Salem Five Client on Mortgage: They Got Me the Loan I Needed, When I Needed It

At the time I had a growing family.
We had My daughter and my son was on the way.
And we decided that we wanted to Build an addition to the house that we were
in. We didn’t want to leave the town we were in.
We loved where we’ve settled, But we wanted to expand on the house to be
able to make it more comfortable for us, But finding the right way to do that was
Challenging. We had to refinance the house
And get a construction loan to cover the cost of the addition and
We worked with Salem Five on that. They offered us an opportunity that
Some of the other banks didn’t offer us because I’m self-employed.
Being a small business owner, Often times the big banks just wanted to ignore
me, Salem Five didn’t do that.
I worked very closely with their loan officers And came up with the best solution for my
problem. We started Columbus Day,
This past year. We worked through the entire addition.
Salem Five did their inspections throughout the process.
Worked very well In getting our carpenters paid on time.
They were professional and Kept me up to speed on what was happening
the entire time Through emails, through phone calls
And ultimately we closed out the loan. They got the final check to the contractor
and we Wrapped up
Shortly after Valentine’s Day.

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