Ramit Sethi: Why You Should Take Out Student Loans

31 comments on “Ramit Sethi: Why You Should Take Out Student Loans”

  1. jacques Perez says:

    A Filipino commented on this first. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!

  2. Nick Keith says:

    HR 2366 would end the student loan crisis by returning bankruptcy rights to all student loans. Ask your Congressman to cosponsor HR 2366 today. Join your state chapter of StudentLoanJustice.org on Facebook.

  3. Nick Keith says:

    This guy is paid to speak. He is full of it. Don't listen to his nonsense.

  4. Melchior Leemeijer says:

    i've not yet ever….ever…agreed with anything this guy has said xD

  5. Jasper Kim says:

    Theres so many variable of factors this guy is not explaining. Student loans is one of the worst things to do and that comes from credibility accountability of so many financial experts and specialist.

  6. J R says:

    The thing is Student loan are bad for students who just don't have monetary knowledge, but be smart, choose your major smart, tech is on boom and will continue to grow, and smart a side hustle, you don't have to start a YouTube channel but you can sell stuff on the side….but off of Craigslist and sell it on other e-commerce site….be smart about what you are getting your self into

  7. Robert E Crysler says:

    This is bad advice. It fails to take into account interest, fees and capitalized interest and fees. This is what makes balances such as his $15, 000 example EXPLODE to $50,000 and more. It is a debt trap you can never escape from. In addition, if you become employed after college, you are more likely to be under employed relative to your education field. Also remember that student loan payments are made with after tax income and the interest is NOT TAX DEDUCTABLE. You can deduct interest on mortgage debt but not student loan debt. Someone explain this. Someone explain the stripping of all standard borrower protections from student loans. What kind of a country does this to its citizens ?

  8. Dev Chatterjee says:

    I think he makes a good point in running the numbers and better understanding if it is worth the investment. While I agree student loans are not a good thing to take out if you can afford not too, it is true that there is a high correlation towards people who graduate college and higher incomes. If you are taking out student loans, you need to run the numbers and understand how quickly after your graduate that you can pay back those loans.

  9. rnjbond says:

    Good, I'm glad Ramit is out there with common sense against all the stupid online advice being spread.

  10. goal investing says:

    I would love to see when those studies were done because if they were done before the price of college skyrocket than it can affect the results. Also, more people are going to school so that effects competition. So sometimes it is better to build a business than go to school since you are not competing for a job which is a limit resource.

  11. Malaria Mafia says:

    This is the same guy who said to spend a lot on your wedding. He wants you to waste money.

  12. Grumbo991 says:

    Wth is he upto. This guy's been trashing all that reputation built up by the channel.

  13. Colorful Codes says:

    Ive paid 1k so far in interest 😭

  14. Colorful Codes says:

    The issue, I believe, is accruing interest. If debt is less than 40k it can be aggressively paid off in 3-6 years if one has a fulltime job and pays over double the minimums. That's what 2 of my friends are doing.

  15. Dahn Shaulis says:

    It's much more complicated. For more information about the College Meltdown https://collegemeltdown.blogspot.com/

  16. Kyle Ford says:

    Dave Ramsey all the way

  17. Onur Kutlu says:

    Student loans do not cost 20k. They cost 20k per year!

  18. Diamond Johnson says:

    Go to college but do not get in debt to do it.

  19. King Maker says:

    This dude might be a Troll.

  20. Anthony Rivera says:

    You can build a network and become an informed citizen without college. And not everyone who goes to college graduates. So yeah if you are gonna use loans be sure to keep them to a minimum and plan to finish. But most cases are people right out of high school who assume college has to be their next step and use loans to pay for everything instead of working. Thumbs down

  21. Alvin Nguyen says:

    This guy is comparing a college degree versus working at McDonalds. Now compare a College degree to Technical Degree or skill trade

  22. Bless Gillette says:

    No dip anything is worth it if you are methodical and intentional about it

  23. Corruptful Boins says:

    Ramit is getting a lot of dislikes in this video. Is something he said wrong?

  24. Raphael says:

    Or you can go somewhere in Europe and get nearly free college

  25. C. Lincoln says:

    Cite your source bruh. Coz they've been saying this BS since the 1980s… back when a college degree actually had value – today EVERYONE has a degree so its has become devalued. Go tell the baristas with college degrees that it was smart of them to get $80k worth of college debt only to end up working at star bucks for minimum wage.

  26. Gilberto Garcia says:

    F*** College

  27. Brandon Adams says:

    Cool story bro. I stayed debt free and close to retirement at age 37. Whata clown.

  28. Rapture2930 says:

    Choose a major in a field that is in demand, pays well, and takes the least amount of time to get your degree. Choose a community college and transfer if possible. Work while you are in school to pay your tuition off. Forget about the big name schools unless you are getting a full ride or significant partial ride. Student loan debt will haunt you for the rest of your life. Make smart decisions.

  29. imhungry208 says:

    The biggest advice is do what works for you and just perfect it

  30. Carson Keller says:

    Do not take out student loans, It's a trap.

  31. Christina York says:

    Wow, harsh comments here…. I'm a financial advisor, and I thought the advice in this video was spot on! I took some student loans for undergrad and grad school and paid the rest with scholarships and out-of-pocket money. Took me about five years to pay off the loans. I wouldn't have the career I have today without that education. And like he said, there are non-monetary benefits. I made friends for life, gained a network, and become a better citizen of the world. College is not just about getting an education–it changes the way you think. I'm much more open-minded and cultured than I was before. And regard to my financial situation, I'm just fine–much better than average, in fact. I just bought a home earlier this year and have a large investment and retirement portfolio. If you need student loans to go to college, do it! It's okay to take on debt for an investment in an appreciating asset like your education. Student loans have reasonable interest rates and don't even start accruing interest until you graduate. Just make sure you do some budgeting, pick the right school, choose a worthwhile major, and do the math to figure out what type of job/income you can get when you graduate, then have a plan to pay off the loans. The opportunity costs of otherwise not going to college are just too great.

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