*RIP* Drama Exploit (Fade 2.0) [Mechanic/Guide] [Payday 2]

Hey people, it’s the Drama Exploit video that I promised! Before we start, I want to credit the Long Guide for the information used in this video. Alright! So Drama Exploit is based on assault phases, so if you need tricks for infinite assaults I recommend checking out my “Assault Size
Trick” or “Sentry Trick” videos. Also, this video can get quite technicial because we are exploiting the game mechanics
after all. So don’t panic if all of this is hard to digest, I’ll try to make it as simple as I can. So what is Drama Exploit? To explain that, I’ll first have to explain briefly on assault
phases. An assault is actually made up of multiple
chunks or phases. The first phase is the Anticipation phase, where enemies already start spawning but are
not aggressive. The assault bar will not show up yet but we can tell by how the music suddenly
changes and starts building up. Like this. This phase is generally 30 seconds long but can differ based on the heist itself, like Bank Heist having a very long Anticipation
phase. Next is Build, where the assault bar starts showing. It lasts
for 35 seconds before going into Sustain. Both Build and Sustain is where enemies just
keep spawning and spawning even after we kill them. The length of Sustain can vary, based on the progress of the heist and number
of criminals, both human and AI, in the game. Then from there, it goes into Fade. Fade is when regular assault enemies stop
respawning and is the best time for us to do objectives. I’ll explain the conditions for Fade to end
later. Then when Fade ends, it goes into Regroup. This is where a fellow heister will sound
off the enemy retreat, like this. Regroup is supposed to last up to a maximum
of 15 seconds, but in this clip it ends immediately due to
low Drama. Then the assault bar disappears, enters a short assault break and the cycle repeats again from Anticipation. So what Drama Exploit does is to lock the assault phase in Fade indefinitely, where it’s a heisters dream-come-true. It’s pretty much Bank Heist stealth by then and can get boring so I only recommend using
Drama Exploit for tedious achievements like Doctor/Farmer
Miserable, Kiss the Chef and Death Sentence/One Down achievements. Now let’s talk about ending Fade. For Fade to end and go into Regroup, it performs
two consecutive checks. One, check that there are less than 50 assault
enemies alive OR Fade has already been active for 350 seconds or about 6 minutes. If either condition is true, then two, check that Drama is low. So what we’re doing is to ensure Drama is never low enough for
Fade to end. “Alright Unknown Knight. So keep Drama high. But what is Drama?” Welp, Drama is … literally drama. It represents the fierceness of the contact
between criminals and cops. There is no visual indication for this though, perhaps HUD modders can add that in. Game mechanics wise, it is measured as a number from 0 to 100, or 0.00 to 1.00. It does affect the other assault phases as
well but it’s pretty minor so I won’t touch on
those. As for Fade, it requires Drama to drop below 25 before going to Regroup. Drama drops from 100 to 0 in 30 seconds or roughly 3.33 per second, and from 100 to below 25 takes about 22.5
seconds. And here are the ways Drama goes up. When tazed or entering bleedout, add 10 Drama. Not worth our time and uses a down, so we won’t use it. When entering a complete or fatal down, plus 20 Drama. Same here, wastes a down, so we don’t want
it. Last and also the one we’re looking for, is when a player or AI criminal takes bullet
or melee damage. That means we cannot self-inflict Drama with environmental fire or explosives. It involves a formula so I’ll have to go in
detail. The formula is, damage taken divided by 230 (which is the default health of players), times 0.5, then times a distance modifier between enemy
and heister. This modifier is 0.5 at 60 metres and increases linearly to 1 at 0 metres. Three things to note here. For AI bots, instead of 230 their actual hitpoints is used
instead, which is in the thousands, so the results can really vary. Secondly, only actual damage is counted. For example, if we’re hit for 225 damage while
wearing a suit, only the suits 20 armour damage is counted. Since health is not replenishable easily, we’re going to use armour for this. And last, the damage portion after division
is capped at 1, so it doesn’t matter if we take more than
230 damage. Phew! So that’s Drama. You guys confused yet? Don’t worry you won’t have to remember this, it’s just for those who are interested in
the mechanics. Now let’s see how to exploit Drama. So to exploit Drama, we need to repeatedly
take bullet or melee damage. Since we are using armour to do it, Armourer
in ICTV is the best. Here are the two ways which I use. The first way, “Drama for Dummies”, is to sit before a sniper and repeatedly get
shot. An ICTV Armourer can withstand the sniper
shot, and can recover faster than the sniper can
shoot. A First Aid Kit with Uppers (aced) is recommended
here just in case things go wrong. Of course, the Armourer player has to sit
there and be bored throughout the heist but this allows other players to do objectives with only scripted enemies to handle. It’s basically the loud version of camera
duty. The second way, is to use a regular enemy. Bait the enemy into shooting until our armour
is almost broken, then hide, recover and repeat. This is a troublesome way of raising Drama but is the only other way if snipers are not
available. And on to the strategy. Strategy time! We are going to put all that knowledge to
good use. So we’ll play the heist as per usual and then about 10 seconds before entering
Fade, we want to start generating Drama, so that Fade will not end prematurely, because of the less-than-50-enemies-alive
condition. “But how do we tell when it’s near Fade?” Tsk! This is tricky question. Only the game host using a HUD mod can tell
exactly. For non-hosts or without using a HUD mod, this is what we can do. So we know that Fade will happen some time after we see the assault bar appear. For a single solo player it will be at least 2 minutes and 35 seconds
before entering Fade and for a full crew (either with players or
bots), it will be at least 2 minutes and 59 seconds so we’ll do some simple calculation and then
start generating Drama from there. Like in this clip, the assault bar shows at 6:35 gametime, and I’m playing with bots, so add 2 minutes 59 seconds and Fade should
start after 9:34 gametime. Or if we sense that enemies seem to stop spawning we should immediately start to generate Drama. Either way, once we meet these conditions, the Drama player will do their job by sitting
in front of a sniper or by baiting an enemy to create Drama, while the other players clear out the remaining
enemies. Then it’s easy peasy time! The other players can do objectives until
it’s time to escape. “Wait Unknown Knight! How do you or a solo player do it then?” Hoo boy! Another difficult question. For a solo player, it will be very tedious.
We’ll have to juggle between all the tasks; generate Drama, kill off remaining enemies and do objectives. The generating Drama and killing part will
be done first. When we enter Fade, we kill some enemies, get shot on purpose, then hide, recover and repeat. And when we’re left with a sniper or a single
enemy, then we’ll juggle between Drama and objectives. For this, I follow something I call the 5/15
rule. Generate Drama 5 times in a row, either by sniper or enemies then do objectives for 15 seconds and come
back to generate Drama. So why 5 times and why 15 seconds? Let us go back to the formula. Since we already take enough damage each time we can consider the first value to be 1. That leaves only the distance modifier, which
is mostly out of our control. So best best case we can generate is 50 Drama and best worst case is 25 Drama. Let us assume we’re at mid distance, so that’s 37.5 Drama. A sniper takes about 3.5 seconds to shoot, so after the drop, we gain about 25 Drama
each time. After four shots, we will be near or at 100
Drama but let’s not take the chance, in case the sniper is further than we thought so we’ll take a fifth shot to reach 100. Then at this point, although we have 22.5 seconds before Drama
drops too low, again we don’t want to take the chance, because snipers can, and will miss. So instead I give myself 15 seconds to do
objectives, just in case. Then repeat until objectives are done and
we can escape. Sounds really tedious right? It is! That’s why it’s better to do this with at
least 2 players. Alright! So after this video today, looks like many more people will be getting
their Death Sentence and One Down masks. Use this trick sparingly, otherwise don’t blame me for making the game
boring for you. I’ve already completed 4 heists using this
trick, which I will have to edit and comment on first
before release. I re-did Crossroads solo as an example, so stay tuned to see how I do it in full, otherwise I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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  1. Krista Dís Guðmundsdóttir says:

    Impressive, wonder how one could do this in something like Reservoir Dogs day two or Green Bridge.

  2. b33croft says:

    Awesome job mate

  3. shio kun says:

    Its a good tutorial. Although I wont use this mechanism, it is nice to learn a new thing.

  4. SenpaiKillerFire says:

    time to abuse it lol

  5. SenpaiKillerFire says:

    when your team kill the sniper

  6. SG Wixoss says:

    Hahah. No wonder when there is Hydra active the drama is long lololol

  7. spongygames says:

    Wanna be my armourer for OD Henry? c:

  8. Dat Aory says:

    So ur saying that Overkill talked bs (no surprise there). Because this is exactly what we abused in old Solo One Down. That means with the "assault update" nothing has changed and we can still abuse the shit out of that? OMEGALUL

  9. Dat Aory says:

    I'm really surprised people think this is new though.

  10. Unknown Knight says:

    15 Jun 18, U181 – Updated the Assault fade to avoid them being excessively long.
    As of now, only console players can do it, until they patch it of course.

    This is part of the game mechanic that existed a long time ago, which means PS4, Xbox, basically console players can do it too.

  11. Tromboncino says:

    This mechanic is present on PDTH too, but I don't know if it's abusable the same way as armor values are pretty low and can't be upgraded. It could be very useful on Heat Street by leaving the last sniper alive while 2 or more guys trade health for time so the last phase would be 100% safe

  12. Andrew harwood says:

    crazy mate

  13. Captain Alpha says:

    The new update kill this ( i think )

  14. МыДобрых ГражданПозабавим says:

    U181: Updated the Assault fade to avoid them being excessively long
    Drama Exploit is RIP?

  15. Pizza Heister says:

    Question: Does damage from non-cops also increase drama? <3

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