Senator Joni Ernst | 2016 Republican National Convention

>>ANNOUNCER: Please welcome the
United States Senator for Iowa,
Jason Beardsley, and the United
States Representative from Montana, Ryan.
Real American heroes, previously recognized by Mrs. Trump. Senator Joanie.
>>Distinguished delegates, Republicans, and millions of my
fellow Americans watching around the country, especially those in Iowa —
[ cheering ]>>Thank you, Iowa.
It’s an honor to be with you in Cleveland and to be on this
stage with fellow veterans, among them our special
operations master sergeant Jason Beardsley, and my colleague,
Congressman and Navy Seal, Ryan,
who you’ll hear from shortly. [ clapping ]
>>I never would’ve imagined a farm girl from Montgomery county
would have the opportunity to serve as first woman elected to
federal office from Iowa. However, my parents always said
that to Brother, Sister, and me, if we worked hard, anything was
possible. Growing up we didn’t have much, but what we didn’t have, my
parents, particularly my mother, made up for in tenacity.
She really encouraged us. You never heard her say, “no,
you can’t do this.” Instead, if something was
challenging, she’d say, Joni, we’ll figure out a way.
If it is what you want, let’s make it happen.
We’ll figure it out together. That’s a trait I carry with me
today. And it’s something I teach my
own daughter. In our household, and at the
homes of many of those in the military, including those up
here tonight, giving up,
quitting, or accepting failure are not options. [ applause ]
>>That resilience is not unique to our house.
That can-do attitude has served as the foundation of our country
for 240 years. It continues here in Ohio, in
Iowa, and all around our great nation.
IsBetween my freshman and sophomore years of college, I
went on an agricultural exchange to the Soviet Union.
At night, the Ukranians talk about farming.
Rather, they wanted to know what it was like to live in a country
where they could experience freedom.
They wanted to know, about freedom.
They wanted to know what our country, a place where anything
was possible. When I’m home, I realized it
wasn’t enough — simply — and liberty.
I had to do my part to protect and preserve it.
So I joined the military, which is tremendously important
institution that defends the freedoms that Americans
cherish. [ cheering and applause ]
>>Thank you. I have the great privilege of
serving my state and our country while working alongside some of
our nation’s finest soldiers. For 14 months — commander —
operation Iraqi Freedom, where my unit was tasked with running
a convoy group in Iraq. Last November, after more
than — years of service, I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel
in the Iowa Army National Guard.
[ cheering and applause ]>>As I — across Iowa and
around our great country, I hear from folks who are worried
America is no longer leading, but rather following from
behind. Those concerns are echoed by our
allies around the world, and rightly so.
The question I hear time and time again is, “Where is
America’s leadership?
” There’s a void in the world that
cannot be filled by others. Our country and the world of
which we are part simply cannot afford four more years of this
lack of leadership under Hillary Clinton.
[ cheering and applause ]>>Our allies see us shrinking
from a place as a leader in the world.
We have failed time and again to address threats.
They are looking for American leaders — leaders who are
willing to stand up and say, enough is enough!
[ cheering and applause ]>>Unfortunately, Hillary
Clinton cannot be trusted. Her judgment and character are
not suited to be sitting in the most powerful office in the
world. She has already failed us two
times before. Hillary Clinton has failed to
stop terrorism. Her policy in Libya,
Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria has created more safe havens for
terrorists. Shockingly, she continues to
support a policy that brings captured terrorists into our backyards!
All of us here believe that’s unacceptable. Unacceptable!
[ clapping ]>>Hillary Clinton has failed to
support our allies. Her decision to back the Iran
nuclear deal puts in peril our longtime friends and allies in
the region, especially Israel .
They continue to threaten and destroy Israel, both directly
and indirectly through things
such as Hezbollah. They remain the top supporter of
terrorism, which endangers not justice real, just Israel, but
Europe and the United States. [ applause ]
>>And, look. Just take a look, folks, at the
pathetic track record and Obama have in the war on ISIS.
This administration has called the junior varsity — ignoring
the best advice given. They represent a threat that is
not limited to the Middle East, and is spreading rapidly.
In fact, according to the FBI, ISIS is present in all 50
states. Think about it for a moment.
Terrorists from ISIS are in every one of our 50 states.
[ booing ]>>Yes, boo.
They will use whatever weapons
they have — guns, trucks, knives, poisons, and bombs — to
kill innocent people. On this current administration’s
wayward policies, ISIS continues to spread, while the President
fails to put forward a comprehensive strategy to defeat
and destroy them. [ cheering and applause ]>>Donald Trump will not
hesitate to cull radical Islamic
terrorism — call it by its name!
[ cheering and applause ]>>And he will not hesitate to
destroy those that wish to harm our great nation. [ cheering and applause ]
>>JONI: USA! [ chanting “USA” ]
>>JONI: Hillary Clinton has
failed to protect our national security in other ways.
She jeopardized our safety by deciding our laws don’t apply to
her, setting her own private email server, and lying — lying
to the American people about how it was used.
[ laughing ] That’s right.
[ laughing ] [ chanting “lock her up” ]
>>JONI: Our men and women of the armed services — and let me
say this clearly — our men and women of the armed services do
not fail us. They cannot fail us.
The veterans here with me did not fail us.
[ cheering and applause ]>>JONI: They did not fail us.
They, too, are individuals of the highest integrity.
Our presidents cannot fail us either.
How can we accept Hillary Clinton when she has failed
them? Failed us, and cannot be
trusted. She has proven time and time
again that she is entirely unfit to serve as our nation’s
commander in chief. [ cheering and applause ]>>JONI: For too long, Americans
have felt — and their warnings unheard.
Donald Trump has heard these voices loud and clear.
We cannot afford four more years of the same failed policies.
[ cheering and applause ]>>JONI: If that is not enough,
the veterans administration has been failed those who have
served, alongside those of us here on the stage, with scandal
after scandal after the highest levels — care, long wait times,
extraordinary — and a bureaucracy that has gone —
still continues. We need a commander in chief who
will stand up to our enemies, support our allies, and have our
veterans’ backs. [ cheering and applause ]
>>JONI: We need — thank you. We need a leader who will ensure
America remains a strong, stabilizing force around the
globe, and who will keep us safe here at home.
Our country cannot take another four years like the eight we’ve
had. It’s time to stand up and fight
for the security of our children, our grandchildren, and ourselves.
[ clapping ]>>JONI: With Hillary Clinton,
it’s always about her. It should be about you!
[ cheering and applause ]>>JONI: Donald Trump is focused
on you! He gave voice to a movement of
millions of Americans who are tired of politics as usual.
I know as President he will work tirelessly to keep our nation
safe. Now is the time to make America
safe again! [ cheering and applause ]
>>JONI: Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you, and may God bless all of you, the wonderful state of
Iowa, the brave men and women in uniform, and the great United
States of America! God bless you.
God bless you. Thank you.
[ cheering and applause ]

10 comments on “Senator Joni Ernst | 2016 Republican National Convention”

  1. Steven Yourke says:

    These creeps are the reason we need a revolution! Clinton vs. Trump is a choice between arsenic and cyanide gas. Listen to these phonies and get prepared to puke. All the lies, all the phony speeches, all the phony stories about "my mother told me"! God, how stupid do they think we are?! It's all bullshit, folks. Wake up to it. Flag waving, militaristic bullshit.

  2. Defense General says:

    The pig castrated

  3. Tony S says:

    Yeah, she seems authentic. What a weird human. Oh, and hey republicans… we are a secular nation. Stop pushing for Christian Sharia, you are becoming no different than the very "radical Islamists" you hate.

  4. John Anderson says:

    ERnst is such a plastic freaking barbie…. I'm ashamed to have her represent my home state. Farm girl my ass, with all the government subsidies they were some of the wealthiest people in school. She couldn't be any more condescending if she were babbling to babies instead of talking like she's trying to convince a 2 year old to eat their veggies. Her speech patterns are exaggerations of Clintons. She joined the National Guard to get college and meet guys. I'd bet nobody let her do a thing without NCO supervision. She is simply vacuous, all whining and no ideas that will solve her problems.
    How about doing your job senator and asking congress for a declaration of war by submitting a bill/motion.. no you just whine about the effects of the Bush era birthing of IS. How about actually reading the Iran Nuke deal instead of getting the cliff notes from Fox news. How about you quit doing the planning for IS instead of griping about Obamas bombing and pursuit of IS and saying Trump can do anything except make ignorant statements.
    Seems that the FBI debunked your email lying bull$hit. How is Trump even close to being qualified to clean toilets in the white house. Trump will destabilize the world with his tantrums.
    Before you bitch too much about the past 8 years Ernst, go back and read some news papers of that time and see how far into the dumpster Bush pushed us, how decrepit our national image became due to the torture of Abu Gahrib and Gitmo, how financially insolvent we were because of Bush tax cuts and deregulation…. don't wallow in your ignorant rhetoric, correct it.
    It shouldn't be about Clinton or 'you', it should be about US together, moving forward instead of looking back to the Nixon and Reagan years of tripling the deficit. Trump is focused on nothing but himself.. his record speaks for itself.
    Guess you spent too much time with your head in a bread bag, but I can't forgive your absolutely revolting saccharine pronounciation of Iowa, but you are too gross for reality.

  5. Johan Smith says:

    Yeah Hillary's policies were bad because she didn't use nuclear weapons like Joni wants. Truly terrifying to hear a lieutenant colonel talk like a raving war mongering fascist.

    She said absolutely nothing. Absolutely nothing of substance. She spews vague accusations, bathers on about freedoms and America a bit, and blames her enemies for all problems, "Working together" to take responsibility and find solutions, not one hypocritical iota.

  6. yootoob1958 says:

    Looking forward to Trump….getting his ass handed to him in November by Madam President! Hillary is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but at least she is not in the most bigoted anti-LGBT GOP party in American history! A Trump presidency would be as dangerously unstable as Trump himself! The RNC hasn't once mentioned anything about education, healthcare, the environment, or the crumbling infrastructure! It's basically an Obama and Clinton hate-fest! And Melania Trump's speech where she plagiarized Michelle Obama's 2008 speech shows how inept the entire Trump campaign has become. People can spin it all they like, but ultimately, Donald and Melania Trump are responsible for what comes out of their mouths! PERIOD!

  7. ab3defC8ijkmnmopqrxt says:

    I know that Mrs Ernst spoke clearly and used many different words… but all I heard was "I'm a retarded lying whore and I love to hear my own voice as I lie to the retards that voted me into office"

  8. 21stCenturyNatives says:

    This speech is creepy. handful of misfits in the crowd, empty stadium, crazy woman babbling on stage. the whole thing is bizarre

  9. Quevan Pham says:

    help the homeless vets and military personel suffering from Depleted Urainium

  10. Quevan Pham says:

    Yes Mrs. joni Ernst please show us how you will cut and chop up the pork in Washington run by the Clinton Crime Family and Foundation. thankyou God Bless

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