Sentry Trick [Guide] [Payday 2]

The Sentry Trick. You guys may have seen me using this trick
in either my Crime Spree streams or my Cursed Kill Room 1 Down gameplay. So what is this trick about? Basically, by using this trick, we can get some enemies stuck, which will
make it easier to do objectives. So in this video we’ll be covering: what this trick is, how it works and how to use it. So what is this? As mentioned earlier, this trick gets enemies
stuck, usually more than enough to cause Fade Manipulation
to happen on its own, unless we went and kill those stuck enemies
of course. And once they are stuck, we are more or less
free to perform objectives with little enemies to hinder us. And since this trick works purely based on
how enemies are programmed to chase players and sentries, it is not dependent on difficulty settings,
which makes it easily abusable or effective (depending on our point of view), like on One Down or high Crime Sprees. Lastly, with the upcoming planned changes
to the game AI (which we can read about in the forums), this trick may or may not become obsolete
or unusable in the future, but let’s just have fun with it for now. So how does it work? To be honest, I’m not a 100% sure. But I decided not to fully research it since
it is very complicated and knowing how to use it is enough for me. But for those who are curious, here’s a rough explanation of how it works. In Payday 2, maps are broken down into areas. Of course, this is just a simplified version. In the actual game itself even a simple room
like The Diamond’s Eqyptian room can be broken up into 4 or 5 areas. So what happens is that when hunting enemies
spawn, they will make their way to the closest criminal, which includes sentries. That’s the first part. The second part is that for some reason, enemies get stuck when they are in range to
attack but can’t, like when the sentry is behind an obstacle
or object, so they’ll end up staring at the sentry, as long as the sentry is working and has ammo. Sometimes it can also get enemies stuck at
their spawn points, which is a huge plus. So going back to the areas, in a regular game, almost all the enemies will end up getting
stuck at the sentry eventually, when it reaches the spawn limit or when enemies
stop spawning due to Fade. This then results in almost no enemies chasing
us or hindering our objectives. Hoxton Breakout day 1 works slightly differently
though, partly due to a different assault code used and also partly due to the spawn points moving
along with the truck objectives. I won’t cover that in detail but I’ll show
you how I did it later. So how to use this trick? First, we’ll need sentries, even a basic sentry without upgrades will
do. Whether or not we need multiple sentries depend
on the heist itself, like in my Hoxton Breakout day 1 gameplay
I used 1 for the street and 1 for the carpark. Next, we’ll need a good spot to place. Usually small spaces, close to the wall like
behind opened doors or under tables, so enemies cannot circle around and shoot
the sentry and vice versa. Keep in mind that this works based on distance
between the sentry and spawn points, so if we place a sentry too far away, most enemies will still come back to us. And after that, just avoid going back to that
same area and continue the mission as usual, unless
of course, we need to release someone out of custody, then we can end the assault wave by clearing
the stuck enemies. Try to avoid getting tazed or getting downed
as much as possible as some units are programmed to home in on
these players. The best way to find these spots is to experiment, so start up the heist on Normal and try different
places until we can find one that works. I will not be making a special guide on the
locations but if I ever cover loud heists in future,
I’ll try to mention them. As mentioned earlier, Hoxton Breakout is a
little different but what I did here, is to place the sentry, move back, let the
cops gather and get stuck, before I sprinted past them using concussion
grenades. From there, I experienced practically zero
resistance because of the spawn limit, unless I killed a few stuck cops to spawn
new ones. For the carpark section, I opened up the rooms to look for a good sentry
spot behind this machine, which got most of them stuck and that wraps
it up for day 1. For day 2, there are definitely more than
1 spot, but outside the evidence room is my favourite because it’s away from most of the other objectives. During the infinite assault after grabbing
the server, I didn’t see as many enemies so they may have
been stuck at the spawn points. Also I could have used the keycard for the
last door but I was being cheeky instead. Ok, Panic Room is really straightforward. In the room where we make the deal, there is a desk and the room only has 1 entry
point so we’ll put it there. Then for the rest of the heist a fair number
of enemies will get stuck there. Just continue as per usual and avoid going
near the sentry spot. Alright so thanks for watching, hope you guys have fun with this, hopefully not too much fun that you get your
One Down mask using this. Upcoming will be two gameplay clips, Hoxton Breakout and Panic Room, both on Deathwish. Enjoy watching and breaking the game, and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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  1. magic goat says:

    Nice video man

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    Nice work mate

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    Amazing trick, good Job!

  4. Sam Kreimer says:

    Does this still work?

  5. Pizza Heister says:

    Something is happening for me, on Panic room, when i put the sentry gun in the position you have cops still come to me on the roof meaning i'm getting overwhelmed. However, in your gameplay (While on the roof) you have no enemies – Apart from a few scripted tan spawns – Is there something i'm doing wrong?

  6. The 5h1n0b1 says:

    hoxton breakout doestn work anymore i think 🙁

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    Aka glich

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    So sentries are actually useful

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    Wonder if it still works

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    Does this still work now? 😀

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    What system are you using? I still see videos where people are on consoles and sentry glitch works but on PC I can never get it to work.

  12. T4piok4 says:

    But works it on the switch

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