SBA Loan Data

If you’re looking for SBA loan data, you probably
are looking for one thing and that is loans that the SBA has guaranteed. This is very
valuable information because if you knew which lenders have lent money to businesses, you
can figure out which ones to approach if you want a hotel loan, a restaurant loan, an auto
repair facility loan or whatever type of owner operated business loan that is eligible for
SBA financing. You can find out the name of the business and their address. You can find
out the name and address of the banks that did the loans. You can find out the loan amount,
the rate, the term, and what type of loan it was, whether a 7(a) or a 504 loan. You
can also search by code the different types of businesses. Imagine wanting to do a hotel
loan and finding the lender that did the most hotel loans. You’d probably be more likely
do get a loan from a lender that had done fifty hotels than a lender than had done none
don’t you think? You could contact the SBA directly and get this database of all the
loans done for the entire year. It probably would cost you $150 – $200 for an entire search
of all businesses and you’d probably wait a few weeks if not months to receive your
CD. Or, for the low price of $19.95, you can receive all this information in an easy to
search Excel format and download and view it within minutes. Order the SBA loan database
today and find the lender you’re looking for!

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