Republicans Love To Punish People For Being Poor

Recently, a lot of people in this country
were shocked to learn that a Pennsylvania School district, specifically the Wyoming
Valley West School district, decided that they were going to basically kidnap people’s
kids if they had school lunch debt. They were going to take somebody’s kids, put
them in foster care if their parents were not able to pay off their school lunch debt. Now, the people who made this decision pretty
much after the public learned about it, backtracked on it and said, okay, well we weren’t going
to let people donate, uh, to go ahead and pay these lunches, but now we are. So maybe we won’t have to turn them over to
foster care because their parents are poor. Now, there’s no clear indication at this moment
whether or not the people in this school district were Democrats or Republicans who enacted
this law. But given the history of both parties, I think
it’s pretty easy to tell what ideology these people on this a school district, school board,
uh, are. Democrats typically don’t do stuff like this. Republicans always tend to do stuff like this,
and that’s the bottom line. Know this is bigger than just this one story
or this one incident. This is what the Republican Party does. It’s what they’ve been doing for my entire
lifetime. The Republican Party never runs out of ways
to punish people just for being poor because that’s what this is in this country. School lunch. Debt shouldn’t even be a thing. It shouldn’t exist. If a kid can’t afford to pay for their lunch,
it should be provided to them free of charge, but Republicans want to come in and make a
profit off everything, right? Gotta make money gotta be money. And if you don’t have money, then you don’t
matter. Hell, that should be the motto of the Modern
Day GOP. If you don’t have money, then you don’t matter. And what gets me is that a majority of people
who vote for the Republican Party in this country, they don’t have the money. There are people that probably would have
lost their kids because of school lunch debt. There are people who are going bankrupt because
of medical bills, and they don’t even stop to realize that the Republicans are the ones
who did this to them and the Republicans don’t care about them. I, I’ve, I’ve seen a lot of analysis over
the years. Everybody says the Republican Party just lacks
empathy. They do, but it’s also far more intense than
just that. You know that that’s an easy statement to
make. That really doesn’t address the problem. They lack empathy. Move on. No, there is a sociopathic quality about the
Republican Party and the pathology of a sociopath does say that they do completely lack empathy
among so many other things. And we see that here in the Republican Party,
one of the biggest things we see is the victim blame. You know, when talking about poor underprivileged
people here in the United States, Republicans always have the same response, hey, the economy’s
doing great. Why can’t you get a better job? Why don’t you work a little harder once you
pull yourself up by your bootstraps? You know, why don’t you, why don’t you, why
don’t you never wants acknowledging that the system is rigged against these folks? And that’s the point. Republicans would rather sit there and blame
people for being poor, saying, you’ve obviously made bad choices in your life. This is all your fault. No one else to blame but yourself. But in reality, sure, these people could have
made bad decisions. Most of us at some point in our lives do fall
on hard times. Some because we made bad decisions. Others just because of circumstance. I’ve fallen on very hard times earlier in
my life based on both of those things. Some things that I did, some things that I
had no control over. But here’s the thing. The system is not designed to allow people
to escape those circumstances. We see it with the payday lending industry,
right? You know, if, if, if a low income person falls
on a hard time, if they’ve got to get their car repaired or if they’re not able to get
to work, they have to go take out these payday loans and suddenly they’re paying a thousand
percent interest rate on a loan that is now just going to get bigger and bigger and bigger
because you can never pay it off. So you can never grow from the situation that
you’re in. You can never save up money. You can never build a better life because
you’re always one or two steps behind. I’ve been in that situation and through sheer
luck I got mostly out of it. But Republicans don’t want to admit that the
system is screwed up because to admit that the system is screwed up would have to be
admitting that their policies are garbage and that capitalism isn’t as great as they
think it is. So they blame the victim, they blame the people. It’s your fault you are in this situation. If you don’t want to be in this situation,
just work a little harder. Maybe going to work about an hour early, bust
your butt there. But that’s not how it works. There are so many factors working against
poor people in this country and Republicans are the ones who helped to put them in place. And they’ll never acknowledge that it’s not
these people’s fault cause to do that is to admit that they were wrong and that their
policies do not work.

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