Real Estate Investor Stories – Cuthberto Ramos

Welcome to Real Estate Investor Stories, where borrowers of Colony American Finance share their unique experience. Today we’ve invited Cuthberto Ramos, a client and good partner. Cuthberto, could you please share with us a unique story or experience while working with Colony American Finance? Sure, there was this uh, maybe about a year-and-a-half ago, I had an acquisition that I was doing, it was a short sale, and I ran into some some technical difficulties with a title company in regards to how I was acquiring the property, and Gina Lambis, who is my main contact when it comes to the Colony Bridge Loan Finance, she’s always stepped in and helped me with everything I ever had, but she really, I think she went the extra mile for me on that particular transaction. Literally saved the transaction, it was her efforts that literally made that transaction go and that’s the kind of relationship that you don’t & you’ll never forget. That’s my Colony story. Colony American Finance is a specialty lender that provides loans to residential real estate investors. For more information about our portfolio term loans, single asset term loans, or acquisition credit lines visit

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