Safehouse Nightmare Achievements Explained [Guide] [Payday 2]

What’s up people? For today’s video I want to explain the achievements
for the Safehouse Nightmare or essentially, Halloween 2013. For 2014 and 2017, do check out my other videos from the description, or from my channel. For the Safehouse Nightmare Halloween heist we have 2 different sets of achievements. Newer players usually get confused since both sets of achievements have very
vague descriptions. The 1st set, titled 1st to 4th Nightmare, is from 2013, where the highest difficulty was only up to
Overkill. To get the 1st set, we have to perform a specific action, which will be covered in the next section. The 2nd set, titled 5th to 7th Nightmare, for Mayhem and above, came much later and is simple to get; just complete the heist. So again, for Mayhem, Deathwish and One Down, just complete the Safehouse Nightmare heist
to get the achievements. For the 1st set, or Overkill and below, after we open the vault and grab the 4 bags
of cash, we will gain access to the ground floor. From here, all we need to do is to find floating
baby masks, like this right here, and grab it to instantly get the achievement, without having to finish the heist. Beware though, not all masks give the achievement. Some will just vanish in a puff of smoke, while for an unlucky player, they might encounter the Left 4 Dead Witch
and get an instant down. So have you gotten your achievements yet? Well I sure hope so. Otherwise you’d have to wait for next year. Thank you again for watching, and I’ll see you in my next video.

4 comments on “Safehouse Nightmare Achievements Explained [Guide] [Payday 2]”

  1. reorseX says:

    One of the best Payday 2 youtubers hands down!

  2. hargmon says:

    I just wanted to see if the jump-scares were in the game, or if I was hallucinating!

  3. Javgarag says:

    Question, in 2019, are they still posible to get?

  4. MilanesaTM says:

    One of the few heists i love from PAYDAY 2, with the Aggressive Cloakers Mod it's almost impossible to do without the Counter Strike ACED skill. 👍👌

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