Rural Finale – Bright Side 20

I think rural areas still play a significant
role in the diversity of Michigan. Not everybody wants to live in urban areas. So what happens in the summer, it’s nuts.
Everybody from one year old to ninety-six enjoying the time on the patio at Stormcloud. Whatever it takes in order to make this a
place that people come to as opposed to drive through, that’s what we’re trying to do. We want people to walk into this space and
think, “Wow, this is beautiful. And this is mine.” We felt that it would be an opportunity to
take on a property in a portion of our city that’s really underserved by other institutions
and get to know our neighbors, and grow food, and make music, and make art, and just see
what happened. Those people that want to traditionally shop
in a downtown like this and not travel, they don’t want to get in their car. They want
to bike downtown. There’s a resurgence of people that want to bike and walk and you
can do that in these rural downtown areas. I think it’s really the people who have
kept me here. I really found a community here that I felt like I could belong to and be
involved in. So what happens at that event? Oh, goodness. Children and people. [laughs] I always bring up Hogwarts with student groups
especially. Part of the reason they love the idea is Hogwarts and this big castle where
people go to live is that it’s just… there’s a new adventure around every turn. Well, in
Hogwarts you never know when the staircase is going to move or whatever. But here we
can do some interesting things with levels that people would find unexpected. Oh. Okay. Liv, go away! Are you getting the Strawburbia sign? Because
that’s key. Yes, it’s key. If you haven’t see a cod up close, that
is the beauty. That is a cod. Rural micro… enterprising.. I can’t. This is going to be the best outtake reel
ever. Noooo!!

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