Safehouse Nightmare 1D Solo/1 Kill/No DLC [Challenge] [Payday 2]

Hey guys, it’s Halloween again And with the new difficulties, I’ll have
to do Safehouse Nightmare again for my achievements. Although this is a gameplay video, you could see this as a mini-guide to the
Safehouse Nightmare for a no-DLC run. Before we start, Safehouse Nightmare is kind
of a different heist so my approach is non-standard. In fact, it’s almost a pacifist run. And I got lucky and recorded this run while
using an experimental build. As mentioned, I’m taking a pacifist kind
of approach so weapons are not important but the strategy that I’m using can also
applied to a regular approach. So first of all, Safehouse Nightmare has several
different effects that happens after starting the thermal drill, ranging from purely cosmetic to irritating
to deadly. Most of them aren’t really much of an issue
except for the blackout effect so I will restart my game if I get this. The focus of this heist is to drill the vault
open so all drill skills are very important, especially
auto-restart. ECM feedback is my personal pick for a no-DLC
approach, since killing headless dozers is kind of a
waste of effort in my opinion. I use feedback purely to prevent the headless
from kicking the drills and also to buy me time to move the money
bags. And having 4 players with 8 ECMs? That is a good area lockdown for almost 2
minutes and the ECM recharges after 4 minutes so it’s
reusable. But bear in mind that cloakers are immune
to feedback. And the last bit of strategy would be to drill
all 3 safes in the safe tutorial room. The 3 drills will attract cloakers and headless so if you’re lucky a few cloakers will get
stuck there, reducing the cloakers you’ll have to face later. Ok so this is an experimental build as mentioned
so I’ll just go through the important skills. So drill skills are very important: Drill
time reduction, melee restart and auto-restart. I didn’t get the drill time reduction here
because I ran out of points. Jack of all trades is also important especially
when you’re playing with a full crew, because there are no purchasable assets for
this heist so bringing both ECMs and either ammo bags
or doctor bags will be very helpful. And in the Ghost tree, maxed out ECMs, nothing
much to explain here. And lastly the Fugitive tree, Counterstrike
aced for the cloakers. Things have changed over the years, literally. In 2014, the headless won’t shoot you if
you don’t look at them. 2015, bulldozers and headless can still be
stunned by explosives and fire. In 2016, ECMs remain as the only equipment/weapon
able to stun Bulldozers (although their stun time has been reduced),
so for no-DLC, it’s my choice pick. But we have Jack of All Trades now so I tried
fiddling around with firetrap trip mines. It didn’t work very well but I discovered
that the explosion resets the headless objective
to interrupt the drill so it kept the drill running. I didn’t have enough skill points for drill
time reduction because of the tripmines so I’m surprised
I survived 6 minutes of drilling. Also I did have my Last Man Cloaking mod running but I only saw 1 cloaker spawn in the door
tutorial room and in fact, that was my only kill for the entire heist. I guess the rest of the cloakers were stuck
at the safe tutorial room but of course, I didn’t try to find that out. So yeah, I got my achievement hunting for
Safehouse Nightmare complete and now I can try out the new Prison Nightmare
heist. So enjoy the gameplay and I’ll see you in
my next video. It’s me Unknown Knight here, signing off.

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