Rainbow Six Siege: Money Heist Event | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


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  1. Avarice21 says:

    Great show, not sure about transferring it into the game though.

  2. Cbo The Second says:

    Given I have never even heard of this show I guess it worked as a promotion, shame it didn't work as an event…

  3. Suba_got_Playz says:

    It’s just hostage with costumes

  4. Kele Sangheili says:

    Dude it's so dull only thing that changes hostage biggest thing that pissed me off was dude they have Spain ops!!! Like wtf your giving it to the Korean ops when in the show therr fighting Spain police how bad can you mess that up come on

  5. ASAPdubfox says:

    Funny how the actual Spanish characters Jackal and mira, doesn't have any skin. Goodjob Team

  6. Evan ten Kate says:

    I expected something cool but instead it's just hostage with a different uniform

  7. Maxy says:

    6 days…1 weekend, most of us will play this only that weekend…well planned UBI.

  8. tay937dayton says:


  9. Sean Kai Tackett says:

    Long story short 4:00 minute hostage bank only mode sucks

  10. Joel Vasquez says:

    This makes me want to buy the game

  11. XSugarCookiesXx GamePlay says:

    Playing hostage wearing red jumpsuits and masks. Not impressed.

  12. Arturo Munoz says:

    worst event on siege

  13. antlerman says:

    Every player on either team should be either vigil or hibana. Would of made it a better event.

  14. M T says:

    Literally the worst event

  15. TxquilaIsGud says:

    Loses 4-5 “She has outplayed the professor with his own trick”

  16. Simón says:


  17. Smrt. bran says:

    No cap professor the fucken god

  18. Steven Truong says:

    the show was SO GOOD

  19. San Kool says:

    Imagine warden as the professor

  20. Sgt Snoke Em says:

    As a long time RB6 fan (even have the original BOOK), where's that CAMPAIGN mode like you should've made?

  21. BrodyAEvans says:

    If fortnite can release updates for their pve so can you!

  22. Supreme Burrito says:

    Literally my parents watched this movie/Series a couple days ago

  23. kyle price says:

    A walking dead event would be cool

  24. Leeav 123 says:

    No one:
    Profesor: ¿que llevas puesto?

  25. Efrain Moreno says:

    Why do they make a game mod that u can only play it for a few days..

  26. Daniel Andreini says:


  27. Corbin says:

    I love how the trailer took the most work not the gamemode but the trailer

  28. TicklyManChild says:

    Netflix: partners with rainbow six siege
    Payday: am i a joke to you?

  29. generic generic says:

    After the absolutely amazing Halloween event this feels lazy and pointless.

    I hope Netflix gave you a lot of money.

  30. Willy Lopez says:

    Does everyone look like the hostage to confuse everyone? To make you accidentally shoot him?

  31. Just a Valerian Sword says:

    Petition to make the hostage Arturo

  32. Andrew W says:

    Hostage on bank with cool outfits isn’t an event

  33. Glockky_ says:

    Limited skin?!?!

  34. Insert_dark_edgy_username says:

    What about payday 2?
    Cmon maannnnnm
    Give it to meeere

  35. Corvo Attano says:

    Italia ❤️

  36. Vollmeric says:

    Esperava mais desse modo, muda basicamente nada kkkkkkk

  37. Marcus Trinidad says:


  38. TINYDICCGIRL666 says:

    i loved that show

  39. Sublimesmile26 says:


  40. Spottedprism says:

    I couldn’t help but sing along

  41. ham burger says:

    why would they not give jackal and mira the cosmetics the GEO is literally in the show

  42. 12buggy 1 says:

    When i played it i realize that its really just casual hostage with 2 ops equipped cosmetics along with the hostage

  43. BRAZYxGODDESS 203 says:

    Fuckin 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  44. Lauty says:

    Me: man it's boring
    Payday gang: HEYA

  45. Louie Serrano says:

    I kinda regret buying the vigil bundle 🤦‍♂️

  46. Ion Woja Woja says:

    I wish this had more tbh its just skins

  47. bcnキャンディー says:


  48. Gabo Vnzla says:

    lazy event… just a skin and hostage clothes..

  49. Nick Sparrow Studios says:

    Lol… my grandma loves that show…showed her the event and now she approves R6S lmao

  50. Chernobyl the wolf says:

    South Koreans but they are actually Italian partisans

  51. veretx nerd says:


  52. Lucas Santos says:


  53. Dany Lepage says:

    Oh look! Another timed event that i wont be able to experience!!

  54. Lozinsky Eric says:

    After having played it it's not fun. Sorry. Just one map with nothing special over and over again is not for me.

  55. Jordyn RamC says:

    One of the worst events ever. I get it's literally an advertising event for a show on Netflix I'm ded

  56. Jordyn RamC says:

    I was all like oooh an even called money heist maybe the defenders had to get a drill on a safe and defend it until it opens and the attackers needed to stop the drill

  57. Realasaku says:

    Holy moly payday 2 gonna get a big update

  58. Jack the Ripper says:

    Will you add new events in partnership with Netflix?

  59. Angel Nieves says:

    The event could be better, and skins should’ve been free

  60. gu 221199 says:

    I think that la casa de papel is a better name than money heist

  61. Il cane Di chernobyl says:

    Una mi sono alzato sono italiano o bella ciao bella Ciao

  62. Marion says:

    this new event sucks

  63. dimisher Dimi says:

    Devia lançar uniforme. Para todos os personagens

  64. Foefee Bunny says:

    For some reason I'm thinking of Payday now.

  65. Ciel1820 says:

    Sounds of thermal drill stuck in the background

  66. MAPGAP!N says:

    This video needs 25 dislikes!
    It's not a event!

  67. Austyn Green says:

    Worst event.

  68. Leonardo Giorgi says:

    🏴🇮🇹 🤚

  69. Leonardo Giorgi says:

    Siete ridicoli, mettete sta canzone demmerda e manco sapete cos è l anpi o il cnel, mandateveneaffanculopercortesia

  70. yasun says:

    This patch gave me microphone bug smiley face 🙂

  71. JKDWordene says:

    The trailer makes it seem like it was gonna be something good but it's just fucking hostage and when you play vigil or hibana in the mode they don't even atleast let you have the skin in it

  72. ng thomas says:

    Can…. Boom Boom Ciao in this game ???

  73. Archvile says:

    Me: dad, don't be mad
    Dad: okay
    Me: I got bad grades at ma-
    Dad: 0:13

  74. aaron.delgado2145 says:

    Who’s an oh of this show

  75. Slavomir Kandalik says:

    I want this musiiiiiic please!!!

  76. The Spookiest boi says:

    I like how neither of the characters that got the outfits are not Spanish like the show is set in

  77. Timur Zavidov says:

    I miss Payday 2, it was fun

  78. Matt_ says:

    they say it will be free right is it like forever access to the game once you download it or is it just limited play time?

  79. INODINOJAN says:

    Ubisoft are you normal in for honor the targeting target is broken i look on one guy and jump attack but my hero jump away or on another guy ( i play warlord )

  80. INODINOJAN says:

    Please buff it

  81. Marcus Luna says:

    The heist mode is not all that the skin are okay but the game mide is just playing regular hostage

  82. Ben Drenth says:

    It's heist time boys

  83. Skater Chuy says:

    My favorite Netflix show and my favorite game, life can’t be good rn,

  84. The Cake Glutton says:

    Funny music choice: Bella Ciao is an Italian (partisan) song, Papel is a Spanish tv show

  85. Rozen ___ says:

    I don’t enjoy r6 but this is dope

  86. Unruled Renji says:

    If only hibana had a variant with the mask over her face. Gotta go with vigil rip

  87. Daniel Ruiz says:

    This game mode is making my game error

  88. BigBoss Tom says:

    Wow these comments sure are made by intellectuals clap clap. So funny right?

  89. MosiNolband says:

    They should make a game just like money heist not a skin

  90. T Wes says:

    Hmm 🤔 This is like Modern Warfare but boring af

  91. pigpoop 737 says:

    La casa de papel es bueno Netflix original

  92. Dr Thuganomics says:

    i would love a game mode about it. the "defenders" are trying to buy time to make more money while working on their way out, and the attackers are trying to get an entrance and find out which way the defenders are trying to escape

  93. Jacob Evenson says:

    Uhh… So why wasn't this on PS4…..?

  94. arthur says:

    Worst event ever

  95. kyle price says:

    A walking dead event would be awesome

  96. icecold chris says:

    Professor: "and no one gets killed"

    Chanka: mows down enemy team with an LMG

  97. pezzy LEE says:

    how come jackal or mira didnt get those skins when both of them are spanish

  98. Mazyy says:

    Bella ciao Bella ciao Bella ciao ciao ciao

  99. jfree 128057 says:

    It's depressing bc I love the show but I wasn't able to get the outfits and now I have money but the will never come back out. Unless Ubi please release them for like 1 day PLEASE

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