Scarface Mansion Laptop No Interrupt [Tip] [Payday 2]

Hey guys. Today I want to show you a quick trick for
the Scarface Mansion heist; Hack the laptop with no interruption. The requirements to do this trick is pretty
specific. You’ll have to play solo with 3 bots with
the interaction speed boost. Of course, if you wish to play with other
players you can always open up the game after starting
the hack. So once you’re at the laptop with the USB
stick, insert it and then immediately start the hack. Basically at the laptop, F and then immediately press and hold F. And if done right, the hack will go uninterrupted. So how does this work? Basically in Payday 2, there’s usually a delay
in between objectives and in this case, the script that enables
the laptop interruption starts 1 second after inserting the USB stick. With the bot interaction boost, you essentially start the hack before the
script is enabled so the game never detects the hack being started
at all. Of course, the side effect for this is that the interaction icon never goes away for the
remainder of the heist but that is a small price to pay for such
convenience. Yup, so that’s all for this video. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.

4 comments on “Scarface Mansion Laptop No Interrupt [Tip] [Payday 2]”

  1. Janko Petrovic says:

    nice tip thx

  2. Gameriz Şeklimiz Yeter says:

    10q m8

  3. SenpaiKillerFire says:

    how 2 break scarface

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