SF Police Credit Union | Providing Financial Solutions to Take Care of Our Own

Our law enforcement has made an oath to be the guardians of our community. SF Police Credit Union’s oath is to be the guardian of our members’ financial well being. The police credit union is a financial institution that’s dedicated to serving the law enforcement community and their families. Police officers, EMTs, firemen. Any type of first responders. It started in 1953 in the horse stables behind Park Station. When they started the police department, police officers had to purchase their own uniform, their own service revolver and their own equipment. The founding fathers of this credit union did not want them to fall prey to loan sharks. That’s how this credit union was first started. When you walk in the front door every employee recognizes you. They’re all friendly. They’re all so agreeable and wanting to help. It’s about people helping people. That’s really the philosophy here. It’s not a profit-driven organization. It’s here to assist members, and that’s why it was created. Every time I walk in here, I feel like it’s a family. “How are you? How are your kids? How’s your wife?” It’s a good feeling. They can help you keep your credit in line, or if you need a loan, or whatever the reason. We care about our members. We care about their well-being. We care how they get to where they get to. We are a generational credit union. Great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, children all have accounts here. That’s really what sets us apart. It’s about a relationship. It’s about being part of a very exclusive family. It’s not a regular nine-to-five type of job. It’s a high stress level, so being able to support them with their financial needs that’s one less thing that they need to worry about. They work hard to protect us, and then we want to do good for them too, to help them. We don’t call it customer service It’s really member service. Because people are members out here. That feeling of belonging, that feeling of being able to be part of a family. To be able to provide that service to that close-knit family, it means not just a lot to me, but it certainly means a lot to our entire 110 employee staff. Anything I’ve ever wanted, I’ve gotten it here.

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