Rocket Mortgage Madness with Rickie Fowler | Quicken Loans and Topgolf

Rickie: We got the Rocket
Mortgage Madness. Gonna hang a little bit with
Quicken Loans. Hopefully, uh, hand out a little
bit of cash. Host: Hey, Rickie! Rickie: Let’s make some money! [crowd cheering] Put your skills to the test to-
wards a future mortgage payment courtesy of Quicken Loans. Rickie: There it is. I got it! Oh my God, I got it! Rickie: Count it. Rickie: Keep this streak alive;
can’t be missing any. Host: This looks good. Thousand bucks. I didn’t want to jinx it but, there was no way that could
miss. Host: Rickie’s gonna help you
out, too. Wooooo, Rickie! Host: He just won you $1,500
towards some future mortgage payments, what do you say? [laughter] [crowd applauding] Host: What a day at Topgolf for
Rocket Mortgage Madness by Quicken Loans. We gave
away $40,500 towards mortgage payments.
And Rickie, you helped these guys win a lot of money.
How much fun was that? Rickie: It’s a lot of fun to see
people smiling. It makes it fun to come out and hang out and
be a part of this, be with Quicken Loans. Fun little day.
I think a lot of people are leaving here happy. [crowd applauding] Look out for more Rocket
Mortgage Madness near you!

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