22 comments on “Real Estate Investing | A $83,000 Pay Day (now what?…)”

  1. Maker Mike says:


  2. Danny bhoy says:

    Steve baum is shorting canadian tyre and afew canadian banks stocks,maybe something to look into?

  3. Xyooj tsab Channel says:

    Lert s goob

  4. Big Ballah says:

    Clay use $30k down for one property and another $30k down for another. The rest is up to you on how to spend or invest it.
    Congrats bro feels awesome to get those checks in the mail 👍

  5. BILL E GOAT says:

    I treat myself to fast food a couple times a week with my profits!

  6. Make Gainz83 says:

    Do you rent out properties or just sell? Great video

  7. Jim Griffiths says:

    I'd buy some rare gold coins with 1/3 of it (they keep their value and can be sold quicker than non-rare coins), give another 1/3 to a broker for long-term investment, and keep 1/3 for day trading. But that's me, and it's probably awful advice. Happy to listen to what you're thinking about doing with it.

    EDIT: I 'was' buying small items to import into the UK, under a set value where import VAT wasn't added. Bought a few new test items this week, only to find out they've changed the rules since last time I've looked and now they've lowered the bar for taxed goods. They also introduced a "handling fee" (PER ITEM). So that option is out of the window, unless I buy in serious amounts. Risk is too high. P/L margin is too tight now.

  8. Marckus says:

    Maybe invest it into long term stocks?

  9. 3rd Revelation says:

    Go buy some bitcoin

  10. Dragan Soldat says:

    Dry ice plant crazy money

  11. Brunette says:

    I'm relating to you so hard right now…
    On the kid stuff in the back of the truck.
    Also, look under the wheels before you leave. There's usually something there, too.
    I crushed a scooter once.

    On the other hand, I've also made it all the way to church with a toy perched on the back bumper.
    They lucked out that time.

  12. razzy p says:

    Clay just curious how much roughly is your house worth? Just want to know what you can get for your money in Grand Rapids Michigan? For a nice home.

  13. Ben Jackson says:

    Next video: Clay uses 83K to scalp the markets and make $75 bucks. 🤣😂

  14. Denzell Lewis says:

    Sweet this is a more down to earth video compared to the trading.

  15. jammydodger222Xxd says:

    So I'm currently working my way through the claytrader university, I've not completed it yet but at the moment it's looking like I'm going to be trading options once I get started because I'll be starting with a very small account. I've also been thinking about investing in what you would call a "real estate" training course in preparation hopefully for the future, but the issue is I'm in the UK so I don't know if your course would apply to me. For starters here in England we don't even call it real estate, we call it property or housing or residential, what you call a realtor we call an estate agent. So would what I would learn in your real estate course be applicable here or is it incompatible?

  16. vincentnnyc says:

    you been exposed clay…I see you didn't make it as a trader and not trying to be a real estate broker. lol.

  17. PeterGriffinisUchiha says:

    Love how u prove all things clay Good work bud love the vids always 👍

  18. F3ND1MUS says:

    hotdog stand business?
    whatever you decide clay, you know your stuff bro. look forward to your future investments.

  19. Matthew Miller says:

    Congrats on the check and wise words to save, divest and enjoy!

  20. J. T. says:

    Oops, accidentally deleted my comment about buying Microsoft – glad you have some shares already. Fingers crossed.

    Wanted to wish you a happy Halloween and holiday season to you and your family ❤️💕❤️♥️💕❤️

  21. Okayman says:

    Cool a little similar to Ricky kid

  22. J Marciano says:

    clayton, why not buy good quality blue chips that pay you dividends and offer price appreciation, theyre taking out a loan with you while ur investing with them, same thing no?and its diversified, with one family, what collateral do they give you incase they fail paying ur loan back monthly? i rather part with a blue chip

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