Settling A Scar Solo [Payday 2]

Heyo! We’re back to another speedrun video, this time on the Scarface Mansion’s “Settling
A Scar”. This achievement can be done using the Crime
Spree Trick or by joining a hosted game if you do not
own the DLC. So here again, the general rule of speedrun
achievements hold true; it’s always faster to stealth (if the heist
allows). I myself did it in under 10 minutes even without
the AI boosts. Just don’t forget to go loud before we escape. I’m not going to cover stealth in-depth today so here’s a few quick tips; One, if we’re soloing, we can use the laptop
glitch. That will ensure no interruptions with the
hack. You can check out my other video for more
information, Link will be in the description. (Zelda too!) Two, on Overkill we can break the cameras. This makes it way easier than the “What? You Want Me to Dance?” achievement. Lastly, don’t rush it, especially inside the
mansion. 15 minutes is quite comfortable as long as
we don’t forget the basics of stealth. But then again, you’re not here for the stealth
are you? So let’s go loud. Going from the start, our first major objective
is to hack the laptop. Again if going solo, we can use the laptop
glitch. Otherwise, the proper way is to wait at one
of the 3 panels that spawns (hopefully with the blessings of RNG) and open it quickly with a saw. With multiple players it helps to have someone
waiting by the laptop to restart it immediately after. And while waiting for the hack to complete, don’t forget to look out for and grab the
gas can. There will be 2 of them, located in 4 areas
around the map; the gardening shed, the garage, the docks and the guardhouse furthest away from the
mansion. Then once we open up the first part of the
mansion, make use of the short initial delay to locate
the 8 paintings. They will be found throughout the first floor, including both the sides of the stairs and the little corridor before the main hall. Gather them quickly and burn it up. For the cars, it’s pretty straightforward. The waypoint for the correct car will show
up way before Bile even reaches it, so just fix
it up. One cool little info here, is that the 3rd and last car will always be
the Cadillac. And dinosaurs. Eh… maybe not. And once Bile drops it onto the roof, we’ll
have to deal with Sosa’s security. There’s a bit of RNG going on here. We might enter a hall full of mobsters first,
with the turrets appearing after, or the other way around; an empty or almost empty hall to face the
turrets first. If we do get the empty hall, right after dealing
with the turrets, the side door will open up. Instead of waiting for the mobsters to take
their own sweet time rushing out, we’ll go in and clear them, on both the 2nd
and then 1st floor. Once Sosa’s security is handled, we’ll face
the man himself. On Overkill he’s pretty easy to deal with
so use whatever’s comfortable. I personally like to one-shot him with my
melee weapon on a Berserker build. Then winching the safe up and escaping is
straightforward; grab the minimum 6 bags of yayo and get out. All this may be a little complicated if we’re
new to Scarface Mansion but otherwise, with some practice, the achievement will be within our reach. I myself, am able to do this consistently with each run going about 14 minutes-ish, in ICTV and even with bad RNG, so keep trying! And that’s all for my tips to Settling A Scar. Two gameplays, one loud one stealth will be coming right
up. Enjoy watching and see you next time.

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  1. as says:

    And dinasours

  2. Yukemi Gazette says:

    20:52 when you no longer trust 33% and just wait xd

  3. Ereretani says:

    What means RNG?

  4. Raven Gamer says:

    I have all the Scarface Mansion achievements

  5. 카나 says:

    Haiiii~ Can you share the build you use for this video? I'd like to try it myself.

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