Review: Moto Z Play + Hasselblad Moto Mod

– [Michael] If you’re a fan
of unconventional gadgets, then you already know about
the Moto Z line from Lenovo, the super slim smartphones
that sprout more features as quickly as you can say Moto Mod. The thing is, those phones
are pretty expensive and they don’t have the best cameras. The solution, a less expensive Moto Z and a brand new Moto Mod. I’m Michael Fisher, and this
is the Mr. Mobile review of the Moto Z Play and the True Zoom Moto
Mod from Hasselblad. (electronic music) The phone is easier to
encapsulate, so let’s hit it first. In short, thicken up a Moto Z, swap out the metal back for a glass one, and take all the specs down a notch. Now, that’s par for the course when you make a mid-tier
version of a flagship phone, but here’s the twist. In everyday use, I could almost never tell I was using a mid-range device. While Lenovo may have
hobbled some of the hardware, it left the features
almost completely intact. Nearly the entire Moto
suite has been left alone and the day-to-day responsiveness is just as zippy as the Z and Z Force. It sounds bogus, I know, but
if there was ever a product that proves the folly of
focusing too closely on specs, this is it. In fact, some of those spec sacrifices make for a better smartphone. That Snapdragon 625 is less powerful than the 820 in the Moto Z, but Qualcomm specifically calls out
how power efficient it is, and this is one time that the reality absolutely matches the marketing. I can’t get any current Android phone to last me more than a day, and some, like the original Moto Z,
don’t always get me that far. Now, the Z Play, with that huge battery working together with the
power-saving processor usually has about half a
charge left when I go to bed. For me, that kind of endurance
is totally worth the hit in processing power, especially since I can’t even notice a
difference in performance. I should mention though
that the lower amount of RAM does make shuffling apps a bit more pokey. Also, the screen res takes a
downgrade; it’s only full HD. On the flip side, the glass
back on the plate is very soft. It’s much more prone to scratches than the metal panel of the Z and weirdly, the style shells don’t seem
to fit as snugly either. Other mods lock on just fine though. As Lenovo promised,
everything is interchangeable across the Z line. I’ve used the Tumi battery
pack and JBL Sound Dock on the Play, and they work just as well as they do on the other Zs. Let’s get to the newest of the mods, Hasselblad is a Swedish company that’s been in the camera
business long enough to have literally put cameras on the moon, and it pays homage to its 75th anniversary with a little Easter
egg on the face of this, its first ever smartphone accessory. This is the True Zoom. You slap it on the back of a Moto Z and instantly, it looks
more like a classic camera than any smartphone you’ve seen before. More importantly, it feels like one. You’ve got a big grip on the right side, stippled for traction and topped by a two-stage shutter button. Push the power key alongside and you see why it’s called the True Zoom. The motor driven lens assembly is capable of 10X optical magnification,
which you can control by the telephoto toggle
under the shutter release. The Moto Viewfinder is
almost completely unchanged, so there’s basically no learning
curve, and you can still launch the camera with
Moto’s quick gesture. There are a few custom modes thrown in for sports and night shooting, as well as the capability to
record stills in raw format. And if you wanna use the
True Zoom with another app like Snapchat or Instagram,
that’s no problem. Once again, Moto has completely
delivered in terms of delivering a Mod with the
stock smartphone experience. And maybe it’s no surprise
that the biggest advantage to the True Zoom is zooming. 10X is a crazy amount of magnification compared to the crappy digital cropping of the Z Play’s regular camera, and the stabilization makes it possible to get a clear photo even
at full mag in low light, though it does take a steady hand. You’ve got a xenon flash
here if you want it and dual microphones for
clearer audio recording when you switch to video mode. Oh, a note on that, while
the phone can shoot in 4K, you’ll be confined to HD
when using the True Zoom. I took a bunch of shots with
the Z Play’s onboard camera followed immediately by the True Zoom. Having this kind of range in
your pocket is really fun, and it’s a very comfortable
camera to shoot with too. But is it something I’d buy myself? Honestly, probably not. I tend to find the Z Play’s onboard camera perfectly serviceable for everyday use because like most people, I’m throwing filters on my
photos and uploading them through Facebook and
Instagram’s compression anyway. Also, the True Zoom is slow. First, you need to attach it. Then you wait for the optics to unfold, and then you wait for it to focus, which can take a very long time. Now, I used the True Zoom
on pre-release software so it’s likely some of
this will get better as Lenovo pushes out updates. I did receive one about halfway
through the review period but it didn’t seem to
make much difference. And the True Zoom suffers from
the same convenience issues a lot of Moto Mods do. It’s too cumbersome to
leave on there all the time so you need to carry it separately, and so now, you’re devoting
two pockets to your phone instead of just one. Now, if you’re the kind of person who carries a point and
shoot camera anyway, you’re already used to that. Maybe in that case, the
True Zoom makes sense. It’s really the only way I can see to justify the suggested retail price. Check the description for that, as it wasn’t finalized by press time. And as a final quibble, I wish Hasselblad would have thrown in some extra storage or at least a small battery,
like some other Moto Mods do. The upshot, while I think
the True Zoom will appeal to the niche photographer,
and I’m happy to see the Moto Mod ecosystem
get something so cool, I don’t see it as a must have. Maybe my opinion will change
over time as software updates come in to clean up
some of the rough edges. On the other side of the coin, the Moto Z Play itself is rock solid. In fact, if this one were
the unlocked version, I would have taken it with
me to Berlin this year to serve as my trade
show sidekick for IFA, which is no small endorsement. It cuts corners where it needs to and it’s certainly not the
phone for the spec freak, but if you’re budget sits around $400, I’d give it serious consideration. I say that despite the $400 tier being one of the most
competitive segments this year. The Z Play has no trouble keeping up. Again, check the description for the suggested retail
price, and for now, it is a Verizon Wireless
exclusive in the States, but you can expect its
unlocked counterpart to launch later this year. I mentioned IFA 2016 before, folks. Subscribe so you don’t
miss more Mr. Mobile videos out of one of the biggest
tech shows of the year. Until next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile, my friends.

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