Sean & Rachel Duffy | 2016 Republican National Convention

>>ANNOUNCER: Please welcome
United States representative Sean Duffy of Wisconsin, and
wife Rachel. [ cheering ]
>>Hey, hey. Hello!, America!
[ cheering ]>>I met Rachel 19 years ago at
America’s first reality TV show. [ cheering ]
>>Six weeks ago, we had our eighth little baby.
[ cheering ]>>Who said nothing good comes
from reality TV?>>Rachel: so with a family of
ten, it’s a little crazy. So we have some pretty simple
rules at our house. Clean your room —
>>No teenage boys in your bedroom.
>>No wakeing Mom and Dad up on Saturday mornings.
>>No servers in the basement. [ cheering ]
>>Rachel: And no lying.>>Especially to the FBI.
[ laughing ]>>For us, it’s all about family
family. I come from a long line of
lumberjacks. My Irish family were lawyers who
came to Wisconsin to work. They knew anyone could succeed
in America with grit, faith, and family.
>>Rachel: my grandparents came here from Mexico.
[ laughing ] [ cheering ]
>>Rachel: They settleed in Arizona.
My father was a shoe-shine boy. By the age of 12, he started his
own business making something. My mother taught English and
both of my parents attended night school and earned their
degrees while raising a family. [ cheering and applause ]
>>Sean: Hard work, discipline discipline, self-reliance, and
opportunity. That’s the American dream.
>>Rachel: And it’s a dream that’s bigger and more
satisfying than any bureaucrat or government check could ever
hope to deliver. [ cheering and applause ]
>>Sean: Our grandparents chose to be Americans, and we
choose to be Republicans, because the Republican party
offered mobility rooted in individual liberty and economic
freedom.>>Rachel: We can’t let
America become like the corrupt socialist regimes that our
families left behind. [ cheering and applause ]
>>Sean: Sadly, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton left us
$19 trillion in debt and thousands of new rules and
regulations are crushing the American workers.
DoDo you want four more years of that?
>>AUDIENCE: No!>>Radical jihadist jihadists
are killing Americans, while all the time, Hillary Clinton,
Barack Obama, are fretting over whether to call it workplace —
or hate crime. Do you want four more years of
that?>>AUDIENCE: No!
>>We need to unify behind a new person who can strengthen,
protect, and restore our nation for the next generation.
>>Rachel: Every morning, I look into the eyes of what’s at
stake in this election — our children, yours, and mine.
The challenge facing America has never been greater.
We must meet those challenges .
>>Sean: Yeah. [ cheering and applause ]
>>Sean: We can make America great again.
And we will. But it’s going to take all of us in Wisconsin.
Hello, Wisconsin. [ cheering ]
>>Sean: We turn to red! We have won every election.
It’s a big one! They’re going to save our
country. America, let’s rally behind
Donald Trump together! Let’s make America great again!
[ cheering and applause ]>>Sean: May God bless all.
Let’s have a great convention.

2 comments on “Sean & Rachel Duffy | 2016 Republican National Convention”

  1. Raphael Pistor says:

    wtf is this??? How do people take this seriously?

  2. Just Looking says:

    Want to eliminate $19 trillion in federal debt? Then raise taxes or drastically cut services and lay off jobs. Republicans can't win on this one.

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