Red Giant Escape Rooms Business Spotlight | Mountain America Credit Union

(gentle music) Most people kind of have heard of what an escape room is but still don’t really get the full concept. (gentle music) When I actually first heard about it, I was like that sounds really boring. Like I don’t wanna be stuck in a room for an hour playing Sudoku, right? But then I actually ended up going to one and I just fell in love. (gentle music) Starting a company, you have a million and one things to do. We’ll move this over here. So every little thing that helps you be more efficient and effective is a huge, huge help. That’s why I ended up banking with Mountain America, they’ve made every little thing very easy to do. (chatter) When you come in, you know there’s games that we have here that you can play for free.
(chatter) We have virtual reality that people can do. Oh, my gosh. I’m sorry I can’t, I can’t, I gotta go back inside. You can do it, you can do it. I’ll hold you. Unlike most video games it’s just as fun if not more fun for the people watching. Oh, wow. Alright, who’s trying that next? You’re gonna put your hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you. Darryl, you wanna help me out here? For people who haven’t been to an escape room before kind of the way that I explain, the easiest way, is that if you’ve ever seen the movie, The Da Vinci Code or National Treasure, it’s basically like you’re living the main character’s role. (gentle music) Our two current escape rooms, you have Deep South, The Butcher’s Basement. (sarcastically) Very kid-friendly. You can bring your child. No, I’m just joking. (screaming) It’s not crazy like a haunted house, where people are chasing you, but it is creepy. Then you also have Excalibur, The Sword of the King. Welcome all of you to Camelot. I am Sir Tristan of the round table. It really has this medieval feel mixed with magic. So that feeling where you get of like wonder and what not, you really do get that in that room. The set designs are very, very immersive. I wanted it to be really challenging. Where people could come back two or three times, which we have had, and still have a blast and it still be challenging. Okay, let’s try this code. You literally leave afterwards talking about this and that, and who solved this, and how cool was that. Every time! (laughing) In our rooms, it’s just as fun to lose, as to win. For a couple of secret reasons that you’ll have to come and find out.
(chuckles) Whoa, this is so cool. This is amazing!

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