Senator Elizabeth Warren Unveils Anti-Corruption Legislation

I want to begin with two numbers. 73. 18. For more than half a century, the National
Election Survey has been asking Americans a simple question: Do you trust the federal
government to do the right thing all of the time, or at least most of the time? In 1958, the first year this survey was conducted,
the number was 73-that is, 73% of Americans polled said, yes, they trusted their government
to do the right thing at least most of the time. For a long time, the number remained high. 1968 was a year of historic convulsions. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated,
Bobby Kennedy was killed, North Korea captured a US surveillance ship, and North Vietnam
launched the Tet offensive. Faith in government went down, but overall,
it held firm. 62% still trusted government. After Watergate, the number took a big hit,
dropping to 36%. But today? Eighteen. From 73 to 18. Not even one in five Americans today trust
their government to do the right thing. I’d love to stand here and tell you that this
was some sudden drop after Donald Trump was elected, but that wouldn’t be true. This problem is far bigger than Trump. The way I see it, a loss of faith this broad,
and this profound, is more than a problem – it is a crisis. A crisis of faith. This is the kind of crisis that leads people
to turn away from democracy. The kind of crisis that forces people to stop
believing in what we can do together. The kind of crisis that creates fertile ground
for cynicism and discouragement. The kind of crisis that gives rise to authoritarians. Why have so many people lost faith? Thoughtful people give different answers. Some say it’s the result of politicians making
government the enemy. And that’s true. Since Watergate, generation after generation
of American politicians have attacked the very idea that our government can do anything
right. Recall Ronald Reagan’s famous line: What are
the nine most terrifying words in the English language? I’m from the government and I’m here to help. Really? Government help is terrifying? Give me a break. Do you know what’s actually terrifying? Hurricanes like Katrina and Maria are terrifying,
which is why victims of natural disasters ask for government help. After a lifetime of hard work, growing old
and going broke is terrifying, which is why the American people strongly support Social
Security. Choosing between food and medicine is terrifying,
and that’s why the American people rise up and take to the streets when Republicans try
to cut back Medicare and Medicaid. And there’s so much more that we want to work
on together. Americans want roads and bridges. They want power and water systems. They want a top-notch economic system. They want real cybersecurity and a military
that defends our nation. And they want a government that can deliver
those things. Government can be a powerful force for good
– but only when it works for the people. And the American people understand that today,
it doesn’t. Our national crisis of faith in government
boils down to this simple fact: people don’t trust their government to do the right thing
because they think government works for the rich, the powerful and the well-connected
and not for the American people. And here’s the kicker: They’re right. At a time when this country faces enormous
challenges, our government actively serves the richest and most powerful and turns its
back on everyone else. At a time of skyrocketing inequality and stagnant
wages for the middle class, our government is giving gargantuan handouts to the wealthiest
Americans. At a time when mass incarceration grinds down
human beings and destroys communities of color, our government is putting more cash into the
for-profit prison industry. At a time when sea levels are rising and the
health threats posed by climate change are accelerating by the day, our government is
handing over both taxpayer money and federally protected lands to the fossil fuel industry. At a time of staggering drug prices and soaring
out of pocket costs, our government tucks tail and runs away from any serious challenge
to big Pharma and greedy insurance companies. At a time of crippling student loan debt,
our government is bending over backwards to help bogus for-profit colleges and student
loan companies get richer by cheating students. Across the board, our government-our government-is
failing to fix the problems that face our working families. Instead, it’s making the problems worse by
giving more money, more power, and more advantages to those who already have all three. And so often – whether it leads to poisoned
water or toxic bank loans – communities of color are hit first and hit hardest. Our government systematically favors the rich
over the poor, the donor class over the working class, the well-connected over the disconnected. This is deliberate, and we need to call this
what it is – corruption, plain and simple. Corruption has seeped into the fabric of our
government, tilting thousands of decisions away from the public good and toward the desires
of those at the top. And, over time, bit by bit, like a cancer
eating away at our democracy, corruption has eroded Americans’ faith in our government. I know that’s a stark assessment. But I’m not here to describe the death of
democracy. I’m here to talk about fighting back. I’m here because I believe that change is
hard, but change is possible. Change can start with reforming how our largest
companies operate. Last week, I introduced the Accountable Capitalism
Act, which would restore the once-common idea that giant American corporations should look
out for a broad range of American stakeholders. By requiring our largest companies to seat
workers on their boards, limiting the ability of executives to get rich quick off short-term
stock price bumps, and giving shareholders and Directors a real say in corporate political
spending, this bill could go a long way toward restoring real economic democracy in America. And in the process, it would ensure that when
American businesses engage with our government, they are speaking on behalf of their entire
communities – and not simply as megaphones for the wealthy and the powerful. Getting American corporations to start acting
like responsible American citizens is an important first step toward limiting corruption. But broader changes are needed. Today, I’m introducing the most ambitious
anti-corruption legislation proposed in Congress since Watergate. This is an aggressive set of reforms that
would fundamentally change the way Washington does business. These reforms have one simple aim: to take
power in Washington away from the wealthy, the powerful, and the well-connected who have
corrupted our government and put power back in the hands of the American people. We can do this. We must do this. And when we do, we will restore the faith
of the American people – not just in our government, but faith in democracy itself. The recent explosion of big political spending
has delivered a gut-punch to our democracy. I do what I can by not taking any PAC money
or any money from federal lobbyists. There’s a lot of work to do on campaign finance,
starting with overturning Citizens United. But that’s not nearly enough. The corrupting influence of big money in Washington
reaches much further than political campaigns. Big money eats away at the heart of our democracy. Over the last few decades, it has created
a pervasive culture of soft corruption that colors virtually every important decision
in Washington. Consider a couple of examples: First, the rich and powerful buy their way
into Congressional offices. Exhibit A: Mick Mulvaney. After he left Congress, Mulvaney told a roomful
of bankers that he had a rule in his office: if a lobbyist didn’t give him money, the lobbyist
didn’t get a meeting-he met only with those lobbyists who ponied up for his campaign war
chest. Today, Mulvaney is President Trump’s head
of the Office of Management and Budget and the person running the Consumer Financial
Protection Bureau. And when he made these comments right out
in public with the press listening in, Trump and pretty much every Republican in Washington
just shrugged. The rich and powerful also offer up some pretty
nice gifts for public servants to do their bidding. In the early 2000s, Congressman Billy Tauzin
started pushing an idea: expand Medicare to cover prescription drugs. Good for seniors-in fact, life saving for
some. But also very good for Big Pharma-more prescriptions
filled, more money coming in. And it might all have landed there, with seniors
getting drug coverage and drug companies selling more drugs – but Big Pharma wanted more. Number one on their list was a flat prohibition
on the worrisome possibility that the government might actually negotiate for lower drug prices. And Billy delivered – which I’m sure had nothing
to do with the more than $200,000 in campaign contributions the Congressman received from
the drug industry. Today, Big Pharma rakes in billions from seniors
on Medicare while charging sky-high prices for the drugs they need-and no one in government
can negotiate those prices. And what happened to Billy? In December of 2003, the very same month the
bill was signed into law, PhRMA – the drug companies’ biggest lobbying group – dangled
the possibility that Billy could be their next CEO. In February of 2004, Congressman Tauzin announced
that he wouldn’t seek re-election. Ten months later, he became CEO of PhRMA -at
an annual salary of $2 million. Big Pharma certainly knows how to say “thank
you for your service.” Sometimes the payoff comes upfront. Goldman Sachs handed Gary Cohn over a quarter
of a billion dollars on his way out the door to become the head of President Trump’s National
Economic Council. A quarter of a billion dollars to help quarterback
a tax package that included giveaways worth just over a quarter of a billion to Goldman
-in the first quarter of 2018 alone. That’s quite the return on investment for
Goldman Sachs. For the taxpayers who paid Mr. Cohn’s salary
and were under the mistaken impression that Mr. Cohn was working for them, the return
was not so good. The examples are everywhere these days. A Commerce Secretary who acts like a cartoon
version of a Wall Street fat cat, awash in financial conflicts, intertwined with Russian
financial interests, suspected of swindling millions from his business partners and using
his official position to pump up his fortune through shady stock trading. An EPA Administrator who resigns in disgrace
over corruption, only to be replaced with another EPA Administrator who belongs in the
coal baron’s hall of fame. A Congressman facing indictment for insider
trading. Let’s face it: there’s no real question that
the Trump era has given us the most nakedly corrupt leadership this nation has seen in
our lifetimes. But they are not the cause of the rot – they’re
just the biggest, stinkiest example of it. Corruption is a form of public cancer, and
Washington’s got it bad. It’s time for treatment, time to isolate and
quarantine the ability of big money to infect the decisions made every day by every branch
of our government. This problem is enormous – but we’ve dealt
with enormous problems before. We just need some big reform ideas and a willingness
to fight for real change. So here’s the First Big Change – Padlock the
revolving door between big business and government. Ban elected and appointed officials from becoming
lobbyists after they leave office. Not for one year. Not for two years. For the rest of their lives. Sorry, Billy. No more Congressman Pharma. And no more pre-bribes like the Gary Cohn
giveaway. No special deals for millions and millions
of dollars to the policymakers who will be in a position to pay back their old employers. We can also lock the revolving door for people
who have led a company that got caught breaking the law or anyone who worked as a lobbyist
for any corporation. A six-year time-out before that lobbyist or
outlaw CEO can take a job in government. And we can limit the ability of America’s
biggest and most powerful companies to gain unfair market advantages from vacuuming up
every former regulator on the market. Sure, there’s lots of expertise in the private
sector, and government should be able to tap that expertise. And, yes, public servants should be able to
use their expertise when they leave government. But we’ve gone way past expertise and are
headed directly into graft. Padlock the revolving door. Here’s my Second Big Change: Stop self-dealing
by public officials. If a person works for the government, then
that work should serve the public. No making policy decisions to help yourself
instead of taxpayers. Right now, that problem begins with a President
who may be vulnerable to financial blackmail from a hostile foreign power and God knows
who else – a President and his family who may be personally profiting off hundreds of
policy decisions every day – but we don’t know, because he won’t show us his tax returns
and won’t get rid of his personal business interests. The truth is, it’s insane that we have to
beg the President of the United States to put the American people ahead of his own business
interests. Insane. Presidents should not be able to own companies
on the side. And we shouldn’t have to beg candidates to
let the American people to see their financial interests. That should be the law – not just for presidential
candidates, but for every candidate for every federal office. While we’re at it, enough of the spectacle
of HHS Secretaries and herds of congressmen caught up in insider trading schemes. It’s time to ban elected officials and senior
agency officials from owning or trading any company stocks while in office. They can put their savings in conflict-free
investments like mutual funds or they can pick a different line of work. Third Big Change – End lobbying as we know
it. The term “lobbying” has been around for nearly
two hundred years. And our Constitution protects “the right of
the people…to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” But as recently as the 1970s there was no
real corporate lobbying industry. There were lobbyists here and there, but there
were not enough to fill a school bus. Today, the national Chamber of Commerce spends
tens of millions of dollars to block policies that threaten the profits of a handful of
America’s richest corporations. They currently occupy an enormous building
facing the White House, a sort of visual alternative to the government elected by the people. But back in the 1970s, the Chamber had no
presence in DC to speak of. That started to change in 1972, when a hotshot
corporate lawyer named Lewis Powell wrote a secret memo for the Chamber. The Powell Memo declared that the free enterprise
system was under assault and urged the Chamber to mobilize America’s biggest businesses and
establish themselves as a political force to be reckoned with. It was a declaration of war on democracy. Powell called on corporations to raise armies
of lobbyists and descend on Washington. And, boy, did they respond. Today, lobbying is a multi-billion-dollar
industry -more than $3.3 billion in 2017 alone. More than eleven thousand registered lobbyists
are deployed to work day and night to influence our government, largely on behalf of wealthy
clients. And, by the way, that memo worked out pretty
well for Lewis Powell too-a few months later, he was named to the Supreme Court. Nobody would argue that companies have nothing
to contribute to our democratic process. Of course they do. But today, lobbyists working for the wealthy
and well-connected crowd the halls of government like it’s happy hour every hour. And particularly in Congress, where staff
budgets and in-house expertise continue to shrink , it’s easier than ever for them to
simply overwhelm our democracy so that the lobbyists-or the lobbyists’ paying clients-are
the only ones whose stories get heard. That’s not how a government of the people-all
the people-is supposed to work. So let’s fix it. Start by fixing the Swiss cheese definition
of a “lobbyist.” Require everyone who gets paid to influence
government to register. And bring lobbying out into the sunlight. Make every single meeting between a lobbyist
and a public official a matter of public record. Require public disclosure of any documents
that lobbyists provide to government officials. Put it all online. And if that seems overwhelming-too many meetings,
too many company-drafted bills, too many love notes-think about what that means is going
on in the dark recesses of our government right now. Put a windfall tax on excessive lobbying,
to ensure that when companies spend millions trying to stop the government from protecting
the public, the cops on the beat get more resources to fight back. And while we’re at it, let’s strengthen the
government’s independence from lobbyists. Raising Congressional salaries to track other
federal officials would mean that low-paid staffers don’t feel compelled to audition
for jobs with influence peddlers when they should be standing up to them. Finally, let’s just plain get rid of some
of the most corrosive and dangerous lobbying practices. The trial of Donald Trump’s campaign manager
has exposed how foreign governments hide their efforts to influence the American government
through lobbying. We should ban Americans from getting paid
to lobby for foreign governments-period. If foreign governments want to express their
views, they can use their diplomats. One more piece: End legalized lobbyist bribery
by prohibiting lobbyists from writing campaign checks or giving personal gifts to anyone
running for or holding federal office. Reining in corporate lobbyists will make a
big difference. But there’s more. Too often, decisions in the federal agencies
charged with implementing our laws end up captured by the very same corporate giants
that they’re supposed to be keeping in check. It’s time for that to stop. Corporations should have a seat at the table,
but they shouldn’t take over the whole restaurant. And that’s my Fourth Big Change – End corporate
capture of rulemaking. Start by empowering beleaguered agencies to
stand up to well-heeled corporate giants that don’t want to follow any rules. When someone lies to a court, we call it “perjury.” But, too often, when companies lie to regulatory
agencies during the rulemaking process, they just call it “analysis”-and no one bats an
eye. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s EPA has the gall
to try to block objective, high quality science from being considered in the rulemaking process. Enough of this garbage. Prosecute companies that knowingly mislead
government agencies. And stop the practice of companies paying
for sham “studies” designed to derail the rulemaking process. Instead, let’s force anyone who submits a
study to a regulatory agency to disclose who’s paying for it and who’s editing it. If studies with financial and editorial conflicts
don’t meet minimal methodological standards, throw them out before they disrupt the process. Fifth Big Change – Restore faith that ordinary
people can get a fair shake in our courts. For starters, strengthen the code of conduct
for all federal judges – no stock trading, no payments from corporations for attending
events, no honoraria for giving speeches, no lavish getaways and fancy hunting trips
funded by billionaires. And I mean all federal judges, including Supreme
Court justices. I’ve heard Supreme Court justices say we should
just trust that they’ll be ethical all on their own. Yeah, right. I watched as Justice Gorsuch trotted over
to Trump International Hotel to give a speech sponsored by a political organization that
has worked for decades to break the backs of unions. A few months later, Justice Gorsuch delivered
the deciding vote to crush public sector unions. What union member believed that her side actually
had a fair hearing? There’s a reason judges should be required
to avoid even the appearance of favoritism. The courts should also be more open. Individuals and small businesses should be
able to have their day in court. Americans should be able to see easily what’s
happening in the judicial process. Public filings should be easier to access
online and free to the public. And it’s ten years’ past time for us to start
audio livestreaming federal appellate and Supreme Court proceedings. Finally, Big Change Number Six – Hire a new
independent sheriff to police corruption. There are dedicated public servants that enforce
our ethics laws, but they have less authority than security guards at the mall. Build a new anticorruption agency to make
sure that all key federal officials-even powerful Senators and Presidents-file disclosures and
get rid of conflicts. Close up the loopholes in federal open records
laws. This agency can shine floodlights on government
actions and empower the public and press with new tools to help safeguard our democracy. And we can do our best to insulate the sheriff’s
office from partisan politics and give it the tools it needs to seriously investigate
violations and punish offenders. Washington corruption is not a small problem,
and it will not be rooted out with small solutions. In addition to the big changes I talked about
today, my legislation contains dozens more ideas to promote clean government, from giant
reforms to small tweaks and everything in between. These changes will require everyone who runs
for or who holds office to change at least some of their practices – including me. Many of these ideas challenge the most fundamental
assumptions about how business is currently done in our nation’s capital. Inside Washington, some of these proposals
will be very unpopular, even with some of my friends. Outside Washington, I expect that most people
will see these ideas as no-brainers and be shocked they’re not already the law. I’m sure the people who make big money off
the current system will yell and scream and spend millions of dollars trying to stop these
changes. And the all-day-long pundits and Washington
insiders who live in the same neighborhoods and eat at the same sushi bars and go to the
same book parties will say ‘this will never pass’ and try to color me naïve for even
trying. But it’s that kind of self-serving group-think
that’s allowed corruption to spread through this town for decades. Besides, such nay-saying ignores our history:
Our country has responded to deep corruption with bold action before. I won’t pretend to be sure I’ve gotten everything
exactly right. I’m willing and eager to discuss the details. My bill proposes a year-long transition for
people to adapt to the new system before these changes would go into effect. But here is my promise: I plan to fight to
pass as many of these reforms as possible. I believe we can break the stranglehold that
the wealthy and well-connected hold over our government. I believe we can get our democracy working
again. There are millions of good people working
in government. People who show up to do a hard day’s work
in federal, state and local government, determined to deliver essential services and their best
judgments on behalf of the public. Men and women who are uniquely aware that
they owe their jobs – and their salaries – to you, the people of the United States. They are Members of Congress on both sides
of the aisle, their staffs, interns and volunteers. They are career public servants, serving here
at home and in remote corners of the world. They are unified by a belief in the greater
good of government. It’s that belief, that shared vision of what
it means to live and work and fight for a future in our democracy that gives me hope. We owe everyone fighting for that greater
good a debt of gratitude. But we also owe them rules that promote an
unwavering determination to serve the public-and only the public. This is not about big government versus small
government. It’s about whether government works for the
wealthy and well-connected or government works for the people. Only 18% of Americans believe our government
is doing right most of the time. But I’m not throwing my hands up and walking
away. I’m not giving in to the cynicism. I still believe that in our darkest hours,
at our lowest points, government can be a force for good to bring us back together. And here’s the good news: deep down, still
Americans believe it, too. You see it in the fight to make government
affirm healthcare as a basic human right. You see it in the fight to make government
stand for people and against giant corporations. You see it the fight to insulate government
from the influence of corporate contributions. You see it in the fight to make government
a force for healing our racial and cultural divides. Americans know that they have a government
that isn’t working for them. But instead of giving up, more and more people
are demanding a government that is run by the people for the people. A country where everyone – everyone – has
a fighting chance to get ahead. A country that stands for truth, honesty,
compassion and service to one another. A country and a government that’s worth believing
in and worth fighting for. That’s the country I believe in. That’s the government I will fight for. I believe we can save our government, and
together we can make it work for the people.

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    It takes a little more than silent agreement… We, 'the people', need to raise our voices and make it clear to all elected officials that we are paying attention, we do understand what they are up to, we understand that we have the power to end this and we will no longer tolerate it. The jigg is up! 'The People' outnumber the 1% and we can stand up to them. We seem to have forgotten that. The lapse in memory, this collective amnesia in regard to our civic responsibilities and civic power, is over.

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    Hey pocha, how that d.n.a. test coming

  35. MrVala77 says:

    Love this woman.

  36. Inventor MjM says:


  37. Engin Atik says:

    Warren for President 2020!

  38. Ashish Patel says:


  39. Mary Hocking says:

    Shame on you for your stance on Mollie Tibbits and all your propaganda lies on illegal aliens….so tired of all this “ political correctness” !! I live in MA and you will NEVER have my vote…BUILD THAT WALL…..MAGA!! Trump 2020

  40. Buttered Lumps says:

    This trifling race bender don't give 2 rat's ass about the people who vote for her being murdered by illegals. She lies about her identity and she lies about giving 2 shits about Americans. #WalkAway.

  41. Pura Vida dew says:

    Good luck getting anticorruption legislation passed, considering how corrupt Congress and the Senate are. These people are all bought and paid for, so I don’t know how you’ll get this one past.

  42. darran smith says:


  43. Jackson Beverly says:

    With people like her,it would be easier to trust isis

  44. John Dwyer says:

    Wow I'm from Australia , but if lady was in Australia I would vote for her in a heartbeat, you go for it Senator Warren. You American's should get her to go for President , she could really make your country great again. GOD BLESS HER !!!

  45. Marie Tooth says:

    Republicans will never go along with this legislation because they are the authors of corruption!

  46. unpaid troll says:

    one of the most corrupt senators introducing an anti-corruption bill. @ Senator Elizabeth Warren is a common criminal. She set up the CFPB as her own personal election slush fund and got caught. You are a piece of shit. You are a fraud. Even the Cherokee nation has disavowed your bogus claims. You have been a petty criminal your entire life. There is no place in America for your antics.. lawyer up lady. We, the people are coming for you legally.

  47. Tom Bahns says:

    Absolutely Correct

  48. Frances Magro says:

    AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!! Thank you Liz, we love TRUTH & we love YOU!

  49. Ed Eff says:

    Sanders and Warren 2020

  50. That nigga bush from around the corner says:

    Time for people to start standing up to the fake family courts across America and start holding these crooks accountable for the damages they are deliberately inflicting on families across the country!

  51. Ken Brownfield says:

    She should be the first female President.

  52. Ken Brownfield says:

    One thing she didn't mention is that when the congress votes on a bill, that bill should deal with one issue, and one issue ONLY.No riders. That way, we can nail that politician on how they voted.

  53. Steve Hub says:

    Our next President!

  54. Janet Airlines says:

    Dna test = a good start

  55. steve tomkinson says:

    You i watch from England i watch Elizabeth warren talk,she is passionate forward thinking and honest.If she is not elected as America next President nobody great ever will be.She has the real people in her heart and wants to do them well.Time the people stood up to corporate America and made them pay some of that hard money you earn for them out to the people.

  56. Mahbubur Rahman says:

    I love this lady!

  57. Mr wonderful says:

    Ty senator Warren ❤️

  58. Juan Cuadra says:

    Part of the solution shall include making EDUCATION FREE or LOW COST, to give everyone a change to participate in the democratic process. Big money is controlling democracy. Corrupted-Student-Load-debt shall be eradicated.

  59. bobbi hanson says:

    Thank you!!! You speak the truth! You and Al Franken need to run for us pee-ons!

  60. Jimmy Goode says:

    Good stuff president warren but next time speak infront of cheering fans!

  61. Joseph Van Zandt says:

    For the first time, I am in agreement with Sen. Warren. Unfortunately, the good old boys and girls in Congress will never pass a bill that takes away any of their special fringe benefits.

  62. the last wild one says:

    These things that are happening to us now are happening because the government thinks it has outgrown it's people!!!                   ((( WARREN 2020 )))

  63. Kathryn Shaw says:

    I agree as usual with every thing that Elizabeth Warren has said. There was a time when lobbyists were decent people making a modest income working for the benefit of the American people and the American economic structure. People, companies and agencies lying under oath used to be charged with purjury and sent to jail. The Vietnam Draft shoved many who would have become tradesmen into college degrees in Psychology and Sociology. We ended up with many people in government jobs who had no business trying to take care of others. We have ended up with dumb laws like the hidden 401-K penalty where if your husband doesn't die fast enough, the government will take away $10,000 dollars out of your retirement account, even if the amount outstanding was less than $1,000. What a scam! I was busy adjusting a morphine drip so my husband could die peacefully at home of pancreatic cancer later that week, when I got the letter advising me that they had already taken off with my money. I said "To Hell with the government!" I helped my husband die, but was forced to go into work the same morning or lose my job. It didn't really help. The "Family Leave Law" had no protections built in for those who had used family leave. I was out of a job in less than a month. Orin Hatch set up NORD (National Organization of Rare Disorders) in1983. I had two sons that in an internationally genetics magazine explained for the first time that the "rare disorder" was in fact genetically passed. There were no legal protections for the patients or their parents/advocates written into the law. By the time, the Great Recession hit, local countys had already shifted all Mental Health care to a private company. This local business functioned as a virtual monopoly, was given all cases where students had received training from special education teachers and, when they got in financial difficulty, they went against medical advice for their continuing care. They lied to a judge about my qualifications, my mental health and my level of violence. They put my sons in the hands of "street people" who had no health care or even domestic training. Well, my oldest son is dead now. There's no coming back from being dead. The funny thing is all these people that were in my face all the time about my oldest son, dropped him like yesterday's garbage after he died. I'm offended. There is good reason for the change in people's opinion of government. We don't see a positive outcome very often. We do see a lot of toxic people. No one chooses to control those responsibilities farmed out to private enterprise. You start with a valid idea, but end up leaving out the accountability and protections.

  64. Tom Martin says:

    She will put a stopper in it. The greed today is out of this world. There are still a few good Americans in government.

  65. Gerardo Padilla says:

    WARREN ! FOR PRESIDENT !! …. By the way ,People should stop reproducing for a while

  66. Phillip J Knight says:

    I did a survey since the dems were in power tens of thousands of Americans have died under their watch I feel that this president needs a chance to prove how great he can make it again. You lot are dangerous to “We the people “ you don’t care anymore. Prove this wrong you can never do.

  67. Jane Hardy says:

    Thank you, Senator Warren, for being there and consistently fighting the good fight on behalf of the American people. Opposition to the rich and powerful is always grueling and immensely difficult. But there is a transition that happens, when the people finally hear the child crying out that the Emperor has no clothes. The people as a whole withdraw their support, his power collapses, and thereafter people only speak of him to laugh at him. Thereafter, it seems like the truth was always easy to see and that there shouldn’t have been any difficulty acknowledging it. The gargantuan accomplishment of the proponents of the truth, of whom you are one, that accomplishment is not remembered for the labor and valor it required. But I will remember, once you achieve the reforms that are crying out to be made, I will remember and honor you for the great service you are performing for our country.

  68. mjimih says:

    Citizens Divided is a repuglicon wet dream. They are raping all of U.S. daily

  69. Michael Sacco says:

    They will kill her first , before they make those laws. This is now a government ,by the corporations , for the corporations. I love this Senator.

  70. energyeternal says:

    Run, Lizzy, Run!

  71. energyeternal says:

    She must run.

  72. Blue In red says:


  73. Richard A. Holt says:

    Mrs. Marxist

  74. bebeting says:

    What can we do to help get this passed and kept alive?

  75. John D says:

    I wrote Warren & Mattis in at the top in 2016 — jail fat cats, kill terrorists.

  76. Cowboy Bob says:

    Some of the points:
    Stop elected federal officials from trading stocks they regulate
    Elected federal officials must release their tax returns to run and every year in office
    a lifetime ban on lobbying jobs for former federal elected or appointed officials
    require corporate lobbyists or criminally convicted CEOs to wait six years before taking a government job of any kind
    expand who must register with the government as a lobbyist
    lobbyists and lawmakers to disclose every meeting they have with one another
    tax companies’ lobbying efforts beyond a certain level of spending.
    prohibit lobbyists from contributing to federal campaigns and bar Americans from lobbying on behalf of foreign governments
    prohibit the president, members of Congress and senior federal agency heads from trading any stocks during their public service
    All federal judges, including U.S. Supreme Court justices, would likewise be forbidden from trading stocks or accepting various gifts from wealthy individuals, corporations or ideological interest groups
    think tanks and industry front groups that try to influence policy-making reveal their funding sources and the editorial standards they use for research they disseminate. Offering demonstrably faulty information would become a criminal offense.
    create a new federal agency that she calls an “independent sheriff” to police all of these rules and “shine floodlights on government actions” through enforcement of public transparency

  77. Paul Warren says:


  78. Linda Claudine says:

    Lobbyists are a HUGE problem. And corporations ARE NOT PEOPLE, yet they have all the rights and NONE of the obligations of real people! And ANY SENATOR RUNNING FOR ELECTION THIS YEAR who does not support this legislation needs to lose or not gain the office of Senator. Meanwhile, the rich get richer and the rest of us live on the edge of poverty, of losing our homes, of losing our health care! We The People must vote, and we must vote BLUE! Very few Republicans are left that hold the values of Lincoln or Eisenhower or Ford. Reagan, with his trickle down economics, was the beginning of the end – where we are now! I just do not understand how anyone who is not extremely wealthy believes our current POTUS has their best interests at heart. He is corrupt to the core!

  79. Neta Baughman says:

    If I were to run, I would want you for my running mate. Ha Ha we would do this all!! YES I am serious . . .

  80. John Warren says:

  81. Nathan Choi says:

    Great legislation, but include one more provision with a one-term Senate limit. Lets pass it but let's not elect Pocahontas again as senator. Warren claims to be pro-minority, so I believe she should have no problem with a Real Indian taking her seat.

  82. Nathan Choi says:

    Looks like everyone but me is a bot that is commenting on this video.

  83. IMA RUSSIAN says:

    A $16 MILLION war chest from who?

    All of her dem friends are rich beyond comprehension through insider trading, foreign investments, big bank deals, and slave labor industries

    Look into a mirror to find corruption lizzie

  84. airmark02 says:

    oh those " Bad Republicans !" lol….Platitudes, …. yes, of course Tump is an evil idiot ~
    but where was she when the big phony Obama was turning this country into a greedy shithole ?
    zzzzzzz..crickets………..waking up is hard to do ~

  85. Poop Scoop says:

    Pocahontas! Lol

  86. Bill Crowley says:

    Anti corruption. From the shrill fraud

  87. Randy Roberts says:

    You are the shining example of white privilege you're as white as white gets

  88. Iowarail says:

    She is as crooked as the rest of them.

  89. vegan bacon says:


  90. John W. Booth says:

    This is a prime example of the pot calling the kettle black. For years she committed ethnic theft of the Cherokee indians by claiming she was one. And she is to be trusted??? Don't believe a word she says…Non-Pocahontas!

  91. Gary Olson ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ says:

    Real Anti-Corruption Legislation is you get out of politics b/c you are as corrupt as they come!
    You lied about your past to get votes and benefits for being someone you are not!

  92. William Trinh says:

    Thank you Senator Warren for standing for the people’s rights. I may not be from Massachusetts and I may not be able to support you in 2018. Im only 16 so I cant really vote as well.. I will support you all the way. Win 2018 and run for 2020. We need a president that works for the people. Do the thing that Hillary Clinton could not. Become the first every women president and save us from the biggotry and racism from Mitch Mcconel And Donald Trump.

  93. Natalie Mae says:

    Banking Giant Blames “Computer Glitch” After Forcing Hundreds Of People –

  94. Seraph909 says:

    I would love to see E.L. lead a horse to water. OR, imagine Tulsi Gabbard leading a horse to water. And you say, " whatti , what , what " that's just fine , if you don't know , you love snow.

  95. Paul Warren says:


  96. Derrick Curry says:

    Let's make America great again 😎🧜


  97. Veve Charly says:

    Anyway none of the Republican Officials been elected fairly , they all got elected by doing voter suppression rigged election.

  98. Veve Charly says:

    Trump didn't gets elected president he stole the presidency from Hillary Clinton.

  99. Q Sez says:

    Anti-Corruption will end the Democratic Party.

  100. JOE ESTEP says:

    I can picture Warren as a High School Principal, not President of USA.

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