RNG Achievements (Best Way) [Payday 2]

For today’s video I want to show, the best
way (in my opinion), to farm RNG achievements. Four specific ones, to be exact. And most of us would have guessed them by
now but just to be clear, they are: “Guessing Game”, “Blood Diamond”, “They See Me Baggin’, They Hatin'” (or the
Garage Escape one) and “Boom, Headshot!”, 4 infamous RNG achievements that makes everyone
go mad. “Murphy’s Law” is almost as bad but can luckily, be cheesed using a HUD mod. So what is this way or method that I want
to share? Well, when there is a group of players going
for the same achievement, they would usually play together right? But instead, for these 4 achievements, I say,
split up! “But why?” I hear someone ask. You see, when playing together in a game,
that would count as 1 attempt, to rolling for the specific wanted RNG or
scenario. But when split up, that changes to making
4 attempts within the same amount of time. More or less. So with 4 players split up, we have 4 times the chance, to roll for that
perfect RNG. And when that happens, the player with the
winning ticket so to speak, will “pause” their progress and invite everyone
else in, to complete the achievement. Of course, for this to happen, one important
criteria must be met, which thankfully, is the case for the big
4. The achievement itself, must not require to
“Play From the Start”. A lesser criteria I might add, is that each
player must be able to handle themselves going solo. “Guessing Game” and probably “Blood Diamond”, requires one to solo stealth, and for Garage Escape, to solo in loud. Not too much to ask for hopefully. And so, with this simple concept of divide
and conquer, we can multiply our chances for that perfect
RNG. Let’s go into more details for each achievement. The “Guessing Game” achievement, though not
bound by difficulty, is best done on Normal for the least amount
of guards. For this, what each player will aim for, is
to cut any two powerboxes without using the computer, and without the
alarm going off. Statistically, it’s a very low 5% chance,
so just keep trying! And once we encounter this rare unicorn, we “pause” our progress by hiding somewhere
safe, like behind a chair in the big conference
room, or on the outside. While waiting for the rest to join, do not, I repeat, do not open up the server room doors as guards
will find it suspicious, and call for the alarm. Just patiently wait ’til everyone is in before
going for the server, and don’t forget our ECMs! The highest probability for the Blood Diamond
to spawn, is 20% on Mayhem and above, checked only when the vault is opened. That means we can’t cheese it with a HUD mod
like with Murphy’s law. And once a lucky player discovers an extra
door at the far end, everyone else can start joining in. The achievement is awarded only upon securing
the Blood Diamond, so just make sure that everyone has spawned
into the game before doing so. For “Boom, Headshot!”, other than the shooting
part, it boils down to pure luck. After triggering the 25% chance for the weapons
lab, instead of heading in immediately, we’ll wait in the main hall while the rest
joins in. This is to prevent enemies from hitting the
mannequins with a stray bullet. Once all players are in the game, head right
in and prepare to shoot. I recommend to first pick a target each by
pointing with a laser, and to agree on firing at the same time, like
“Shoot at 2:15” gametime. Here’s how it looked like in my recent stream. And the last achievement in this video, Garage Escape
with 8 bags. Players with the Armoured Transport DLC will
play on the Transport Harbour heist, recommended on Overkill to be guaranteed at
least 3 trucks. I’ll choose to restart if I find gold because
they are really heavy and tedious to work with. And don’t forget to take out the 4 civilians
at the start for a higher chance to get an escape. Players without the DLC, will play on the
Nightclub heist, again on Overkill, while hoping for at least
8 bags and the Garage Escape. Taking out civilians won’t work here though
so just focus on the safes. And once we have a lucky winner *DING DING
DING*, wait at the briefing screen for everyone to
join in, before starting the escape. Moving the 8 bags shouldn’t be a hassle as
long as we use the shortcuts, just don’t forget to bring a saw or some shaped
charges. And that’s the Unknown Knight method, to better
farm the 4 infamous RNG achievements. I do sometimes use this method to help other
players, and you can do the same for your less-than-patient
friends. A few gameplay clips will be coming right
up, so… enjoy! I’ll see you next time.

7 comments on “RNG Achievements (Best Way) [Payday 2]”

  1. Ruuben soto says:

    its been a long time

  2. Sniper penetration says:

    Idk why ppl mad becuase of that.

  3. 221Prohunter says:

    This is such a simple idea but I never would have thought of it. You smart bastard, I wish I had thought of this before I friended these.

  4. Faraz Rajput says:

    Once again good job. Already did these the hard way (grinding solo) probably 1.5 years ago with the exception of boom headshot, did that when Henry's Rock came out.

  5. Faraz Rajput says:

    I have yet to do Caution, wet Floors lol. Thanks to RNG that it wasn't required for me to complete the secret.

  6. Yunus Emre BOZKUŞ says:

    Dude I like your videos but just for clarification (1.17) that's not how probability works 🙂

  7. dxdydzd says:

    The chance for Guessing Game is 10%. 5 boxes spawn and 2 need to be cut. Total number of combinations is 5C2 = 10, and only one of them succeeds, so the probability is 1/10.

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