Republican Voters Seem To Love “Socialist” Policies

Switching topics though off of Donald Trump,
let’s get into something a little more meaningful, right? Well, according to New Poles, 70% of Republican
voters here in the United States, vast majority, 70% actually support the idea put forward
last week by Senator Bernie Sanders and representative Alexandria Kazuyo to cap interest rates for
credit cards and payday lenders. At fifth teen percent, 70% of Republicans
love this idea put forward by these democratic socialists. The reason I love this story is because right
now you have certain Democratic presidential candidates named Joe Biden who are telling
us that we can’t move too far to the left, that you’re gonna scare off the moderate Republicans. You’re not going to get any republicans to
your side pushing these far left crazy anti corporate ideas. That’s what the establishment tells us. That’s what the conventional wisdom in DC
tries to tell us. But it turns out that time after time in poll
after poll, Republicans actually really love the socialist ideas and it’s not just the
capping of the credit card interest rates, which as of last week, we’re at a almost 22%
average. People with good credit are still paying more
than 15% on credit cards. People with very poor or no credit who have
to go to payday lenders. You’re talking about dozens upon dozens of
percentage points in interest. I mean 30 40 50 or more in interest on those
just because they had no credit. They get trapped in these endless debt cycles
for this $9 billion industry. In fact, that $9 billion they make has only
off the interest each year and they’re doing better than ever because Trump has gutted
the CFPB and now they’re not regulating these people like they had been towards the end
of the Obama administration. So they’re back. The predatory payday lenders are back and
they’re screwing over American citizens, and 70% of Republicans understand that just like
70% of Republicans understand that credit card companies are doing the exact same thing. But it’s not just capping the interest rates
here. They support Medicare for all. They support a $15 minimum wage. They support getting money out of politics
and overturning citizens United. They support taking action on climate change. They support renewable energy, they support
debt free or free college. They support all of these things that have
been trashed as far left socialist ideas. Now to throw a wrench in the works, there’s
another pole from Gallup that says that only 40% of Americans say that socialism would
be good for the United States. 51% say that it would be bad, but the flaw
with this Gallup poll is that it’s straight up just asking people what socialism be a
good thing or a bad thing for the United States. Once you start breaking that down into individual
policies, that might be socialism, but if you just say, Hey, what about Medicare for
all? Do you that guess what? Overwhelming majority of everybody says, yes,
I do. I think that’s a good idea. Even if you mention afterwards that well,
isn’t that kind of socialism? They’ll say, oh, well, I guess it is, but
I like it. Same thing with social security, which also,
by the way, a majority of all parties support expanding social security. We, we have socialism in place in the United
States today already. So this Gallup poll that says only 40% think
it would be a good thing. Yeah. When you ask a misleading question, when you
ask about a word, which is socialism, that most people, honest to God, couldn’t even
define, then yeah, they’re probably going to say it’s bad. But once you start breaking it down into individual
policies, once you divorce those policies from a politician or political party, support
for them goes up. Other polls have proven that when you attach
it to a political party, the support does drop a little, not a ton, but it does drop
a little, but it shows you that the American public is hungry for policy, and more importantly,
they’re hungry for policies that most Republicans and even some centrist Democrats would absolutely classify
as socially. We have to take a quick break. We’ll be right back with more on the David
Pakman show

100 comments on “Republican Voters Seem To Love “Socialist” Policies”

  1. EDOH says:

    News media made socialism a "dirty" word. These people have no idea what it even really means but they hate on it because they're told over and over that it's a bad thing.

  2. The Awesomer85 says:

    I do like the idea of capping interest rates on credit cards. My only concern is, if this happens, what is to stop banks fron raising interest rates on other things? How do we stop them from doing, let say, raise interest rates on mortgages from 4% to 8% to make up for lost revenue from credit cards? Now instead of screwing over poor people, they now potentially screw over homeowners.

  3. Steve says:

    Paying everyone a wage that they can live on in the communities that they live and WORK in solves
    all economic problems.

  4. trey S says:

    Republicans have been transferring wealth for years with all these tax cuts taking for poor and giving it to the rich

  5. ChrisGeez says:

    I knew David was wearing a toupee all this time! Busted!!!

  6. snake and jim says:

    I like A.O.C. a lot but I just wanted to remind you all that her teeth are most definitely from another dimension and they will eventually escape her face in order to conquer the universe. They seem to be growing at an alarming rate and will soon be mature, you have been warned.

  7. Simiiformes says:

    Republican voters: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the armed forces, the VA, public schools, your local police, your local firefighters, your community colleges and on and on are all brought to you by government funding for the good of all which = socialism. Do you really want to privatize and capitalize these wonderful services that serve millions of Americans so well? NO!!

  8. Dionysus says:

    What's stopping Trump from lying like he always does and simply claiming he will be fine with M4A or a public option? He already claimed he wouldnt cut social security, medicare and medicaid but when he got into office he cut them. He already said before being elected that he wanted healthcare for all people. He can just lie and people might still vote for him. I don't think they will, I think we're going to see a Democrat in office in 2020, but I wouldn't put anything past Trump, he's the purest snakeoil salesman I've ever seen or could imagine.

  9. Mungo Munro says:

    This is got to be the biggest lie Farron has ever tried to spread

    Just remember this you lying POS.

    Treason has been called by our President.

    The first amendment allows you to tell your lies.

    You will be held accountable.

    Watch your tongue you hateful traitor.

    We will make sure all who lies
    Are brought to justice.

  10. Gar Funkle says:

    Cousins, doing the lords work.

  11. Drew says:

    AOC and Bernie know very little or are deliberately spreading false info about credit cards, interest rates, loans, and payday loans…

    nobody needs to use these services if they dislike the interest rates. the utility from these services generally usurps the interest rates. many people use them responsibly.

    also – results of “polls” are frequently inaccurate representations of reality.

    nevertheless, i agree with the idea that many people are so politically tribalistic – that they generally support whatever their party supports and attack whatever the opposing party supports (even if it would benefit them); this includes democrats…

  12. Zeb H. says:

    I find you to be a clunky, stupid version of Pakman … you say things, then assume shit, then hang tightly to your assumed shit. Your arguments are hollow and you do not have a mind for real journalism 📝

  13. Kenny Taylor says:

    JUST 70%? So 30% of Americans love paying more than 15% on borrowed money? Pay day loaners and credit card companies will love that!

  14. Greg Nunn says:

    Like Australians, Americans have an unrealistic fear of 'socialism.' And yet, as you point out, they benefit enormously from socialist principles. Also, while they love to capitalise their gains, they have no problem with socialising their losses.

  15. Mike Granato says:

    Socialism would be a disaster for the country. But not a single person in power is claiming we should have socialism. These policies are NOT socialist by definition not any real metric. These are moderate policies in favor of limiting capitalism and its associated issues. Limiting capitalism is not socialism. Socialism is eliminating capitalism or limiting capitalism to the point where it’s not functional by its own right. We have to get our terms straight if we want any real shot at 2020

  16. Terribly Good says:

    If socialism didn't exist in America, there'd be no public schools, post offices, highway construction or Bureau of Indian Affairs to control Indian tribes resources. How is this unlike Soviet or Chinese policies?

  17. Douwe Bloot says:

    No a republican is a communist not a socialist. Greating from a dutch republican. USA do not know what socialisme is. Freedom is just a phrase for Americans. Swearing on the bible is the christian american way. Demonizing the world meanwhile voting on a Demon is the American way.

  18. andrew small says:

    Except these aren't socialist policies. These are Rhine Capitalist or Social Democratic policies. Stop calling it socialism. Socialism does not look to implement a more just division of imperialism's spoils.

  19. Podcasts says:

    Regulating a capitalist market isn't socialism, derp.

  20. Menno Postma says:

    David is looking good today, I like the bald new look!

  21. The Kiddie Stool of Bastounin says:

    You know that an example "socialism" would be, you know, forgiving all student debt and ban tuition fees, kick the nsa and the us army from american schools, shut down all american bases who aren't self-defense etc etc. It has to be something drastic to warrant such names

  22. Nick Rose says:

    This guy's a QUACK!😆

  23. Halfdan Ingolfsson says:

    US Americans have some weird ideas about "socialism", not realizing that many US institutions are government or state-run and, in that sense, have for a long time been "socialist" institutions. The first institutions that come to mind are the police, the military and most of primary education.

  24. Derek Seube says:

    Let's make a national socialist party.

  25. Ron Capitini says:

    Regulated Predatory Lending is not a Socialist Idea. Its a lawful one. To protect the public. But your good at framing a mindset.

  26. Uncle Beardo says:

    The brainwashed supporters of the "red" party are completely fine with paying in their taxes to make sure there's police, fire, ambulance, street department, water department, code enforcment, and their local public library, but tell them that the super rich need to pay more of a share so that poor, sick, and old can be treated fairly and live, well we can't have that!

  27. Ryan Neitzel says:

    none of these policies are socialist tho. theyre simply regulation of capitalism, which has always existed out of necessity, lest capitalism implode in on itself. it has long been understood that if you dont regulate finance heavily, you risk destabilizing your economic system as a whole, and republicans and democrats generally understand this. so are republicans in favor of regulation? yes. are they in favor of socialism. hell no.

  28. Dillon Duffy says:

    Republicans are just as stupid as democrats

  29. Oscar Jones says:

    15 percent credit card limits is a long way from free everything else… the vast majority of Americans know socialists are loony

  30. Alex Rodriguez says:

    They also love obamacare as long as you call it something else.

  31. HOF Collector says:

    Maybe 70% of Americans are dumb. Ever think of that? If you can’t afford stuff then don’t use a CC and buy it. So re ridiculous. Trusting polls too lol

  32. Don Francisco says:

    This is just more support for the claim that the nation does not want status quo. Trump wasn’t the change working and middle class people thought they signed up for, this also goes for centrists that says these ideas are too left. If you run on the policies the nation wants, you win. But you HAVE to run on these policies to win.


    Mark Dice was just talk about this ass David Parkman so I wanted to check it out because I never heard of him. 70% 79% 80% 56% who the hell come up with these bullshit numbers. I am republican I and I do not support any of socialism,communism, Obama, Monster Hillary or any other wack job Democrap. Trump 2020 and never trust any polling ever!

  34. Brian Griffin says:

    Haha. Ok. Your "poll" said that? Nobody in the conservative side thinks that is a good idea. And you shouldn't either. How do you think people rebuild credit? The answer is high interest credit cards, and then low interest credit cards. These cards are a second chance, and the unintended consequences (which you people always run into) are that people who are trying to rebuild their credit just WONT GET TO DO THAT ANYMORE. I have been a mortgage loan officer for over twenty years. The first thing I tell people who are building credit to do is get a secured credit card, and they have high interest. Without that option, people literally will not be able to build their credit, as revolving lines of credit make up the majority of the scoring algorithms used by Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. Further, for credit, they will be forced to use payday loan services, which have a WAY higher interest rate (about 10-15 times higher) and dont report to credit agencies if you make payments on time, which would improve your credit with a secured card. The premise that people with good credit are paying high interest just isnt true. He is lying. If you are paying high interest, it's because you have made mistakes, and you need to fix them, not because credit card companies are evil. You just dont know what life was like without them.

    To summarize: They are making it impossible for people to rebuild credit, which means more victims, which means more D voters.

    The rest of that, where conservatives support all those policies is just a joke. Cite sources for that, you friggin clown.

  35. Tenshi2akuma says:

    People like the idea of being protected from the shenanigans of the private sector, access to affordable education & healthcare, being able to earn a decent wage. Who knew?

  36. Lauren Bray says:

    If you ask the same question 2 different ways you'll get very different answers. If you keep it only policy based without mentioning terms like progressive, left wing, socialist you'll find that many people on the right like our policies.

  37. Lord Tippington the Wise - Atheist Knight of Le Reddit Gentlesirs says:

    All this proves is that voters put party over policies. Republicans especially.

  38. HappyLand says:

    This is like asking people if they want to pay less in gasoline. And then call them socialists because they want to save money.
    This is not the way to be taken seriously.

  39. Emperor G says:

    Power to the people.

  40. Douglas Taylor says:

    Socialism is always a terrible idea.

  41. Coco Crisp says:

    Republikkklans love massive massive deficits.

  42. Tony D'Arcy says:

    Would you like a world without poverty ?
    Would you like to see the end of people being exploited ?
    Would you like a world without warfare ?
    Would you like a world of social equals?
    Would you like a world where the Earth and its minerals, produce, transport, communications,… (means of production), are owned equally by all ?

    If yes to all of the above, perhaps time to find out more about what socialism actually means.

  43. Winston Edwards says:

    Is that the same poll that said hillary had a 95% chance of winning. Watching libtards' channels is the best way to get your daily dose of comedy.

  44. armnd ccbs says:


  45. Two Sheds Johnson says:

    Just because the masses are supportive of something, doesn't make it right…Republicans aren't known for deep critical thinking much more than Democrats are. This doesn't surprise me one bit.

  46. Norm Williams says:

    Trump serenades Pelosi:

  47. Doggie Style says:

    Pay the card in full each month and there is no interest. Use the card like cash, if you don't have it to spend, then you don't have it to charge. Never pay interest again. I paid off my student loans. Live and learn.

  48. ajit vallamkonda says:

    Capping interest rates is the worst thing you can do econmically. So much for dems (and repubs for some things lol) supporting such policies that ironically stagnate growth, lose jobs, and encourage dependency on low quality government programs.

  49. William Sanderson says:

    Democratic socialism = patriotism

  50. Simon Says says:

    Politician: We can't move too far to the Left or we'll scare off moderate and conservative voters!

    Progressive: Umm actuality most of them support those "Left" policies when you break them down, which means most Americans actually support these things overall.

    Politician: ….Trump is bad

  51. Matthew Koller says:

    hey David and comment section, can someone explain the whole cauliflower thing? like I saw AOCs video, but I dont understand what she meant by Yucca vs. Cauliflower making it harder for certain peoples to garden. like from my experience, at least in Mass and Cali, those community gardens are kinda expensive and have a long waiting list, so I would see these as better talking points for racism then yucca vs cauliflower, so could some please explain to me what's up…also cauliflower is fucking terrible and I dont care for Yucca toomuch, but if I have a garden plot and chose to grow any plant (that's legal) how does that affect who else goes into the community garden. like are "people of color" not gonna want to garden next to cauliflower? or was it more like oh it's just good to see plants like Yucca vs always seeing cauliflower which shows that NOW the community garden is more accessible to non white people?

    or probably more likely, there is something I'm missing and would appreciate being Informed, tyvm community this has been bothering me, cuz I know it cant be that cauliflower is a racist plant like alot of Republicans and right wingers are talking about that she was claiming. cuz that just cant be…its a plant, a disgusting plant, that I would never try again, but a plant none the less.

  52. Fleur Bandito says:

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz

  53. Matthew Huszarik says:

    Trump and the Republicans are all for the rich taking advantage of the poor and middle class. The problem is a good percentage of Americans are too ignorant to even recognize when they are being taken advantage of.

  54. Daniel Lanctot says:

    Unfortunately, most Repugnican voters don’t know what socialism is and that is why when you present them new socialist ideas, they love them… until a rich-Repugnican bastard politician comes on TV and scolds then like a parent scolds a child and tell them: “No! No! No! That is big bad socialism bogey-woogey man! Don’t touch that or you’ll get communist coodies!” And that is when the poor, ignorant Repugnican voting sheeple turn on those ideas.

  55. Ur2ez4me81 says:

    Not true, I lean towards being conservative & I don’t have a problem with social programs that exist that are here to help out the average joe. All out socialism is bad. Cronyism behind the curtain of capitalism is bad. Globalism is bad bc it wants to rid each country of nationalism. They are manipulating both sides of the political spectrum & are dividing us… We need to find something in between that works & that makes America a great country to live & die in for all…

  56. John Kristian Aasen says:

    You americans are SO BRAINWASHED when it comes to politics. You stupid fucktard people.

  57. PuC Punisha says:

    If Democrats want to win they need to STOP listening to their almost rich friends. They also need to back up their leaders the way the rethuglikkkans do. Frank Luntz is their secret weapon. Let AOC do her thing!

  58. KingJustice98 says:

    Republican corporations love Communism and send jobs to communist countries like China & Vietnam.

  59. Lister Dave says:

    I don't think it's Gallup asking a misleading question but more a matter of the word socialism in general being used in a misleading way. What Sanders, Ocasio Cortez and others are proposing is NOT socialism in its real meaning but what I tend to think of as the 'good part of socialism', that is the part where the government actually cares for the people. But that is only part of socialism, which its real meaning goes way beyond that and gives good reason to be thought of as a bad thing and is not that far from outright communism.
    Republicans scare people away from free health care and things like that by branding them as socialist and then democrats and liberals make it even worse by calling themselves and/or their policies socialist.

  60. Nosfonader87 says:

    Considering how Trump kisses Kim Jong Un’s ass all thine (China is a socialist country) this wouldn’t surprise me any

  61. Maxwell Schmidt says:

    There is a "too far left" point. But moderate democrats aren't far enough left to generate excitement over policies like these and use them as a wedge.

  62. Craxin01 says:

    The extreme right is calling capping interest rates as socialist, but it's not socialism. Credit cards are a service, and they make money when we use it. Harming your customers with some shady contract and some horrible interest rates is very anti-capitalism. We need regulation to keep bad actors from ruining capitalism by harming the majority of people for the benefit of the extreme few. This Ayn Randian nonsense is a fucking tumor on capitalism and needs to be excised something fierce.

  63. ImpulseMTG says:

    Aspects of your ideas. Not socialism bro nice try. But when trump is president again you can look back at these video as a refernce to your dumbass claims.

  64. ImpulseMTG says:

    70 percent 🤣🤣🤣 your out right lying! Your trash dude, saying we as conservatives support all your ideology based off of the fact we agree with the cc cap? Are you listening to yourself?

  65. Cutz McVascular says:

    It's easy to explain. Republicans are simply better POLITICIANS!! They make better use of the media and bully pulpit of the WH & Senate to control the narrative. Plus republican voters can agree on a bunch of shit with liberals but will still never support one. All the things he listed doesn't mean shit next to the rights hate for immigrants, gays, and anything not white & Christian.

  66. John Paul Jones says:

    HA! Socialism! Ha you fake news pushing idiot.. we clearly don’t want socialism and we’ll show you in 2020

  67. DeRp Geez says:

    could it be they're starting to like the idea of wage increases instead of more debt? I'll be damned

  68. Alexander Taylor says:

    Doesn't this combination of polls just say that republicans are partisan hacks who don't really care what their party stands for just so long as there's an elephant?

  69. MidScream1 says:

    Ask about the increased taxes needed to pay for "free" socialism Baldie Farron 🙂

  70. Matt Wolverton says:

    Socialism is only bad if it benefits minorities according to the GOP

  71. Armando van Haaren says:

    Republican politicians love socialism for the rich so it makes sense that their followers support socialism for themselves .

  72. Lon Brooklyn says:

    Republicans by definition cannot like any strait socialism or policies!The credit card regulation you are mentioning is not technically socialist!Its just a sensible pro consumer idea.Ita not socialism!

  73. Lon Brooklyn says:

    Danish and Finnish systems are not pure socialism yet socialism is a big part of their high happy index system!

  74. Devil_Travels says:

    Fiscal conservatism is not a liberal idea.
    What we often see, however, is the socialist left and neoliberal right flapping their lips and not using reason like the progressive majority.

  75. chris882211 says:

    I'm a republican… think AOC i a nut case… think Bernie means well.. but do not believe in his socialist ways.. But this!!!! Caping credit cards to 15 percent unless you default … Is most definatly the right thing to do!!!.. Healthcare for all??? Ahhh… of course that sounds great!! NOPE will not work.. wish it could!.. But taxes would go to an unbelivable rate… Will have to wait for months for an operation.. the state will dictate if you are a candidtate for a certain treatment depending on age or recovery rate.. and with illegals .. ( not immigrants) getting free healthcare now? What will the taxes be?

  76. platipot says:

    Who is David Packman?

  77. BrightEyes says:

    I heard Farron's voice and thought I clicked the wrong video lol

  78. Keldrath says:

    Capitalism is the demon killing us all.

  79. Riddlers Peoples says:

    Is this a Comedy Central channel? Trump Derangement Syndrome

  80. Kaeben says:

    Of course they support socialist policies. They are leading their whole electorate around by a nose ring making them think they support capitalism. Right Wing in the USA doesn't support capitalism.

  81. JM1993951 says:

    That 70% of Republicans may be fine with higher taxes on wealthy Americans. I doubt that support transfers over to racial, religious, sexual, or scientific policy.

  82. Hope Gambles says:

    I’m republican and know the consequences of socialism and am 100 % against it. Just look at North Korea, Venezuela, and the one that my mother escaped from, Cuba. You liberals are so confused and I hope that the spark of common sense will day flicker.

  83. Oreo Pagus says:

    Since 1961, with the forming of a political party known as the CCF, Canadians have known that socialism, more specifically democratic socialism, is NOT communism. Today that party is called the New Democrat Party (NDP). Tommy Douglas is the father of the Canadian medicare system, God bless him.

  84. Victor says:

    Socialism doesn't work period. And Trump is against socialism. Trump has my vote 2020, i guess this video backfired huh😏😘

  85. Field and Stream says:

    Corporate socialist welfare state.

  86. skeleton key says:

    Republicans already found a loophole to exploit

  87. MélissaEnvy says:

    So Americans are just idiots who don’t understand what socialism is 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  88. Dave says:

    FYI: capping credit card interest rates is not a socialist policy. It's just a good way to ensure that people with bad or no credit can't get loans. You wanna buy a car or put this week's ramen noodles on a credit card? Too f'n bad. You can't get a loan or a credit card.

  89. Curious Soul says:

    Bernie 2020, us young people won't vote for another corporate puppet

  90. Antonio Garcia says:

    Trump2020 shut the fuck up baldy

  91. Franklin Winnemucca says:

    They probably were mislead before the poll was taken or the poll is flawed.

  92. Mexiball Nation says:

    Conservatives are an infection that needs to be cut out and moderates are cowards.

  93. Nathan Brady says:

    Why does the Democratic Party insist on screwing itself by pursuing Republican voters rather than pursuing the largest bloc of citizens in the country, nonvoters?

  94. R Nickerson says:

    When will David be back?

  95. ACEL713 says:

    I love irony.

  96. princewish says:

    It’s because they all are the right thing to do. Unless you have an agenda $.

  97. JHayler7 says:

    It might be a good start to stop calling all the ideas socialist, very few are actually the rest are just more humane capitalism

  98. Patrick Schaefer says:

    my trump voting roommates (2 of them) have been praising so many socialist ideas lately without noticing it that I downloaded a socialism song button on my phone to troll them lol, but really this is a good thing

  99. king dingaling says:

    Theyre for them until you tell them how were going to pay for them .

  100. Ryan Don says:

    Isn’t that price fixing? The government setting the cost of money. There are high interest rates set for high risk borrowers. Fixing the APR’s cuts off low income borrowers from credit. I’m not sure how this helps low income borrowers if lenders will be reluctant to issue the credit if their risk isn’t compensated for? 🤔

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