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the day. PRAA I used to work here, dude, but I was useless
then and am useless now! XL So I worked at Walmart for like four months.
Background: I was not a good employee. I got moved off
of registers because I apparently insulted a woman to whom I was trying to explain that
her card was being declined while she was five dollars short. I got moved to fabrics
and crafts because I guess when you have an apparently “unstable” employee the solution
is to give her a big pair of fabric scissors. The thing is, all I learned was how to Zone
and I didn’t even have any equipment on me because my info wasn’t in the system
to check out any price checkers, walkie-talkies, etc. (I was always told they “were working
on it”). I also didn’t know where anything was besides fabric and glitter. Every time
I asked for more training I was told I had been trained and needed to get it together.
So I ended up quitting in a fairly interesting fashion. I posted it as my “fuck this I
quit” story as a reply to an askreddit thread awhile ago if you wanna peep that in my post
history. ANYWAY— Our tale:
I’m at the store. Everyone who works there has a vest. I do not have a vest. I am wearing
jeans and an evanescence shirt from 2007, and this was before this store allowed their
employees to wear whatever they wanted, so they were all in a limited selection of shirt
types + black pants. So, while I had been working there, I’d
had a couple encounters with an older gentleman, in that he would ask me where something is
and I would honestly try to find it for him until he got impatient (valid) and asked someone
else who didknow, and then made sure to find me after he got his whatever so he could insult
my intelligence. Fair, I guess. Im in the grocery section. I’m looking for
rice. Guys, I was just looking for rice, all I wanted was some rice. But there so much
rice. “Hey! Salsa!”
Interesting name for someone who is not me, I thought, as this shout floated through the
air. A fun nickname, perhaps. Saucy. Then someone taps on my shoulder, interrupting
one of the most important decisions of my life, and I realized the voice was familiar.
I turn around and it’s Grumpy himself. Still trying to make that mustache work so he gets
points for confidence. “Salsa,” he says again. He stares.
I gesture weekly behind me, not sure what we are now, what his mission is.
“…this is the rice. You’re…you’re where the rice is.”
“I know it’s the goddamn rice, I need to find your Pace salsa! There’s none on
the shelf!” “I’m…so sorry,” I say, as a non-salsa
connoisseur trying to empathize. He already thinks I’m an idiot at this point, but now
he really looks it. “You work here, go restock the damn salsa!
It’s the only kind my wife’ll eat!” He says.
“I don’t work here anymore,” I pray this sets me free. It doesn’t, but he does
pause. He’s thinking. He’s thinking about me and about salsa. My brain is going back
to rice. “So you can’t help me?” He finally asks.
“Dude when have I ever been able to help you?” I finally say.
He nods. At last, he is satisfied. “Good point,” he says, and he looks past
me and sees an actual employee elbow deep in some Campbell’s soup cans, “Hey! Salsa!”
Back to rice. I went with the Jasmine. I am not even the legal age to work! XL Background: B:brother Me:me…duh EC: entitled
customer B:bob(not real name) the owner I am a 13 yo white male and have a 16 yo brother
that works a local pizzeria. In my state, the legal age to have a job is 15 yo and I
was turning 14 in a month and a half. This happened a week ago. My family goes to the
pizzeria every Friday, and the owners used to be our neighbors. So we were friends.
Now onto the story. I was hanging out with my brother in the back
and sometimes I help around. I went to go get a drink because my food was almost ready,
when I get a tap on my shoulder EC: excuse me, can you get me a water from
the fridge? Also I’ve been waiting and I still haven’t gotten my food.
Friday nights are normally busy. Me: sry ma’am, I don’t work here and the
you can just go up to the fridge and get one, they allow it.
EC scoffs and returned back to her table while mumbling under her breath. I didn’t think
much of it and went to go sit down. A few minutes later I am eating my food and she
came up to me and said… EC: you shouldn’t be eating and you should
be working, now get back to work and get me my order.
I was wearing a light gray Jurassic Park shirt on and the uniform was black with the logo
in the corner and the address and phone number on the back. I looked at my family with confusion
and I got up and walked to the back to get B and asked him if her order was ready and
he said ya. When I came up to her saying that they will bring it out in a few moments, but
that wasn’t soon enough for her… MEC: no I want it NOW!! Get me my food or
else I’ll get you fired! Me: listen ma’am I don’t work her I’m
13 and the legal age limit to work is 14 and that is still a little under the age (my brother
got the job at 14 because we know the owners) and if you aren’t happy, that’s not my
problem. EC: shut the fk up you little ct go get me
my order NOW!! Me: I don’t work here, I already told you
that. She grabbed a sprite and threw it at me and she missed but the can exploded all
over my brand new shoes Me: Flip you you armadillo, go suck a lemon.
(I didn’t say armadillo, but I did say lemon because my parents were right next to me)
One of the cashiers saw this and went to go get bob
Bob: what is all the commotion? EC: this retard of an employee spat at me
and threw a can at me. I want him fired RIGHT.NOW!!! Bob: ma’am he doesn’t work here Bob is
in his late 40s and has seen these kind of problems before.
EC: yes he does and I want him fired RIGHT F**KING NOW!!! By now the whole restaurant
is looking at her Bob: I’m going to check the security cameras
to see what happened After he was done he came back and talked to the lady
Bob: (jokingly) I’m so sorry ma’am that he did that to you. I’ll fire him ASAP.
She had a smug look on her face. Bob: you can get your food for free… at
a different restaurant because I don’t tolerate s**t for garage people now get out of my restaurant!
And he proceeded to kick the lady out and she was banned from the restaurant for life.
Bob said that if I ever wanted a job here then just say the work and you can start.
So that’s my “lady I don’t work here story” and how I got a job for when I turn
14. I’m still thinking about whether I should take up this offer. Hey LADY M This winter, I’ve been frequenting a local
thrift store for sweaters. I normally wear overlarge men’s sweaters and they’re super
expensive brand new from stores, but around 7 USD each in the thrift store.
One day I went in wearing a blue, more form-fitting sweater. The employees at the store wear shirts
in a similar blue, but they are either short sleeved with a white long sleeved shirt underneath,
or collared. I had a bag and a few sweaters in my hands and was browsing other bags when
I heard a guy yell, “Lady!” I had my headphones in because I was shopping
alone, and tbh if he had come up to me and asked “do you work here?” or something
more polite I would have told him no just as politely. But instead, he just kept yelling
“lady! Hey lady!” at me from literally down an entire aisle away. I even glanced
at him and away again and he just kept yelling. After he yelled himself out without walking
closer to me or attempting any other form of communication I turned just a little and
said “I don’t work here.” He shut up and, weirdly, didn’t try to seek out anyone
else who worked in the store! He just kept standing where he was!
Tl;dr some weird man shouted at me in a store for 5 minutes, and when I told him I didn’t
work there, he froze in place like I broke his code or something. Yes, Cadets standing in the doorway are bakers/slaves So i tagged a few weekends ago for my cadet
squadron and went to a popular bakery. its where all the rich, entitled soccer moms go
for their freshly kneaded and grown whole wheat, non GMO, Carb free “bread”. Im standing
inside the doorway and asking for donations and and soon after, an angry looking lady
walk up to me and does the standard IDWHL procedure; including the “get me the x you
slave”, the “yes you do work here”, the “can i speak to your manager”, (as im standing
5 feet from the friggin entrance) and the manager denial, followed by the A N G E R
Y pterodactyl screeches. the manager gives me a 10$ donation (nice MY DUDE) and says
sorry. TL;DR:while cadet tagging a woman goes through
the 5 stages of IDWHL Do you have a deal on apples? So I was at a certain grocery store looking
for delicious delicious honeycrisp apples. Back to the story… So I’m looking for nice
honeycrisps when I hear something slightly over my music. I turn and someone apparently
was talking to me. Which is wierd. So I take out my headphones so I’m not too rude. “Uhh,
can I help you with something?” He frowns and repeats himself, “I asked if you have
any deal on apples.” I pause and look down at my shirt, just to make sure I wasn’t wearing
anything similar to the employees. “I dunno.” At which point he gives me a very skeptical
look, which I simply shrug and turn away said, “Dude, I don’t know, I don’t even work here.”
A little boring, but that’s my story. So everyone is aware, employees of the store wear a blue
and black shirt and black pants. I was wearing a red shirt and grey pants, and had my headphones
in. Never had story like this, but I just wanted
to say thanks to everyone. Meta Im too young to have ever had a IDWHL moment,
only 13, but I really enjoy the subreddit. Today was kind of a bad day. I was at a robotics
competition today that ran for ten hours straight, so by the end of the day I was tired, frustrated
with my teammates, and, due to my own idiocy, in a bit of pain (limping, wrist hurting so
bad I could barely open the car door to leave, etc). Suffice it to say it kinda sucked. So
being able to come on here and read some funny stories really helped make my day better.
Thank you everybody. Visine? I went to a local drug store to get some visine
for a co-worker and saw a uniformed person stocking or inventorying a shelf when I asked
him if he knew where the eye care products were as I was having a hard time finding them.
I immediately realized he didn’t work there (different uniform) and apologized “Oh, I
thought you worked here, sorry”, thinking I was about to end up on r/IDontWorkHereLady,
thankfully he replied, “Oh, don’t worry it’s actually part of my job to help customers
find things as I do my work.” He looked around for a second and spotted the section for me
and pointed me in the direction, I thanked him and went on my way.
I was just glad I didn’t make the faux pas I always read about here first hand. Mistaken for female by man with no clue L Not entirely sure this belongs here as it
didn’t get to where I was certain I was mistaken for an employee, but – you’ll see. This happened quite a few years ago, when
Sears was still a retail powerhouse. I forget why I was there, but I was in/near the hardware
and appliances part of the store. Now, it’s important what I look like here – I’m a 6’2
(1.88m) tall white man – auburn beard down past my sternum and long dark brown hair down
to mid back and fairly beefy – at the time I weighed about 225# (~100kg). Normally I
ponytail my hair but this day it was loose around my shoulders, and I was wearing a t-shirt,
jeans and sneakers – pretty ordinary clothes, but not what Sears salespeople wore.
So I’m standing there trying to make some sort of decision – when I feel a tap on my
shoulder and this male voice saying “Excuse me, MISS…” I turn around and see this guy
– probably late 40s to mid 50s or thereabouts, maybe 5’9 or so – definitely shorter than
me – standing there. As I turn and he catches sight of my ferocious facerug – which he couldn’t
have seen from behind because of my hair – he realizes his error and blanches. I’ve never
seen anyone turn that pale before in real life! He goggles at me for a moment, then
just turns and RUNS – flat out, not a “power walk”, he RUNS – without another word! I’m
stunned for a moment and then just burst out laughing – clearly he thought he’d delivered
a horribly offensive insult to one of the worst people to deliver it to. Thus it is
I have no idea if he thought I was an employee or was just wanting to ask another customer
something. I actually had an employee come over and inquire what was going on because
I was laughing so hard. (I hope the guy heard me laughing!)
Clearly, the guy had thought I was female purely because of my long hair despite my
clothes and body shape; I hope he learned that his outdated 1950’s gender role concepts
need to change. Seriously, dude?! Short We’re currently in Lowe’s getting a new shower
& the spouse was getting parts needed to connect the drain. I’m standing a bit further down
by the cart on my phone (browsing Reddit amusingly enough).
2 guys walk down the aisle past him & stop by me. The older one (roughly 50s) looks at
me & asks “You’re not a Lowe’s employee, are you?”
I kind of blink at him & just go “No”. He sighs, turns to the younger one, mumbling
about trying another aisle. It’s a short interaction, but see picture for how ridiculous it was
to ask me. Besides the fact I was blatantly on a phone doing no work, just, yes sir, I
work here. I’m a transfer from the Hogsmeade location. Hey check out more IDWHL stories here and
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