Scott Galloway: Not All Masculinity Is Toxic

Something I think is very rewarding, and granted I’m looking at this through the lens of a male, is to to embrace your masculinity. And this sounds unusual, and it’s a bit confusing what it means to be a man in this age, as we start to question gender balance, gender rights in the workplace and we’re having an important conversation around how some very powerful men have taken advantage of their position. But what does it mean to embrace your masculinity or be a man? When I was younger I thought masculinity and being a man was being ripped, being buff if you will, sleeping with as many strange women as possible and generally just making a s^&* ton of money at work. And as I’ve gotten older I’ve found that masculinity, or the rewarding parts of being masculinity, mean different things. Being a responsible head of household that provides for your family and has a real partner with someone in raising kids and checking that instinctive box. Being a good father, being a good husband, raising responsible civic-minded kids. Being a good neighbor. Investing in the health and well-being of a child who isn’t yours. Philanthropy. That makes me feel important. It makes me feel as if I am killing it when I can find time and money to give to other people. Voting. Being a good citizen. Simply put: decide that you want to be a man not a boy.

12 comments on “Scott Galloway: Not All Masculinity Is Toxic”


    Real men cry.

  2. Camden McInnis says:

    All this talk about Toxic masculinity coming from women who are basically internet sex workers and men who want to be women.

    I'm good, don't tell me how to behave.

  3. Douglas Henry says:

    This video is toxic….

  4. darkslayer469 says:

    Yikes this guy is very cringy. Never heard anyone be more sexist in my life

  5. Rhett A says:

    The title is inappropriate: it comes off suggesting MOST masculinity IS toxic – that's B. S.

    The "masculine" things to do mentioned in the clip are "human" things to do – not indicative of either gender alone.

    The term "toxic masculinity" needs to be purged from the current lexicon; it is having deleterious repercussions on society, men, women, children, and in finding solutions to the true, occasional transgressions men and women have committed against each other.

  6. Elon Fucking Musk says:

    Feminists: Masculinity means voting to you? We literally fought for women’s right to vote.

  7. Elon Fucking Musk says:

    Scott Galloway: Masculinity means going to vote. Being a good citizen
    19th amendment: Am I a joke to you?

  8. ro pro says:

    What does it really mean to be a man and embrace masculinity? Just read '12 rules for Life' by Jordan Peterson.

  9. Tom Bear says:

    Best definition I’ve found – “A man gives. A boy takes”.

  10. E Jackson says:

    Are you really going down this road? Did this video need to be made?

  11. Ethan Fox says:

    MSNBC should have better production quality. The sound is sub par

  12. Nicolas Palomino says:

    A lot of guys feel judged by this video.

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