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So 31 remain here on day four
of the PCA 2016 main event. Getting to the business end. There’s no such thing
as an actual business end to anything, though. Like a broom doesn’t have a– no, it doesn’t matter. I guess the brushy bit is
the business end because it gets the business done. Right. But where did that
actually come from? Huh. So Tedeschi’s raised
to 36,000 here. Philip McCallister culls out
of a stack of 1.74 million. Yeah, that’s a lot of dimp. Oh. All right. My bad. McAllister has the table
chip lead, and in this end will have the
advantage of position. He’s on the button. Looks like we’ve got a decision. Decision is to call, as well. Rabah comes in from
the picket blind. So we’re three way to the flop. Chauriye Rabah. That flop is queen, eight,
four with two clubs. Looks like Raba has
checked to the raiser. Makes sense. Tedeschi was actually on that
French global poker masters team. So my guess is he’s a
pretty good poker player. It’s been checked to McAllister. I’ve been impressed by what
we’ve seen from this guy today. He’s held the
tournament chip lead at various points over
the last 48 hours. He’s striking that
pose that supposedly means you’re comfortable. A lot of poker
players sit like that. –describe how you
feel right now? If what? You would describe how you
feel right now as spectacular? This guy asks some
weird questions. I don’t believe you. He’s nothing if
not entertaining. Back on training Poker. So the bet from
McAllister is 48 K. There’s nothing you
can do there, really. Rabah calls. What about the guy who started
this with a pre-flop raise? Monsieur Tedeschi. I think it’s Paul
Tedeschi, actually. Seems like that’s a very common
French first name, though– monsieur. No. No. 30-minute break. It’s The same thing
as the last few days. Yeah, 30-minute break at
the end of this level, then one more level. Got it. How do you feel? What? How areyou? I’m OK. Yeah. That’s a call, as well. We’re still three-way
as we go to the turn. It’s really interesting. What would he raise pre-flop
with, not continue, but still call? And I think a lot
of times, it’s gonna be hands like 10’s and
jacks, 10’s that maybe he wants to take a free card with. If it jacks, he’s
real happy right now. Yeah, jack of
hearts on the turn. I guess he could do with
some absolute monsters, too. Slow play them. But I don’t know. I don’t see why he wouldn’t
just see about that flop. Rabah checks. And I think that was
a check from Tedeschi. Yep. How much do you have in greens? That’s 200 in greens? 225? He’s gone from the one
arm on one shoulder to two arms on two shoulders,
the old water slide pose, probably learned out
there in the water park. Philip McAllister bets again– 136,000. So Tedeschi doesn’t even have
a pot-sized bet left behind. Yeah. Just realized he’s the
effective stack here– 388,000. Rabah is the other big
stack at the table. Yeah, this could be a
potentially huge pot. Especially as it looks
like he’s calling. Smallest chips in play
are the yellow 1,000s. Blues are 5,000. Greens are 25,000. No. Receipt or something? Unless Tedeschi’s
really strong, I would be shocked to
see him over-call here. If he’s got a big draw,
he might just show. Sure. But you can’t
broadcast it, right? OK. He’s counted out the call. He’s raised all in. Well, I think the worse
he’s gonna have here is a monster draw. I still kind of
like him for jacks, and I guess queens is
a possibility, too. That would explain why he
wouldn’t want to see bet, because he knows he can’t get
action on a board like that if three of the
four queens are out. What just happened? McAllister just called. He flats the all in. So this pot is huge. 1.1 million in the middle. And Rabah still to act. I don’t know how you
could handle this. It will cost him
252,000 to call. It’s pretty rare we
would see two calls here. But look at the
price he’s getting. OK, well– He does call. So let’s be clear. We have one player all in. We have a pot of 1.4 million. We’re going to the river
with potential action on the side between the two
big stacks at this table. I like that one the best. One and a half
million in the middle. No one has a pot-sized
bet left behind now. Good point. River card is the ace of hearts. So the flush draw gets there. The back door flush draw,
the back door straight draw. Do these two just check it down? No, they don’t. He bets 300. It’s a pretty small bet. But I don’t see why you
would bet here unless you’re betting for value. There’s no point in bluffing
McAllister off the hand. So 300,000 into the side pot. Tedeschi competing for the
main pot of 1.4 million. And now, McAllister
moves all in! And he’s got Rabah covered! How does everyone
have a hand here? I have no idea. But obviously, Rabah’s committed
most of his stack in this hand. He’s got 851 K left. 1.175, I think. Don’t be mad if I
bluff you off a chop. What is– what hand
does he think that they could be chopping with? King, 10, right? Yeah. I mean, there’s only– I don’t even see how
they could both have king, 10 because
the only king, 10 that gets this far is king, 10
of clubs or king, 10 of hearts. It works OK for me. No, I’m saying in this pot. Oh, on this pot I
shouldn’t speak? OK. No, him. Him, him. And that’s true, yeah. Oh, all right. OK. McAllister really
shouldn’t say anything. Tedeschi– technically,
this is not a heads-up pot. I don’t know the poker
etiquette, obviously. It’s not even really adequate. This is a rule. It is a rule. This pot is officially
multi-way, with Tedeschi already all in. Now McAllister’s all in. And if Rabah calls, he’s all in. I like this angle. It looks like he’s wearing,
like, a karate headband. Daniel-san! This is a monster, huh? How much is in there? A lot. Roughly, roughly, roughly? Roughly a lot. Also, you’re not
in the hand, dude. You shouldn’t say anything. This may not want it. That’s a huge one. Stop talking. Why, the hand’s done? It’s not done. Oh, do you not call? Oh, all right. I thought you called. Sorry. He went all in. I thought he called, though. Sorry. That’s really the
mistake I’ve made. You get to see the
hand afterwards. So, I mean– Man, he’s got a real decision. He’s been in the tank
for over two minutes. Do you think he thinks
this hard with king-10? Obviously, he
doesn’t have a flush. I mean, there’s only one
king, 10 he can have. Is this the classic
why did I bet 300,000 on the river expression? Yeah, right. ‘Cause it just
looked like such an easy bet to raise. I don’t know what
Tedeschi’s got. But he’s got to be thinking,
this ain’t good for me. Three minutes now. Sorry, guys. I mean, not only is this
for his tournament life, but it could be for the
tournament chip lead, too. I think it’s fair to say that
this is probably the biggest pot of the tournament so far. I mean, even though it
says side pot 300,000, the side pot’s more
like 1.5 million. Yeah. Which puts 3 million
in the middle. Granted, Rabah can only
win 851,000, additionally. Coming up on the
four-minute mark. Think anyone at the table
calls the clock soon? I know you are sick. But I don’t know if
you are that sick. What does that mean? It means he has a
really strong hand. Flip a coin, literally. It’s probably best. I’ve lost my phone. We don’t care. Yeah. I’ll give you two minutes,
and then I’ll call the clock. Sorry. So that’s two minutes
plus one minute. That’s three minutes
to make a decision. This hand’s been 17 minutes. Has it really? I mean, at least. I looked up when it said 46. Baffling the way this
hand is played out. That’s a call! No, it’s a fold. Yes! And he likes what he sees. Oh, no. King, 10 clubs. King, 10 of hearts
for a royal flush! It is a royal! And look at that. Tedeschi did have
a set of queens. What a terrible,
disgusting run out for what is going to be the
best hand almost always. Runner, runner, perfect,
perfect royal flush. I’m trying to remember
the last time we saw– I’ve never seen one. –a royal flush in an EPT, let
alone on the feature table. That is absolutely disgusting. And a royal flush
that eliminates a player who flops top set! Flop the nuts, lose to the
super mega ultimo nuts. A royal? Yeah. Wow. I knew he was gonna leave 300. Lucky, well, we
should evaluate it. I want to know
what Rabah folded. Oh, you’re not small, are you? Big one? Give me one more hand, bro. OK, OK. It’s yours. It’s yours. That was the craziest
hand I’ve ever seen. We might never know, but we
do know Philip McAllister now has 2.7 million. Did he fold a flush or
just king, 10 of clubs? Sick.

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