Self Checkout [Payday 2]

For today, we’ll look at one of the possible “worthy”
achievements, Self Checkout, from the Mallcrasher heist. As usual, I’ll be doing it solo with base
game weapons only. Let’s start with the requirements. As per the achievement description, we have to escape within 3 minutes, but let’s
break it down further. The escape helicopter, takes 2 minutes to
spawn on Overkill and below, otherwise it’s 5 minutes on Mayhem and above, which is impossible for the achievement. Most would try to do it on the lowest possible
difficulty, so we’ll stick with Normal. And when the helicopter shows up, it takes another 25 seconds to land before
spawning the escape box, which on its own, has a 2 second delayed activation. So all in all, the magic number we’re looking
for is 33. We have to finish the 50 thousand dollar objective,
latest by 33 seconds game time, then be at the escape zone when it’s available, which is in the middle of the walkway closest
to the escalators or gym. 33 seconds is pretty tight for a solo player
but still manageable. Since we’re going for time, we would want
to hit targets of high value. And for that, I looked through Jower’s “What’s worth the most in Mallcrasher” guide which was created in 2014 and still relevant
today. After looking through the guide, this is the
route I chose. Right at the start, the two signs, the shield and every glass at the front and side are
worth 500 each, for a total of 13 thousand. Explosives have had their radius reduced and
won’t be able to cover everything, so instead I’ll bring the Microgun along with
Lock N’ Load (basic) to run and gun, and give the mall entrance a quick spray,
before moving up the escalators. Once up the escalators, I’ll throw a grenade
right into the middle of the shoe store, to try to get as much of the 5 and a half
thousand worth. Then again up the escalator to the wine store,
with another grenade for about 3 thousand. The wine store is actually worth a lot more, but I’ll explain the funky logic behind it later. As I move to the next target, we’ll see that I’m sweeping through the store
windows as much as possible because these big windows are worth 800 each. Just that sweep alone is worth at least 5
thousand. Then the old favourite, the Falcogini. That’s worth over 14 thousand with a well
placed grenade. And lastly, the skylights, which are also
800 each, close to 10 thousand if we get them all. For me, that’s enough to hit the 50 thousand so I’ll just sit and idle at the escape location
until the helicopter arrives. There are also other interesting high value
targets but I won’t cover them here so check out Jower’s
guide for more. Again, as per the Mallcrasher guide, the wine store actually has a total possible
value of 25 thousand, compared to the 3 thousand I mentioned earlier. However, a logic in the mission scripts only
counts at most 10 bottles every half second, which is why using a grenade has so little
value, compared to bullets or melee. Of course, since this achievement is going
for time we don’t really have much of a choice. Same for the Pear store, the 4 racks of boxed
headphones on the wall, adds only a maximum of 5 headphones per half
second. Just like the wine store, using a grenade
gives way less, a pitiful amount of over a thousand, compared to destroying it a bunch at a time,
for a total of 16 thousand. And yup, that’s it for this video. Solo is manageable but definitely easier with
more players, so ask some friends to help out or check out the Crews & Clans subforum. Before we close, I want to credit Jower’s
Mallcrasher guide again, (the link can be found in the description). And also with a fun fact: The mission end debriefing will be different, if the total destroyed value is more than
70 thousand or less than, so have some fun and try that out. Stay around for some gameplay, otherwise I’ll see you all, in the next video.

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  1. not natas says:

    nice video

  2. flashfiredog says:

    My last achievement for the secret is overdrill, I know how to do it but the trouble is getting a crew that is willing to do overdrill and are good enough to play death wish.

  3. Rendevouz says:

    Hehe notif squad. Great content as always 😀

  4. Joy_The_Kawaii_Fish says:

    Thnx for the tutorial. I'll see you at your next livestream

  5. Pizza Heister says:

    Speedrun when? 😉 Great video! 🙂

  6. Viscöunt says:

    or just use akimbo grimm with he rounds

  7. BlackHawk TP says:

    I did it within 2:59 seconds lol.

  8. conK says:

    Hey dad made a video

  9. Piasek says:

    Lol. Btw check out a funny glitch

  10. Yuri says:

    Hello Unknown Knight! Is it possible to see your inventory, skills and etc in future?

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