Shacklethorne Stealth 4:43 Solo No AI [Payday 2]

Hey guys. Sorry to disappoint, but this video isn’t the achievement guide
for Auction Cry. That one will be out within the week, so stay tuned. But rather, this was a thought that I had while doing research for that. “Could Auction Cry be done solo, without the AI interaction boost?” And this video, is the result of that question. Enjoy the video.

14 comments on “Shacklethorne Stealth 4:43 Solo No AI [Payday 2]”

  1. diana qouta says:

    5th viwer unknown knight 😀

  2. BlackHawk TP says:

    Holy damn this is impressive
    A pure skill
    Thanks Unknown Knight!

  3. Janko Petrovic says:

    My personal best is 4:59 not kiding

  4. Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg says:

    Good job

  5. Damien Evermore says:

    You are a god

  6. Achuverz says:

    How to F word ?!?!?!?!

  7. Joydurn Yup says:

    Yo could I add you on steam? I met you in a cook off before, username is Joydurn Yup

  8. Jabberwork says:

    Damn. Big congrats on this one! I really thought it was impossible.

  9. Ruuben soto says:

    happy b day to me 🙁

  10. reorseX says:

    That was insane!

  11. braka42 says:

    how did you avoid detection at 3:08?

  12. Lawstuh Limb says:

    Guy casually runs in with a gun and shoots a woman.
    Guards: metal detector didn’t go off. Nothing wrong here

  13. TheShocker says:

    Well done, I don't know how you managed to do this in 4 mins. When I did it it took me over 30 to finish the heist with all loot.

  14. Chinaki games says:

    Sorry to disappoint, its not a guide for auction cry, its a guide for auction shout, because…. 4 MINUTES WHILE THE ACHIEVEMENT EXPECTS 12

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