Real Estate Wholesaling So Easy A ++++Man Can Do It! Wholesaling Houses ( Max Maxwell Response )

alright guys. we are recording
introducing the best and I do mean the best online real estate training for
entrepreneurs mainly. but anybody that want to get into this can get into this
now the reason why I say the best is because there is no other real estate
training online that will teach you multiple sections of the real estate
world and what I mean by that is do not only learn how to become an agent or
something like that that sucks by the way but you learn how to do virtual
holset virtual wholesaling is just a glorified matchmaking process that you
get paid for you learn how to find people that are desperate or in other
terms motivated to sell their properties and you connect them to people that are
regular investors meaning they buy up the Monopoly board it’s very very very
simple excuse me so other than virtual hosts someone you also learn how to make
money as a referral so let’s say you don’t want to get your license by the
way you don’t need a license to do virtual wholesaling at all either but
let’s say you don’t want to be an agent or anything but you still want to be in
a real estate space you can learn lead generation and you can send phone calls
to real estate agents realtors and wholesalers from buyers and from sellers
by setting up these properties online and generate phone calls so there’s a
little bit more technical you’ve not used to that but just know that these
people pay thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars per
month just to have leads sent to them so that they can close big deals and
commissions bigger than this most of the time all right now
the special part of the state-school reason why I say is the
best is because we’re teaching a new style of real estate you’ve heard of our
B&B before but this is different this is not just renting your houses or rooms
out to just any old person it isn’t just any old person being able to put their
listening on either so with Airbnb what you would do is you would contact the
somebody you would get the property or you will buy the property and you would
put the listing on Airbnb and you would have to wait for Airbnb to send you
people and phone calls and all of that but with our model that we call hotel you actually own the properties that the
phone calls are coming from so everything is on you so you get way more
money you don’t have to wait around for calls to start coming in you get way
more call volume which means you get way more revenue and income coming in so the
home tell model is worth it all together all right so I’m going to show you guys
was on the inside this is just the landing page this is the link that’s in
the description of this video and you should get at it right now because they
have a special going on and it won’t be last and long at the price that is that
right now so if you’re serious well you’re on YouTube looking up how to do
this stuff and you know for schools and courses then yeah I mean what’s the
point in leaving here and going somewhere else
this has virtual will wholesaling which you’re going to discover it whether
you’re going around YouTube anyway is one of the top ways of making money with
real estate being an agent is old school and out of fashion every agent then I
deal with they’re trying to figure out how to do wholesaling all right but
anyway not only virtual wholesaling that you’re getting meaning you’ll be able to
do deals in multiple cities and states simultaneously but you’re also going to
learn how to do your lead generation and you’re also going to learn the home tail
model that I was telling you about all right so yeah
can do this at 24 a week now or you can do this at 97 a month now all right so
this ain’t gonna last for long as far as schools go is super super cheap and as
coaching you get unlimited text coaching you can text and coach anytime you have
any questions as you can see here’s the number right here so you know these guys
mean business they’re real the students are some of the students are at six
figures per month that’s how many deals they’re closing
how much business they’re generating all right let’s come over here this is David
all right this is the virtual wholesaling section of the school I’m
only gonna show this because I don’t want to show the whole school but as you
can see it’s very extensive all right but like I said it you have unlimited
text coaching so you’re not just going to get a bunch of videos you’re gonna get
coaching and they update the videos weekly or bi-weekly whenever an update
is and they have webinars where you can go on live with the rest of the students
and people and ex questions laughs so you’re never stuck anywhere I caught as
far as how fast you can close your first deal
some people are closing their first deals the first week but on average in
between one to three weeks all right so it’s super fast and as you can see the
Commission’s are huge but on average the Commission’s for virtual wholesaling are
between five to ten thousand dollars and that just depends on what area of the
United States you’re in but you can do this out of the country also just have
to check the laws from where you’re it but anyway yeah you’re gonna hit six
figures real quick that’s only if you get in and go hard that’s another thing
in there nobody likes a slacker or somebody that’s excited at the beginning
and then when they figure out they got to do some kind of work they just melt
off or something like that and start complaining if you’re really trying to
change your life man you can go hard for three months at least go out for three
months setting up your foundation and kill it do everything that they tell you
to do you even get your own professional real estate site for your clients to go
to better than a bit business card better than a resume all
right so you get your own website they tell you everything you need so you just
click on the section and there’s a take you to a video cash buyers how to find
cash buyers they have basic ways of finding cash buyers cash buyers remember
those are people that will be buying the property from the sellers then they have
advanced ways finding motivated sellers make sellers beg to sign on with you all
right so this is good if you’re trying to be an agent this is good to be trying
to be a whole seller it’s good if you’re trying to do home tell also so I’ll show
you how to find everything we show you how to do everything
all right so make sellers beg to sign with you this is a very very good and
inspirational video right there how to price the deal so that you can get them
to say yes the buyer and the seller to say yes every single time now a lot of
people have jobs right now and everything are there long fun so I show
you how oh also some of you are afraid of contracts the good thing about
virtual wholesaling is literally one form of liability form that so that you
can’t get in trouble anything is super short one form and you nothing else
because you’re not gonna be putting any money into the properties or investing
anything into anything you can literally do this with no money and get in here
today and start killing it alright so here’s the purchase or seller agreement
forms but here’s how to automate the inbound buyer and seller leads on social
media here’s an Instagram Twitter all right how to rank for these how to do
ringless voicemails to the area then they have a done-for-you service where
it says will rank your buyer and seller keywords for you this is where you find
the title companies also how to use press releases to build your buyers and
sellers list how to use parasite SEO and if you don’t know what SEO is is just
the art of being found seeing ranked at the top of the search
engines which is like Google and YouTube anytime you search for something and
something shows up at the top of the search engine they had to fight the
competition to get up there that’s SEO all right how to become a bird auger
make thousands and between deals so this is just in case a bill is taking longer
to close the title wasn’t clear or something like that
this is ways that you’ll be able to make money in between time so that you’re
never broke so literally you’re stocked your setup with everything you need to
make a killing earn a living to make a killing with the Apple job trade school
what I want you to do is go to the link in the description is going to bring you
to this page you put your information in here and it’s going to take you to
another page showing you how you can show sign up for the real estate school
where you’re going to give virtual wholesaling lead generation and the home
tell model all right and all you do is paid 97 bucks now if you go anywhere
else online you’re gonna be paying 300 400 and that’s just for becoming an
agent training to become an agent or something they’re not gonna be showing
you how to do virtual whole selling where you can get deals like this in the
next couple of weeks who wants to go sit in the agent class
you can come over here get through these in one weekend and then put it to action
and be making Commission’s like this but we can’t guarantee you you have to do
the work all right you could be making Commission’s like
this if you do everything that you’re supposed to before the month is out all
right how is that for a new year’s resolution alright so I’m not gonna keep
you guys long I strongly recommend that you go to the link in the description
instead of scrolling around YouTube all day this has every aspect of real estate
that you need in there and for 97 bucks man if you’re serious about it look I’m
not a salesperson is about if you’re serious only you know of your series on
that so you probably have to am still research and real estate and rain down
if you’re serious going your mama’s go home and get a credit card 97 bucks take
something to the pawn shop that’s 97 bucks man there’s nothing get
your check 97 bucks there’s nothing go get a payday loan 97
bucks and you’ll make it back in a couple of weeks and who ever doubted you
you’ll be able to give them double what they let you borrow all right so enroll
in their podiatry school the link is in the description

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