Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

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  1. dan fuller says:


  2. Johnny Tran says:

    Just started watching and wow I was just thinking about this topic

  3. dberg1964 says:

    10 grams of Vita C a day keeps those nasty colds away!!!

  4. Roberto Hernandez says:

    Whats the best investment in your opinion with 40k?? Im in between buying a mobile home park that rents 15 spaces or go all in on a bussiness idea ive had for a while

  5. Kejriwal saara punjab tere naal says:

    @2.09…..which institution is giving rates of 3.5%??

  6. Yр5a says:

    will refi if 1 point or more lower. also do not plan to sell the primary residence at all. additionally will refy only for the time left to pay off the existing loan. if 10 years left, will only refy for 10 years. again, love your dynamic. you were made for each other. even look alike.

  7. nelson13ist says:

    This Awesome guys. Thank you 💡. Need to see this video over. Well done 👍

  8. john mcalister says:

    pay off mortgages and free yourself

  9. Alex Hsu says:

    This video is not too helpful in helping decide the real cost of refinancing. They allude to adding time to your mortgage as possibly a bad thing when you refinance, but how do you figure out if its really bad or not in your particular case? Doesn't it come down to how much total interest you're actually going to pay in both scenarios?

    If you have $100k left on a mortgage at 5% and are looking at refinancing to 3.5% you should compare the TOTAL INTEREST ON THE FIRST LOAN over 30yrs and compare that to TOTAL INTEREST ON THE NEW LOAN + INTEREST PAID SO FAR ON THE FIRST.

    If the new total is less then DO IT! You've saved money AND your monthly mortgage went down!

    But if it's more, you have to figure out if the additional interest you'll end up paying is worth having the lower monthly payment. That may come down to needing the extra cash flow to make ends meet, even though you're paying for it in the end, or maybe you know you can use the extra capital to earn back more than it's costing you. Those would probably be the only 2 cases you should do it when you'll be paying more total interest.

    If you don't plan on staying in the house forever then the considerations would be the same, just figure out how much interest you would have paid by the time you plan to leave (plus closing costs etc of course) in both the refi option and don't refi option.

  10. MrGsmith333 says:

    Hello from Spokane Washington USA

  11. Smooth Jammin says:

    I had to youtube Kathleen Turner voice. LOL thanks for that

  12. Lamont Walley says:

    Dropping gems again u guys. Feel better Clayton!

  13. Tony Sanchez says:

    What do you think as a mortgage i should be doing to capitalize on my massive discounts i get from my mortgage company?
    Because from my lender(quicken).
    its tough to get conventional mortgages on such small loan amounts for investment properties

  14. Ditronus says:

    As I said in the past, this refi decision is still on my mind, so this helps. I'm just not sure what I should prioritize: saving interest long term (don't refi and perhaps get a heloc to help pay down my 15 yr loan) vs. lowering my DTI by refi-ing to a 30 yr cashout to finance buying rentals. Essentially, I'm deciding between paying down primary home debt I have now to dramatically increase cashflow in 5+years and avoid interest, or acquire assets now so I can pay down more mortgages simultaneously, but end up paying more interest overall.

  15. Johnny A says:

    Get better, my brother. In my prayers.

  16. Santos Marquez says:

    Natali & Clayton your videos are interesting as I'm new to the channel.
    But I don't like refing because of the fact that it's just setting me back to start all over again.

  17. Jay Gee says:

    Hello Clayton and Natali, quick question. I was actually researching about refinancing and came across something that pretty much said you can only cashout refinance when buying a more expensive property then the previous one. am I confused or is this true ? I was under the impression you can cashout refinance or use Heloc to put down payments on multiple properties no matter the price of the property.

    PS. Thank you haha your videos are very much appreciated you guys are great god bless.

  18. clarkinjk says:

    the scannable app works great and has really been a game changer for me especially around tax season

  19. Sam Shaw says:

    Mr. Morris, if I purchase my first rental cash (no mortgage) and have a tenant, should I do a heloc or cash out refi when going for the second? do you have a video regarding how to identify the best decision on this?

  20. Premier Industrial says:

    Good morning Clayton. Thanks for the video. I have been trying to refinance an investment property forever it seems like at this point. No bank wants to touch it because it’s treading on being under water. I’m currently paying 7.5% and if I could refinance this thing it would free up my cash flow tremendously. If you have any recommendations I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  21. Carlos Alfaro says:

    13000 dlls closing cost. I did not continue with this bank. They offer me to get cash back to convinceme.

  22. Jessica Groblewski says:

    Can you refinance a rental home that is in your name into a business LLC name? (getting a lower APR)

  23. ida Willis says:

    Great video. I'm in the process of using the equity as a down pymt on the second home.

  24. Crypto Chik says:

    I have an investment property that I am about to do a cash out refi. Taking those funds to reduce my primary mortgage which although rate is .5 higher, I get rid of MIP. Also by resetting terms, payment is much lower and I gain a ton more in HELOC available from my primary to invest in more properties. Or should I not refi primary and use cash out to buy instead of heloc from my primary? Clayton, would luv to know your thoughts on my strategy?

  25. zmk666666 says:

    The book isn’t very helpful and realistic with current interest rates on HELOCs

  26. Paragon says:

    very good honey!

  27. Christopher Kozub says:

    wife has perfect teeth

  28. Jamie Hernandez says:

    I appreciate info

  29. C A says:

    If you’re in the home for five years and you refi. Can you Amortize the loan for 25 years instead of 35?

  30. Ewan Sinclair says:

    Yes dear

  31. Esmond Siew says:

    Hi guys, thanks so much for the video! I do find it helpful. I'm 5+ years into my very first home mortgage with a 7/1 ARM and are thinking of refinancing since my original plan to move out within 7 years might not happened.

    I have a question about the equity you mentioned toward the end of the video. It's clear to me we shouldn't use the equity (in your example the 75k) to buy any liability products but can we put that 75k back to the 100k outstanding balance that is now with Bank B?

    Thanks so much for your time!!

  32. undead_welding porosity says:

    I own my house i bought it for 274k 5 years today it worth 390k. Never finance the house. My house needs new Ac pool needs to be rebuilt. Is it smart to refinance the house to fix some stuff or just get the buy another home to rent?

  33. Kevin Feng says:

    Thanks again. Great video and advice. I also live in NJ and inspired. I am working to get into rental property investment. Need more education and finding some help along the way.

  34. ianbernardoful says:

    I didn’t like the girl. The atitude and telling the man to be quiet was awful

  35. James Castro says:

    Is it smart to use the equity when refinancing to pay off high interest credit cards. The interest on the credit cards are 20%.

  36. Arlen Loving Life says:

    I wish you guys would had done a actual example on an average mortgage loan how much money would had saved in interest if refi within 2 years, 5 years, 10 years. Going from 5% to 4%. Or any other number. You guys only considered the monthly payment, and how about refinancing and not resetting to 30 years, maybe the new loan would be for the same time remaining on the old loan, or refinancing on a shorter loan.

  37. Patricia Aguilar says:

    Excelente explanation , thank you ! And best luck !

  38. Wayne says:

    What if I got a VA loan in June 2019 at 3.9 and can get a streamline VA loan at a possible 2.9% after 6 months. Then use that extra money I'm saving to pay towards a HELOC

  39. vuthina roeun says:

    Hi, I want to refinance my house to pay off my student. Should I do it? Thanks

  40. Megabase801 says:

    Awesome. Thank you very much guys 👍👍👍

  41. Angelo Christian says:

    I just found your channel. Nice presentation and content.

  42. Peter Gabriel says:

    29 months / going from 4.75 to 3.75 on 320k. They want to add 5k to the loan. 325k .

    It's not 10 k but still. …. and the escrow. I always feel that's where they shuffle the numbers.

    So we don't need to pay October payment but taxes are due end of November so just want to pay taxes at closing… ideas

  43. danny barlow says:

    Thank you guys very much. i needed this knowledge.

  44. HarperPolo says:

    If you don't have money for closing costs then is it not worth it to refinance?

  45. wkjeom says:

    Love your videos. Always informative and not too long to take a big slice of my day.

  46. Don Elliott says:

    Enjoy watching your videos. I have done exactly what you said and it's working. Worried about taxes and California LLC s. If you can chat more about taxes I would appreciate it.


  47. Isiury Rodriguez says:

    Thank you

  48. Bernardo Bautista says:

    Hi Morris I’ve been watching you almost a year my question is my mortgage rate is 2.75 and if I use a heloc is 10k and intereste is 6% so it is ok paydown inmy mortgage?

  49. Hayman Ak says:

    That guy shouldn’t be in this vid

  50. Darthen X says:

    What about a 15 year vs a 30 year? Pros and Cons

  51. Gibran del Giudice says:

    I’m so confused Cuase in one video you said you don’t like debt, however; in this Video you mentioned refinancing a rental property to get another one. Wouldn’t that be considered debt? Also if you pull out equity wouldn’t your monthly mortgage payment increase? Bringing down your cash flow by a significant amount? I don’t get the pulling out of equity on a home, why not just do the HELOC like you mention and put a down payment on a home to produce cash flow, then with that cash pay for the credit?

  52. Jason Adkins says:

    We did a cash out refinance on our house so we could start investing in rental properties. We are now up to 3 properties that could pay our mortgage and double payments on it if we wanted to.

  53. RunningBear says:

    @ 5:50 I got tricked , nice one 👍

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