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operation ember rise is bringing that supa hot fire to Rainbow six siege with two new operators and a newly reworked map the defender bringing the heat is Goa who can use his Vulcan shields to create strategic cover points deny entry to the attacking team and serve up the occasional operator flambe the attacker rising to the challenge is Amaru / Gaara hook can quickly zip her up to rooftops exterior windows open hatches and skylights we’ve got the details you need to know about the new operators as well as a tour of the newly reworked canal map first up is Goya this operator from Mexico’s FPS unit is a savvy tactician who can rapidly deploy his Vulcan shields to stymie incoming attackers the Vulcan shield shares all the attributes of a deployable shield including the new look and the new snap to doorways feature what the Vulcan shield has a surprise anytime Goyo his teammates or even the attacking team sets off the incendiary Corps attached to the back of a Vulcan shield there’s a small explosion followed by a prolonged oh my god it’s all on fire effect that you definitely don’t want to try running through the explosion can be triggered by damaging the core directly or destroying the shield entirely so go doesn’t necessarily have to stick around and be the one to set it off in fact this medium speed medium armor operator can be quite deadly while either roaming with his vector 45 ACP or hunkering down with the TCS g12 shotgun if things go bad his shields are still a threat even after he’s been killed especially when paired with a cap gun trap but the threat goes both ways while Thatcher’s EMP grenades and twitches drone can’t disable the incendiary core and IQ can’t detect it the Vulcan shield is still a deployable shield at heart meaning it can be destroyed and the explosion triggered by a frag grenade or ashes breaching round you could also use Sofia’s impact grenade or sledgehammer this is fine on top of that anyone with a clear line of sight to the incendiary core can set it off meaning a poorly placed Vulcan shields can work against the defending team the goal with Goyo is to leverage the power of the Vulcan shield and deny entry to enemies at critical moments or simply by your team some time early on when the attackers are pushing or when the round is coming to an end trigger your Vulcan shields to keep them away from the objective or cover your flank a well-timed Vulcan explosion can be the difference between lighting up the scoreboard or going down in flames while Goyo seeks to impede the movement of his enemies the peruvian attacker Amaru can get around the map like no operator before this is her Gaara hook and it lets her zip to any repel able ledge or window to quickly position herself where defenders aren’t expecting her to be and once she’s inside the building the Gaara hook lets her travel up through open hatches and skylights that’s a first for Rainbow six siege and defenders will have to adjust their strategy accordingly or pay the price when it comes to choosing your destination the Gaara hook makes it easy clearly showing what it can or could grapple – you can’t grapple to something that’s too far away or too far below your position but you can use the hook for horizontal traversal as long as you’re entering a window once inside a building you can’t target anything but open hatches and skylights while the hook will instantly break a wooden barricade on a window a castle barricade will prevent you from even targeting it and a closed hatch will need to be opened before you can ascend through it Amaru supernova or ITA 12’s shotguns will come in handy if defenders leave those hatches unreinforced this makes Gaara hook entry a bit noisy so team communication and good droning are all the more valuable Amaru doesn’t pull her gun up until landing from the grapple so she’s completely vulnerable to kapkan and frost traps lying in wait not to mention any defenders who may have heard her entry coming operators who can give her a quick buff like finca or use their gadgets to distract defenders like yin or Doki be our strong pairings for Amaru but with medium speed medium armor and a g8 a1 LMG in her hands amaru is a well-rounded and very mobile forced to be reckoned with all this action has been taking place on the newly reworked canal map the map is still split between two buildings but an additional bridge has been added to increase building to building movement options there are fewer windows around objective sites and the rooftops have been reconfigured to make run-outs more risky and additional staircases and color coding throughout both buildings have been added for more rotation options and easier call-outs the reworked canal map will be free for all players when operation ember rise launches the two new operators go and amaru will be immediately available for year for pass holders and all other players can unlock them seven days later with renowned or r6 credits for more on 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