– Science has brought us
a lot of great things. Like, technology, medicine and space. But some people don’t wanna do science because they think it’s too hard. – That’s why we bring you ScienceLite on the Internet for kids every day, to show you that science doesn’t have to be like this whole thing. – So for those of you
following along at home, here’s how to do science
in three easy steps! Step one, think about something. What is it? Why is it? – Step two, write down the
first thing that comes to mind. – Step three, that’s true now. – Your first instinct about
something is usually correct. Like how the sun revolves
around the flat Earth or how flies spontaneously
generate out of rotting meat. – Does your birthday
determine your personality? – Sure! – Are mountains an antidepressant? – Why not? – Why do some people who drink wine a lot, also really healthy? – Wine is magic, wine is – Why would something have
a complicated explanation when it could have a
simple, easy one instead. There is literally no reason because thinking one sounds hard. – And that’s just – In order to practice our
new understanding of science, let’s talk about something sciencey. – Oh I know, chemicals! – Chemicals are super sciencey! – When I think of
chemicals, I think of acid. – Chemicals are acid! – Now we know that chemicals
are bad because we think that! – With this simple fact,
we can easily determine what’s a chemical and what’s not. – Soup? – Not a chemical. – Endoxifen? – Chemical for sure,
just listen to the name. – Atoms? – I don’t eat anything with atoms because that’s what
atom bombs are made of. – And what GMOs? Those are things are perfectly safe. – Terrible! (angry muffled argument) – [Both] Science! – This method is so easy,
it really goes to show how smart you are for thinking it up. – My science gland is telling
me that that’s our show, until next time, remember… – [Both] If it says
science on or around it, or just feels sciencey, that means you can share it on Facebook without verifying it in any way.

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  1. Sam Shelton says:

    Can you find an article from a sciencey sounding online publication that backs up your ludicrous claim in the title (because honestly I can't be bothered to read the whole thing)? congratulations! You have now engaged in science! Your argument is now bullet proof and no amount of reasoning will ever change your mind. Chocolate kills cancer? I knew it!

  2. Beccasaurusrex Kittley says:

    You guys are hilarious. I subscribed!

  3. Jor-El Irizarry says:

    β€œMy uncle was a science professor at Harvard, so I inherited good science intuition. Many people are saying I have the best science intuition ever.”

  4. jujucrock14 says:


  5. Scooter Boy says:

    You guys deserve heaps more exposure. Love your work.

  6. Definitive Entertainment says:

    I’m so depressed that this doesn’t have millions of views.

  7. Big Hatter says:


  8. Chase Tuttle says:

    How do you guys only have 19K subs???

  9. CT-7567 Rex says:

    flat earthers liked this video .

  10. GET HECKED says:

    David Wolfe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. Paslayas says:

    Science=Scientology 🎏

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