Raid World War II | All HITLER Scenes Compilation

Pass not shits on Blondie again in the park! Do you understand me? My leader! What? Yes, not so loud, you asshole .. No, this is indeed excellent. Great! Congratulations Get out of here with the data … shit! Come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come My leader My leader! Yes? But I want to double executions, hahaha. This is a good day today My leader! Yes? Eva .. My leader! Yes? Great, congratulations! My leader! Yes? My leader! No! Oh no .. Hitler My leader! Yes? Mine My leader! Mine … yes? Mine My leader! There uh … My leader Victory Get out! My leader! Yes? What crap My leader! Yes? Oh no … Oh no … My leader! Mh? * Mumble * Get out! We will let them drown in their own blood, right? Yes. Yes, huh? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, I say yes. I told you that. Yessir. Mine Leader! So what… My leader! Yes? Retire that’s Berlin. Berlin. How I’ve missed you Berlin, you are my love Hitler Hitler Eva My leader Get out! No! Traitor! My leader My leader! Yes? My leader! Out! You …. out! My leader! Yes? Traitor! My leader. Yes Dead, dead, dead, dead! My mother My leader Oh no… My leader mh?

89 comments on “Raid World War II | All HITLER Scenes Compilation”

  1. Super Milkbox says:

    Credit to my friend for translating this.

  2. Super Milkbox says:

    Credit to my friend for translating this.
    There's also german exclusive videos (Someone else's channel)
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  3. TonslerGaming says:

    I got an idea, For minecraft story mode season 2 episode 3, when fighting the zombies try to get at one heart. then when its time to fight petra and you only have a heart, let her hit you and see what happens.

  4. Miguel Diaz says:

    The assistant looks like Putin

  5. Marcus Flierl says:

    He reminds me of the hilarious depiction in inglourious basterds

  6. Alexandere says:

    com com com com com com
    com com com com cocm

    com com com

  7. Gazelle says:

    Oh my god the one where he shot Eva really caught me off guard

  8. Juaquin Acosta says:

    3:08 me sometimes

  9. Juaquin Acosta says:

    My favorites are when Hitler gets mad(they're amusing)

  10. Pyro [TF2] says:


  11. Christian Zaka says:

    That crazy

  12. PIEMYFRIEND says:

    5:16 my favorite one

  13. VULTURE GAMING says:

    Learn how to aim

  14. meme machine says:

    I love the winning ends

  15. farmerboy777 says:

    All amusing if you know german

  16. СБА Тв says:

    0:37 how is this gesture?

  17. Honk Honk says:

    Turns globe*
    Turns globe*
    Turns globe*

  18. Friky CZ says:

    Für nazisich das Deutchland

  19. TommyGunn9942 Oliver says:

    He sounds like pingu

  20. Nick Mcfeast says:

    Do you guys want to know why Hitler killed himself?

    It's because he saw his gas bills

  21. Planet Trade Organization will destroy the Earth says:

    Shit game dead game

  22. Tuukkeli says:

    my favorite was when hitler eat paper

  23. Limitedtopics says:

    Nine means no on germen

  24. Mr Trooper says:

    5:37 do I even have to explain?

  25. Aznoraim Syadan says:


  26. that one Mexican MD says:

    Lmao 😂

  27. The Super Alex One says:

    Rus subs ready Super Milkbox

  28. Hypno says:

    6:24 this killed me

  29. Le Griefer The Ansturmsminister says:

    what is that song he sings?

  30. Star Swirel says:

    1:24😅😅😅😅 manfigham!

  31. HolyCrapGaming says:

    Super slap at 5:57 like if agree

  32. Panzer Vast says:

    I don't know why but the one where he destroys the toy solders always makes me sad. EDIT: in all the other cutscenes after they are still on his desk so yay, I guess?

  33. Bastion main says:

    I wish Payday 2 had something like this with the president

  34. Pleasure_Is_Yours says:

    bruh the one with eva though XDDDD

  35. mr french ball says:


  36. Marn SSJ says:

    who is the actor that played Hitler?

  37. Tony D says:

    5:00 "Retire"

  38. Romanian Patriot says:

    7:38 The best one so far

  39. Vicente Matute says:

    I gonna say 6 stuff
    1- Hitler still playing whit toys???? Hitler is like 46 or 50
    3- I feel bad when Hitler trew his toys out of the table
    4- Poor assintant he feel bad by tried to get shooted
    5- Hitler is crazy
    /and last Hitler gets REALLY red when gets angry

  40. Мартин Паузер says:

    so stupid…dislike

  41. _ DU_NUT_TUCH_ME _ says:

    6:03 Watch Hitler's head turn red😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  42. SlavSkeleton [SC] [BC] [TL] says:

    6:04 Germany choking France

  43. Raili Marotto says:

    3:40 When Baldi checks your math answers and they are all wrong

  44. Raili Marotto says:

    5:58 I swear to God he said NANI

  45. TheMinato707 says:

    I never thought the face of evil could be so Damned funny

  46. David Of Portugal says:

    Watch out Pencil of Doom! 4:28

  47. Reich Motion Pictures says:

    I always feel that Hitler right here is too young since that Hitler in Downfall looks so old and weak

  48. Reich Motion Pictures says:

    5:20— Did that informer just call his Führer "Hitler"?

  49. Никита Бондаренко says:

    Это фильм если да то скажите название

  50. BlackFox says:

    the shooting one is my fav

  51. John Harold Dimapilis says:

    What Is Duration Is Mission Accomplished Allies And Mission Failed Axis Tell Me

  52. Australia Isn’t real says:

    ww2 colorized

  53. Patriotic Militant says:

    1:40 now that's a screenshot

  54. Awesome Boi837 says:


  55. Galaxy Cub says:

    That moment he threw the grenade, he knew he fucked up

  56. Jack Baker says:

    that guy (tan shirt) must have the worst job in The Third Reich! XD

  57. Omar Kichaly says:

    هادا كتاب تبع خسائر الحرب لهيك سبب يتعصب

  58. zacklest 45 says:


  59. zacklest 45 says:

    RIP pencil and pen

  60. Black Hole HD Mapper says:

    Wery umy peiper

  61. Blue Toad says:

    The traitor one made me laugh

  62. SamedE2 says:


  63. Keehan Maahi says:

    4:07 Hitler you are spy

  64. IntelPentiumMMX says:

    These are so terrible that they are perfect

  65. Person Man says:

    Aww, I wanted to hear Hitler singing

  66. Everything goes for Jack says:

    When Hitler's happy, I'm happy.

    im not a nazi i swear

  67. Arthur Morgan says:

    hitler wants cum

  68. Sir Prize says:

    2:47 Poor guy. 🙁

  69. adrian.mp4 says:

    the sadness on his face and when he says "Oh No!" hits me deep ngl

  70. founderr says:


  71. joao vitor soares fidelis says:

    Ya Lungmother

  72. Kaiser Kommedaten says:

    poor hans

  73. Laurențiu Drăgoi says:

    6:24 when you miss a backstab in tf2.

  74. German Transylvania says:

    I love this.

  75. ClawoLang 5188 says:

    Hitler being a legend for 8 minutes

  76. ClawoLang 5188 says:


  77. Sa5quatch 14 says:

    perfectly cut screams: 3:36

  78. Celeena Scott says:

    0:23 Ducky Momo……

    D I C K E R M O M O

  79. Kristiana Widayati says:

    6:06 hess try to save jodl from hitler

  80. Komedi Kralı YT says:

    Super Milkbox, you are on the globe.

  81. Erich Von Manstein says:

    OMG Hitler

  82. Dallas's Gaming Channel says:

    When bully says you can't do anything
    My Mom: 3:09

  83. Reden Jones says:

    He really looks like Hitler.

  84. Drey Austria says:

    7:04 when Hitler reach to Avicii death from suicide

    Soldier reporter:

  85. New England or something says:

    Dodge Hitler's colored pencils of doom

  86. Elvyn Mariano says:


  87. L V S M. Channel says:

    6:30 Pencil of Doom
    Or Pen of Destruction

  88. Роман says:

    Come come come come come 😀

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