sees
it. I point to my chest, then do a weightlifting motion with my hands. His face brightens,
and he nods excitedly. I walk over and grab one end of a beam, he grabs the other. I start helping him haul these 90 pound metal
beams into his trailer. After 20 minutes I’m breathing hard and we finally get the last
one in. I feel him squeeze my arm. He’s smiling up at me and mouths thank you – the
only word we exchange the whole time. I nod and go home. A couple minutes later I’m in the bathroom
washing the dirt and sweat away and my son comes in. He’s angry and confused, like
a disappointed mob that didn’t get to watch the hanging they were promised. ‘Why didn’t
you shout at him daddy? You should have taught him a lesson! He’s an idiot!’ (Idiot being
the strongest word in my son’s vocabulary). I sit him down on the couch and put my arm
around him, cuddle up. I talk to him about the different ways I could’ve handled that
situation, and about neighbours and helping, and being kind, and about how you meet all
types of people in your life, and the story of the scar by my eye and how much I regret
the times I’ve been aggressive in my life. He’s silent afterwards and seems to be deep
in thought as I carry him back to bed. I drove past Johnny today and he waved and
did a bicep flex at me, like hey aren’t we the two metal hauling musclemen of the
street! I couldn’t help but chuckle. $15k instant karma
XL Hi! someone said this belonged here because
i technically do not work for the department store that my shop rents out space in. i edited
for clarity but if you have questions ill try to answer! The other day these 2 older European women
came into my section of the department store I work in and brought up a coat from a different
part of the store, asking me to price check it for discounts. I kindly explained that
I can’t be sure of the price if there’s discounts on it, since my section of the store isn’t
actually working for the store, we just rent out space in it. So I can’t be sure of any
deals they have if they aren’t in the system. I then told them they can go to the main service
desk (less than 20 feet away from my section) and they can give the most accurate price.
They immediately got very angry, calling me stupid, screaming at me, and saying I didn’t
know how to do my job. I spent 10 minutes explaining in every way I knew how that I
can’t be sure if there’s any discounts on it because we are a separate store, just located
inside of the department store, so I/everyone that works there doesn’t have knowledge
of all the sales going on for other sections (because we don’t need to). They continue
to refuse again and again to walk the few feet to the service desk, and the one doing
most of the talking/yelling threw(yes overhand threw) the heavy butt coat at my stomach and
told me to hold it for her, then walked away. I stuck the coat on a rack next to our station,
because this coat wasn’t our merchandise and I didn’t give af what happened to it after
that. They then proceeded to come back 30 min later after wandering around the store
and the one that threw the coat at me was screaming and crying, freaking out saying
that she lost her 24k solid gold / diamond ring in our store(I’d noticed the ring the
first time I saw her, it was a huge rock). She started screaming for me to please look
for it because its worth 15,000$, it’s her prized possession, etc. I glanced around and
said I’m sorry, but I have no idea where it is and haven’t seen it. She told me it
was my fault she lost it then her and her benchy sidekick literally ran around the store
for 5 hours and never found it. It’s been almost a week and I asked the general manager
of the department store if they found it, and nope. It’s gone. Lol fck y’all Stop! You can’t leave the tour! Never mind,
you work here. L
In the late 1990s, I was a young college student working as a summer intern at NASA’s Johnson
Space Center in Houston, Texas (where “mission control” is). I worked in a building that
had lots of offices and labs for programmers and electrical engineers in the front, a big
industrial space (a maze with lots of pipes, catwalks, warning labels…) with a huge vacuum
chamber in the center, and then me in a closet at the back of the building that had been
transformed into an office. Each day, I would go out to lunch and make
my way through the maze. One day early in my internship, I discovered lots of people
taking pictures of the vacuum chamber and making their way out of the building. I merged into the crowd and went out the building
with them. They continued going straight and I made a left to head to the cafeteria. About
50ft later I hear someone shouting, “Come back! You can’t leave the tour, you could
be charged with trespassing.” I turned around and saw a young woman yelling
at me. And then I realized all the people were getting into a tour tram. But then she
was able to see I was wearing a badge and said “Never mind. I didn’t know you worked
here.” After lunch I talked to my “boss” and she
explained that Space Center Houston (a museum near by) ran tours and our building was one
of the stops. And she thought it was funny that they thought a tourist was trying to
escape. For the next few weeks, I would delay leaving
for lunch if a tour group was also leaving the building so that I wouldn’t be confused
for a tourist and get yelled at. But then later, I started deliberately merging
into the group and would then start to RUN to the cafeteria. When I would hear a shout,
I would explain/show I was an employee. After a week or so of this, all the tour guides
knew of me (I wonder if I got a cool nickname) and stopped getting alarmed. But I could still
hear the tourists make a commotion and that made it worthwhile. I almost got in trouble with a manager I’ve
never worked under XXL
First post here, I was directed here after telling a friend about this! So a few months ago I stopped working at a
large chain retail/grocery store. I had worked there for around two years. They don’t necessarily
have a set uniform (each department wears something slightly different but still with
the store logo, sometimes if you’re just filling in or are a new starter or temp without
uniform, you can just wear smart clothes, but still with a name tag). Cut to earlier today! I had just been to an
interview, so I was wearing somewhat smart clothing (blouse and black trousers), and
had popped into said store for some groceries on my way home. I’m only planning on getting
a few things so I don’t take a basket. I’m a bit of a neat freak when it comes
to stores, so as I was looking for products I’d also straighten the shelves a little
(you can’t tell me nobody else does this!). Suddenly a middle aged woman approached me
and asked where she could find hemp milk. Me: Oh, sorry I don’t work here! But I believe
it’s in aisle 24 or 26? Her: (already annoyed) Listen I’ve had a
busy day and I don’t have time for your games. I can see you straightening shelves,
you work here. Now take me to the hemp milk, it’s for my daughter’s husband, he’s
got a milk allergy and I just want some hemp milk. Me: I understand but I don’t work here! Her: (loudly, obviously irate) Stop messing
with me, you fat cow! I’ve seen you working here, I just witnessed you straightening the
shelves, I’ve told you I’ve had a busy day now take me to the milk so I can go home! Me: I honestly don’t know where it would
be, I’m sorry but I need to get home myself. I move around her to carry on with my day
but as I do so a manager I don’t recognise walks down the aisle, the lady screams at
him about me not helping her. I turn to him to explain that I don’t work there, but
before I can say anything she’s shouting and pointing at me and there are customers
around us watching what’s going on. The manager is obviously new to the store,
and is likely embarrassed at the other customers looking at us, so asks the lady and I if we
could come to the back of the store (this is normal, there’s a couple of ‘security
rooms’ at the rear of the store for interviewing irate customers and staff that have broken
rules, lost money, etc.). I try to explain through her shouting that
I don’t work there but follow along anyway. The manager asks the lady to wait in one room
whilst he opens the door to the one next to it and waves me inside, before I can speak,
he starts saying that as a new starter I should be trying to make a good impression on the
company, and that I can expect to be fired for ignoring and being rude to a customer
like that. Before I’ve entered, one of the supervisors I used to know well comes into
the hallway the rooms are on (it connects the shop floor to the colleague toilets) and
sees me, he immediately starts chatting, asking how I am etc. He then realises I’m going into a sec room
and questions it, I explain that a customer thinks I’m being a rude employee and that
I haven’t yet been able to get a word in edgeways to explain to this manager that I
don’t work here. The old supervisor immediately starts laughing at the predicament, saying
that I left months ago, and the manager, still holding the door, flushes bright red with
embarrassment. He starts apologising profusely to me, stating that he’s new here and hasn’t
had chance to meet the colleagues properly. He even offers me vouchers! Luckily I’m
in pretty good spirits and laugh it off, poor guy seemed stressed beyond belief. I left to go to the shop floor as he went
in to speak to the customer, so I don’t know how she took the news, but hopefully
he came out alive!

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    1) In other words, I'm usually an idiot who's raising his son to be a lazy, hot-headed jerk, like me. I pay no attention to the guy next door, who's been deaf all his life, and all alone for the last 10 years. I even use him as an excuse to not be a decent human being.

    I have no plans to change, until I see Johnny trying to clean up and move impossibly heavy things by himself. As I'm about to go all Karen on him, I'm suddenly swept by a strange emotion I've never felt before – compassion. I wind up helping someone instead of going ballistic, for the first time ever.

    My son, having never seen me be nice to anyone, asks if I've lost my mind.

    2) I hung up this heavy, expensive coat in a random spot and lost the $15,000 ring inside, because I'm a shitty person. And I love being SHITTY!

    3) Tour Guides try to save my stupid butt, because they don't realize that I'm just an … idiot.

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