SECU Business Lending – Personal, Cost-Effective Compared to Big Banks

HDL Construction is a trade contractor with
most of our work is in the Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia areas. We focus in on car
dealerships, retail work, high level multi-residential work and school work in Baltimore City and
Baltimore County areas. HDL Construction previously banked with a larger institution, one of the
big banks in this area and when they came to us with a lending inquiry, not only did
we look at their lending needs but also their deposit needs as well. SECU does offer the
full-suite of business deposit products that all the big banks were to offer. We refinanced
a commercial business property that the owner of the business owned and also operates his
business out of. We were able to grow our business because the rate that we got from
SECU was lower than we used to have. Therefore we had more cash flow, we were able to hire
another estimator and therefore we are expecting to pick up our workload. What we wanted to
do was bring the entire relationship to SECU over from the big bank. In doing this, I work
with not only Jose himself but with his office manager Noah in making the process as seamless
as possible. The transition to SECU was very easy, accounting wise. It’s made my job a
lot easier. We didn’t have that same service with that other big bank that we transitioned
from. Youssef was there every step of the way. He personally came here and help me set up
online banking so we can pull our transactions to Quickbooks, which is an accounting software.
And that really made all of the difference. We wanted to make sure that they not only
had their preexisting relationship for the meantime but they had their new relationship
with us. Transitioned everything over and once the dust settles they sever their relationship
with their old bank and picked right back up with us as if nothing happened. We used
to have accounts with so many different banks and he was able to guide us through the process.
Having a person like Youssef makes everything easier for us I definitely enjoy being able
to work with a local business owner or someone who not only lives in the community but also
works in the community, hires local people, and essentially is doing business in my backyard.

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