Maybe you could like… dance. Entertain them. Yeah, Josiah go ahead and dance, entertain them. No, you! Josiah, I am sitting here trying to relax a bit as I watch this bar fill up. I have to prepare myself physically and mentally for robbing a bank All right, we better not Waste energy here okay, you’re right. We should be just patient and wait for that go to 96 there and then We’ll make some money. A lot of money. Yeah, yeah How much? A million? Probably not that much actually. Two million? Probably not that much. Three million?!? You’re only playing by yourself you aint playing with me so- Four million?!?! No. You ever thought about that, huh? Now you aren’t gonna believe me here, but… Five million? You’re just counting upwards right now. Six mil- It’s launching all right listen oh Wait it just popped up a second all right. Is there a wikiHow guide on how to rob a bank with pictures preferably [loud game music] Jesus Christ! Holy smokes he is tall Well, I am short because the problem is is that like my the ground hasn’t been set up properly I should be about as tall as him No, stop! His identity has to remain a secret! It’s his nose! Alright, so we have a contract from a military guy I need assistance unloading some weapons I’ve set up a deal in Alaska, but I need an escort the transactions secure yeah, ah easy yeah I’ll just sit there with a pistol and all guard him if anything goes wrong I am playing Payday in V- They’re going through the wall guys! I thought I was guarding What, walk – walk over there! Walk over Hello, holy smokes it’s a copper This is a lot harder than it is to play the game normally Shooting shooting scoot all right Reload reload What that’s not it? Reload all right hold on stay right here is it oh? Shoot, you don’t know how to reload that’s the issue. Oh, that’s it you okay? Reload three three looks okay? I can’t grab your rifle. I don’t know how to do that. Oh there. We go I did it Holy Sh I closed my eyes. It wasn’t supposed to flash Jesus. Where do I put this? Jesus where did all these cops come from one minute 57 seconds later I Want to do a stealth mission All right don’t put that on go you’re at the walk all the way around the whole building okay, because what you need to do is you need to get the bank manager and pretty much Hide him from everyone don’t go walk through Great mask isn’t it actually you know what you can walk in there because you don’t have your mask on yeah It’s wait wait. No they can still detect your gear though, so just stay away from a cop But that growl let go no eat until the action starts He’s funny he’s on to you Yeah, you looking for this alright Alright, so I need to get the bank manager’s hard Yeah, but in order do they have to kill don’t go through that way, then where’s that doors locked see the other door What if I locked it? Yeah, but that requires you playing your mask on right now. See how long you can go without burning on okay? So I should pick this at all you can’t it will then whoa for that door. That’s right there What door which is being locked okay, so now, but there’s no camera there Well might as well put on your mask alright putting it on get the trigger Are you ready to let go Now put you got to find a way to they should have not given me this swap that somehow with your with your knife whup it with the knife actually wait note the nothing the X No, okay, then the freaking toothbrush Okay, you are suspicious to walk around with this. Yes, so just for holy smokes Have you ever realized how sharp this frickin thing II wait turn it upside down and try to brush your teeth oh Look that’s disgusting dude look at the toothbrush. Oh my god I didn’t even look at it before it’s really concerning and this toothbrush is huge I mean look at the size of my hand and the size of the toothbrush left hand out left tune and grip After this you book it you hear me Babbling That’s how you interact so if you kill a cop, which you’re gonna have to you’re gonna need to Get ready to run away right away All right now check back check back. See if there’s anybody walking out. No. No you got to be able to stab them Wow see that stairwell okay, yeah go up that okay? Careful Keep going keep going oh It’s a doorway opening Okey, bye Wait now here’s what you could do you can wear as a oh it’s ready to break that camera with melee and then try to Wait for the cop wait on the right-hand side of the door outside Okay, so so okay, so I’m gonna break the camera yeah, and then I’m gonna wait right there Yeah, like right only on side yeah, and then when a cop walks through. I’m gonna stab him in the neck, and yeah, okay Maybe do it Close actually shit Might be the bank manager whoever it is just Left-handers grip grip grip All right down here meet ility belt stop the back Drop it get the card nice get your knife real quick It’s not dead yeah, all right now grip on the ball card Gripping it’s not stand up so that way Now I’m gripping. I’m gripping No no then frequently start, I’m gonna, I’m gonna do that first thing Jesus okay My bad press the wrong button that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen my intention shut up. We’re game is done Okay Freaking kidding me Amy How you liking that teleportation just slide oh yeah god

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