Scavenger (Biker Heist) [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]

Hey guys, Unknown Knight here. Today will be a quick video guide on the Scavenger
achievement from the Biker Heist DLC. A very simple achievement, just pick up the secret item on Day 1 of the Biker Heist and it’s done. This achievement is very easy to get, it’s not difficulty locked and can be achieved in less than a minute
of starting the heist. So, let’s get on it. Ok first, what does the secret item look like? Take a look at the achievement icon and… bingo. This secret item appears on 4 different locations so let’s go into the details. Location 1, behind the bar counter in the top shelf. This is pretty simple, no explanation needed. Location 2, also within the bar. It’s on the wooden beam which you can spot
right at the start. Just climb up the stairs, jump over the railing and walk right over and grab it. Ok, location 3 is slightly tricky. You’ll have to buy the Vantage Point asset since it’s located up there. A couple of things to note here; 1) The Vantage Point asset is not locked to
the Sniper Pack DLC so anyone can purchase it. And 2), the secret item can still spawn up
at the vantage point even if you don’t buy the asset. Alright, for the last one, it’s located in the bunker, in the room with the hatch. Unfortunately again, it can spawn there even if the bunker is not
one of the objectives. So if you have searched the 3 locations and
it’s not there, it’s definitely in the bunker. So here’s how to tell if the bunker will
be one of the objectives. Simply look at Rust’s bike. If it’s missing the seat, well you definitely have to search the bunker. That means you can get access to ammo and
grenade refills, as well as the secret item. So that’s the 4 locations, I’ll have it playback so you can see all
4 one by one and I’ll be saying my goodbye here. Thank you again for watching, I’ll see you in my next video. Unknown Knight, signing off.

2 comments on “Scavenger (Biker Heist) [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]”

  1. Quinn Romanzin says:

    Thanks man, helped me out!

  2. Chase Peterson says:

    I personally don't mind the pauses between different topics, it helps me skip through your videos when I'm actively going for the acheivement. It prevents your guides becoming a sort or run-on sentence.

    As a side note, I would like to watch you play other games seeing your understanding of how a game works in it's engine always makes for interesting content that is oftentimes unique and sought-after in various communities.

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