RT Life – Let’s Play Live Busch Gardens Adventure

Gavin: We’re at Busch Gardens. Gavin: I know you didn’t ask me but I decided to… let you know. Fan: Oh, hi! Jack: Nice shirt! Bethany: She’s so scared! Cameraperson: You’re going to be alright, you’re going to be alright Bethany: I mean you might die but that’s OK. Cameraperson: Bye! Cameraperson: How was it? Bethamy: That was so fun! I think we all felt something wet. I think someone spit. Jack: That was so good! That was so good! Jeremy: I was at the top of the thing going, ‘FOR GOD’S SAKE!’ Cameraperson: Did you like it? Did you like it? Elyse: That was pretty awesome. Bethany: I think they’re having an orgy. Bruce: Oh, oh yeah they are! Meerkat ménage! Bruce: Look at them! They’re fighting it out! They’re fightin’! Bethany: They want to have sex! Bruce: How do you know they WANT to have sex? Bethany: They do. Michael: They’re cleaning each other! Now they’re biting each other. Bruce: Weird. Bethany: Now we can have sex. Worker: Do you guys want a peanut or a cheese before we get started? Jack: Sorry? Worker: A peanut or a cheese. Gavin: We just get one? Jack: I guess a cheese. Cameraperson: You’re already a winner! Jack: Good luck, Gavin. Gavin: Alright. Cameraperson: You have so many left. So many left. Gavin: Let me know when I nail it. Michael: That thing has been taking kids’ money for a hundred years. Gavin: I personally have been rinsed for at least 60 quid in my life over that bullsh- *BELL RINGS* Bethany: Noooo! Jack: Oh God! Oh what have you done?! Cameraperson: What did you pick, Lindsay? Lindsay: Ooh, I’ll take the neon! Bright and fun! Cameraperson: Good choice, good choice. I like it. Michael: Holy shit is it hot and humid in Tampa. Michael: 1 PM, haven’t eaten. Didn’t have anything to drink. I’m sick. Michael: So in the most pathetic fashion ever, I had to lay down and call for a medic and be escorted in a wheelchair. Michael: To the medical center while my pregnant wife walked next to me as the medic pushed me in a wheelchair. Michael: So now here I am taking my nap. I’m apparently an 89 year old man. James: You missed a couple of real fuckers of rides. This one goes straight goddamn… Jeremy: Hey! I got another shot of jäger. Jeremy: Hey, here’s to Busch Gardens, everyone! Jack: To Michael’s memory. Jeremy: To the memory of Michael Jones. May he… may he rest in peace. Jack: It was fun. Thank you, Florida!

100 comments on “RT Life – Let’s Play Live Busch Gardens Adventure”

  1. Toph J says:

    That photo of Jack at 1:12 is amazing XD

  2. Rabid Beagle says:

    Puss Gardens, do a meet up in Ohio at Cedar Point..!

  3. SepetRGMs says:

    0:47 When you MARK NUTT but she keeps sucking ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. Drew Bridger says:

    I like Gavin's method of playing the odds there, just chuck ALL the rings at the same time and statistically something has to land! Unfortunately, these things never pan out the way you expect!

  5. fashion3ninja says:

    The photos!! So good!

  6. ShaGoo says:

    When I was 7 I won that bullshit ring toss game and then we had to carry around a 4 foot tall giant ass teddy bear the entire time we were at the theme park & it was so horrible

  7. Elemental Wolf Gaming says:

    funny how I was born in tampa fl and then I had to move to Indiana. i wanted to meet them 🙁

  8. Orlando Trustfull says:

    Of course Jack is that one guy who poses for the camera, such a wacky character. Wacky wacky wacky.

  9. NittiFire says:

    Jeans at Busch Gardens, never a good idea Michael lol

  10. Dr Raynbow says:

    not enough funhaus

  11. Arcadius 256 says:

    How beautiful! They are normal people! See, this is them during their real lives so now we can be friends!

  12. Arcadius 256 says:

    Jesus Micheal, you had your pregnant wife escort you in a wheelchair. XD

  13. Arcadius 256 says:

    jaeger. What a good word.

  14. Connor Murphy says:

    Micheal Raged Quit Theme Parks

  15. Sum Gai says:

    RIP Michael Jones

  16. ItzEngelhart says:

    If you haven't had anything to eat or drink why didn't you do that at the park? They have plenty of both. Aha

  17. Rebecky Ev says:

    Smh, when I saw 'Busch Gardens', I THOUGHT IT MEANT THE ONE IN VIRGINIA.

  18. Sean phippen says:

    Why is no one acknowledging that Elyse looks like a completely different person in that picture?

  19. Chise986 _ says:

    I was just there no!

  20. TheRainydayvideo says:

    Awhhhh poor Michael! I get like that as well!

  21. Hambone Mcgee says:

    Ryan the dad hat guy

  22. reveluv 4life says:

    dude this is so cool to see, i used to live in tampa so i would go to busch gardens all the time!! my fave place

  23. Tamashii says:

    Do you think Gavin's nose slowed that rides down?

  24. RipingFish Filip III says:

    when is RWBY volume 5 coming out??

  25. Ciera Caulkett says:

    Does this mean you guys will be back?

  26. Jessie Hopkins says:

    If only there was something exciting in Missouri to lure them in…

  27. KettouRyuujin says:

    Got more footage???

  28. Nay ye foul beast! says:

    I was there last year. Fun place.

  29. AlchemyOmega says:

    what game is live Busch gardens

  30. DragonUltraMaster says:

    Aww, can I hang with you guys sometimes? come to sweden 😀

  31. tjzx3432 says:

    Of course they go to the busch gardens that haven't been to. busch gardens Williamsburg next.

  32. BespectacledSloth says:

    Not surprising that Michael got heat exhaustion, it was like 100+ in the sun over in Tampa the past week or two. The humidity is killer here since sweat doesnt evaporate to cool you as easily as it does in other places.

  33. Rahul Nene says:

    Oh hey they went there on my bday

  34. Rick Irons says:

    Damn, i live 30 minutes away from this park and it would have been sooo damn great to have run into them D:

  35. Taylor Caragan says:

    One of my best friends won a bike at that exact ring toss game back in like 1998 hahaha

  36. Luke M says:

    God damn it, I live literally 5 minutes from this Busch Gardens and had no idea they went

  37. Janessa Spencer says:

    poor mike

  38. Holly Amber says:

    I went to bush gardens once. It rained the entire time and I ended up in a wheelchair.

  39. BowlingGlaceon says:

    lindsey is pregnant like that one giraffe
    well she is due next month so it makes sense

  40. TheSpartiatus says:

    damn jacks hair looks good

  41. Kevin T says:

    Funhaus and Achievement Hunter together is so awesome.

  42. Darkknight329 says:

    Welcome to Florida guys

  43. jman1948 says:

    Tampa is pretty humid. I lived here my entire life (Florida) so I am used to the heat but you have to drink water. They give out free ice water if you ask.

  44. Original Juice says:

    Wow I was so close to you guys and I had no idea

  45. threjewer says:

    Dude I got to see them in orlando

  46. James Moriarty says:

    Who else came from Off Topic to see Michael's death by heat?

  47. Imp Again!~ says:

    Thumbs Up for Gavin's face

  48. Deadlylies says:

    Hell yeah they came to florida. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

  49. Universe Hopper says:

    I mean, Michael is cranky enough to be an 89-year-old.

  50. NiksonBrothers says:

    That pizza Ryan had looked aweful . . .

  51. FAT JAXSON says:

    There's a lil J and Big J in the thumbnail

  52. Kate Lopez says:

    Jack and Gavin's faces XD

  53. MechaKhoondaRvB says:

    Busch Gardens is fantastic it's like Disney world but every ten feet there's a dude selling beer out of a canoe filled with ice

  54. Sora Lionheart says:

    Laser tag caught up with Michael

  55. iwatchvideos says:

    Lindsay looked hungry before she was pregnant… now she's just out of hand.

  56. Brian Root says:

    thought I saw Greg Miller but it was Lindsay

  57. Spades says:

    Dam it! I'm 15 minutes away from that place. WHAT HAVE I DONE/missed.

  58. Ben King says:

    I was just at Busch Gardens Monday and Tuesday. when were they there?

  59. FIREDRAGON158 says:

    Don't care what anyone says. The Bush Gardens in Williamsburg is better.

  60. JordanB says:

    I went to high school near Tampa, and would always get a season pass to Busch Gardens. Awesome seeing them go to this place.

  61. Orion says:

    Had a year pass it expired one week before they went

  62. Lilou Morin says:

    Demand broadcast anymore envelope creative win garlic regulatory.

  63. TheShawnDizzle says:

    A shot of Jager? Is Jeremy a freshman college chick?

  64. cali burkart says:

    Noooo. I'm crying because I was at bush gardens the day after so I missed my chance to meet my favorite people ever and honestly my heroes. Life hates me D,X

  65. LagMotion says:

    Aww. Poor Michael.

  66. Kimberly Snyder says:

    I can't believe you were so close to me and I missed it 🙁

  67. beavinator1 says:

    Man, Shifty leads a charmed life. All of the perks, and none of the pressure…

  68. leeah galaxies says:

    "While my pregnant wife walked next to me." i can only imagine rhat when the medics arrived they assumed it was for the very pregnant woman but noooppppeeee

  69. Jayden G. says:

    I grew up in Orlando so I find it hilarious that Micheal had that happen cause it happens at all the theme parks literally everyday

  70. nerdglider says:

    I live like five blocks from there why didn't anyone tell me X(

  71. chris says:

    I live like 45 mins away and i nearly called off work to go see them

  72. Hendrixicks says:

    Maybe if Michael didn't where jeans 24/7 he wouldn't of gotten heat stroke
    (I bet he works out in jeans too)

  73. Jack Austin says:

    Ah yes, Michael's transformation into a dad is complete.

  74. unafraid wuazar says:

    doesn't he know those ring toss games are rigged?

  75. MrMoustacheNinja says:

    I want to go to a theme park with AH so bad

  76. Maniacal Martin says:

    I would love to do the Gavin baller move of just ditch a bucket load of rings at the bottles ahaha.

  77. rivecsgo says:

    Michael have you ever been to florida? Especially in the Summer make sure you drink and are hydrated!

  78. Gamer Sqaud says:

    Florida almost killed michael well that's going on Florida's record

  79. Bolly Blob says:

    I hate Michael, but what happened to Michael made me worried

  80. Dawn Kaye says:

    Poor Lindsey. she couldn't ride those rides

  81. Emscu says:

    Florida=death. It's a well known fact.

  82. Solaris 75 says:

    It's hard to see them normal when I see Michael as sun, Lindsay as ruby and Gavin in his superhero suit

  83. Luke Glover says:

    Gavin's face in the first photo (of him) haha I've heard so much about this place. It does look fun. Right, this was the story Michael said on Off Topic!

  84. Shoe Head says:

    Elyses face on sheirkra

  85. Rodney Cordero says:

    That humidity in tampa is no joke, you're basically breathing in water.

  86. Jacob Powell says:

    Gavin's Face OMG

  87. CCBAlyStar says:


  88. Tom Hur says:

    This reminds me of that time they were on this show called "Insane Coaster Wars"

  89. Antisepticblep p says:

    Rip Michael jones

  90. Tea crafted says:

    In the thumbnail i thought that Adam was Jeremy but then went “wait hes not that tall”

  91. oh god oh man says:

    i like the fan just going “oh hi!”

  92. KettouRyuujin says:

    We need more FOOTAGE!!! Especially of you on the rides.

  93. shaggs_ohulahan says:

    As a medic pushed me in a little chair

  94. AgirlKILLEDu14 says:

    I love how jack knows where all the cameras are.

  95. Raphael Loh says:

    Those women are really hot…

  96. FROGGUTS says:

    Glad Michael enjoyed his time in my wonderful city 🙂

  97. Jade Lee says:

    Who's here after the latest AHWU? Shoutout to that savage champ who went to this exact spot, drew a picture of Michael and chucked it on there 😂

  98. Not Sure says:

    It’s only hot 366 days and cool -1.

  99. Zachary LaRocque says:

    Watching this from Busch Gardens Tampa.

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