Safehouse Raid 1D Solo/Loud/No DLC/No Regen [Challenge] [Payday 2]

Hey guys, This is my 2nd 1 Down “No DLC” “No Regeneration” solo loud heist so far. I’ve also included my Last Man Cloaking mod but cloakers are few and far between right
now so it isn’t very obvious. Just before we start I want to say that this is the best I can do for the Safehouse Raid at the moment and I’m not particularly proud of it so if you’re going to leave a dislike I
totally understand. And with that out of the way, we will first look at the setup: the build and the weapons used. Then a quick short minute on the strategy (because there really isn’t much strategy
here) and then some commentary and finally the gameplay. Ok you’ve already seen the weapons so let’s go into the build. This is mainly a one use build for the Safehouse raid but some of the ideas can work as part of a regular build as well. Let’s start with my regular stuff. Brawler tree, Counterstrike aced for Cloakers and Bulldozers. Artful dodger tree, Shockproof aced for Tazers. Shotgunner tree, Underdog aced, a must have. The Tank tree however, is slightly different from my usual build. There’s no bag moving, so no Transporter and same for Die Hard, since there’s nothing to fix. I only took the basic for Shock and Awe because I’m bringing a sniper rifle so the other points go into Bullseye and of course, Iron Man for the ICTV. And then some points into Extra Lead for 2 maxed out ammo bags, since the other deployables don’t really
do much on 1 Down. And I didn’t pick Heavy Impact this time
round because I don’t want the specials to be rolling around on the floor since I will need to 2-shot them. We’re done with defensive skills for now so let’s do offence. Converts are very useful now, especially when the Zeal heavies are a meat shield and a weapon at the same
time. With the remaining points left, I need to boost my damage since I’m using
the Platypus and with its base damage it leaves the Zeal heavy with less than a
hundred health after a headshot. So to boost it up, I could either go for Berserker Frenzy or
Specialized Killing. I wanted to get Unseen Strike so I went for silenced weapons instead. Now Unseen Strike is a little buggy at the
moment but for a solo build it works as advertised
so no issues. And with the remaining points I put them into the Sharpshooter tree to get a bit more damage on enemy specials. So with this setup, the Platypus can 1 headshot Zeal heavies, 2 headshot Medic/Tazers and Shields. The CMP machine gun is mostly just a backup weapon. Our strategy is simple. We will be playing on the variation where the money is sitting in the garage just
behind the van. I think there’s only 2 waypoints in here so enemies hardly move in to get the bags and all we have to do is survive the wave. Bulldozers however seem to be very active and will constantly switch between these 2
waypoints. That means maintaining our converts is a top
priority because Bulldozers will wipe me to the floor
in seconds if I don’t have something to distract them. So I keep dominated cops on standby and when I need to convert them, I throw a concussion grenade out to give me a few seconds of breathing space. And then just stay alive for the 3 waves and
we’re done. As I mentioned at the start, I’m not really particular proud of winning
this. I mean I did win this with hard work but using the money spawn at the garage seems more like an exploit since the cops
hardly walk in there. But that’s the best I can do for now since I can’t survive the other 3 spawns
on the second floor and the money spawn at the staircase is even
cheesier than this spot since the units stop moving and get stuck,
like outside the safehouse. Even so, the garage spawn wasn’t easy and I had fun trying to win. In fact, I’m completely surprised that I didn’t take any health damage at
all. Possibly because I’m using Unseen Strike so I’m trying to not get hit more than usual. Using this build was pretty refreshing as
well since I actually played a headshot style long before my usual shotgun build or my recent
LMG build. With this I can 1 headshot the regular enemies and 2 headshot everything else but bulldozers. The medics are really irritating though. I’ve had 1 heal 2 nearby bulldozers in a
previous attempt and in this attempt, he was hiding behind the pillar and constantly
healing. I finally found his position because of his
hand and took him out. It’s like playing against Omniknight in
DotA. Then we had the rare cloaker that decided
to try and kick me. I was really really lucky. Imagine me losing in the middle of wave 3, THAT would be disastrous. All in all, I had fun doing this and it’ll probably be my last 1 Down Safehouse
raid. I’ll say goodbye to you here so I’ll see you in my next video and have fun watching the gameplay. Unknown Knight, signing off.

7 comments on “Safehouse Raid 1D Solo/Loud/No DLC/No Regen [Challenge] [Payday 2]”

  1. 11 ณัฐกานต์ เวศย์พิริยะกุล says:

    WP 🙂

  2. HaWK says:

    fuxkin nice one guys

  3. LumBearJack says:

    Hats off, terrific job!

  4. Azure says:

    Cloakers can't kick you if you play Solo without bots.
    Nice video btw

  5. Samuel Setia Riyanto says:

    hello what perks do u use?

  6. brhm7 gue says:

    damn. ma nigga. unbelievable you made it bro what a good one

  7. brhm7 gue says:

    damn. ma nigga. unbelievable you made it bro what a good one

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