Should you run Zofia’s LMG-E? – Rainbow Six Siege

What’s up Guys, Rogue-9 here and at long
last, I have come through on my promise to analyse Zofia’s primary weapon options and
to put together another Loadout Meta video. When Zofia was added to the game during Operation
White Noise, the choice between her LMG-E and M762 rifle was not really a choice at all. Back then, the LMG class in Rainbow Six
was quite simply garbage. The weapons had high recoil, low fire rate,
mediocre damage stats, extremely slow Aim Down Sight and reload times and really, the
only thing they had going for them was a large ammo capacity and somewhat of a “coolness factor”. Back then players would pick an LMG simply
for the lulz but a lot has changed since then and the weapon class as a whole
has become far more viable. So the big question now is: “What about Zofia’s LMG-E? Can it stand up to the M762?” Well, time to find out! As always, let’s take a quick look at the
overview for all of the relevant stats concerning these guns and as you can see, things are
not looking all that great for the LMG-E since most of the stats are just that tiny bit better
for the M762. But let’s examine things step by step to
get a clearer picture. Hey, it’s me again! Drop (formerly known as Massdrop) have sent
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mechanical keyboard or just want to see what other awesome products Drop have on offer,
go ahead and click the link below! In terms of the raw damage,
there is actually no clear winner. The LMG has a flatter damage drop-off curve
because of the 40m range and also does more damage at long distance while the rifle is
more powerful at close ranges up to 27m. So the conclusion in terms of raw damage per
shot would be that the LMG is more suitable for maps with long sightlines but how many
maps does that actually mean? We know that Siege is an incredibly close
quartered game where the average kill distance is less than 10m and if we take that into
account, then I would say that despite the damage of each gun seeming quite well balanced,
the close range damage of the M762 will most likely be the better option in most situations. The fire rate of both guns is extremely similar;
720 RPM of the LMG and 730 RPM for the rifle and as always, I tested the fire rates in-game for myself to be sure that the stats are accurate… and they are. As you would expect, once we combine the fire
rate and damage to calculate the damage per second the very similar fire rates mean that
we end up with a result that strongly reflects the raw damage per shot. The M762 is better up to 28m, after that the
LMG-E can do more damage. And interestingly the benefit that each gun has
over the other is pretty much exactly the same. The rifle does 10.26% less damage per second
than the machinegun at long range and at short range: the machinegun does
10.22% less damage than the rifle. To me, those differences seem too closely
matched to be a coincidence and while this won’t really mean anything in practice, I still found thought it was an interesting discovery nonetheless. Now as always, DPS stats are and quick and
easy way to compare to effectiveness of two different weapons at various ranges but really,
what everything will boil down to in practice is the shots to down/kill and the time to
down/kill for each individual gun. At ranges up to 25m the M762 is of course
better with its greater power and minimally faster fire rate but for most cases, the advantage
is so small that it will never make a difference. In three of the armour and strike location
permutations, the rifle requires one less shot to down/kill which means around 86ms
less to down/kill a level 3 armour with body shots and a level 1 armour +
Rook plate with body or leg shots. For all other cases, the average benefit the
M762 gets is only 3.68ms (and here’s an added bonus fact for you: it takes between
100 to 400ms for a human to blink and that means that the average TTK advantage of Zofia’s
rifle over the machinegun in most cases is between 1/27th and 1/100th of the blink of
an eye)… so basically nothing at all really. At loner ranges, after complete damage drop-off,
the differences are a bit more significant. As you can see, in most cases the LMG-E will
require 1 or even 2 shots less to at least down an opponent and despite the minimally
slower fire rate, the time saving in these cases is between 74 and 156ms,
with the mean average at 92ms. Only for level 2 armour body shots and level
1 armour leg shots do both guns require the same number of shots, resulting in a 5 to 6ms time saving for the M762 (so once again practically nothing). What does all of this mean? The most frequent combat ranges in Siege are
below 25m and despite more power and higher fire rate; the M762 gets no real advantage here against most opponent types and shot placement locations. Longer ranges are far less important and so
the small advantage that the LMG-E has there could offer a tiny benefit in the occasional
engagement but those situation would be rare. Conclusion? I would say that in terms of their pure take
down capabilities the two guns may look quite different at first but really, they are very well balanced. But of course, there are other factors to consider. In terms of capacity, there’s no argument
that the LMG-E is the clear winner. It has five times the capacity of most rifles
and the 150 bullets you get to play with will easily allow you to ace the entire enemy team
without ever having to reload or of course, alternatively you can use the ammo to lay down excessive amounts of pre-fire or breach walls. You may occasionally even be able to trick
your opponent into thinking that you have to go for a reload and when they peak you, you
still have 120 bullets left to really spoil their day. Long story short: more ammo=more good. Just make sure you get out of the habit of
reloading every time you’ve fired more than 7 bullets because of course that completely defeats any advantage you could hope to gain with the LMG. As is to be expected, the higher capacity
of using a belt rather than a magazine comes with longer reload times and like with most
of the other belt fed LMGs in Siege, the tactical reload time is actually a little slower than
the reload from empty because of the extra step of pulling the remaining belt out of
the gun before removing the ammo box. Compared to the other machine guns, these
reload times of 6.5 and 7.1s are not actually that bad but they are still double or more
compared to other weapons in the game and 7s can be an eternity when you are
getting pushed by a defender. Of course the disadvantage this poses is nowhere
near as bad as it could be due to the fact that in Siege, we can cancel the reload at
any time, so as long as you keep yourself topped up at convenient moments throughout
the round, you should be 100% Gucci (other luxury fashion brands are available). The M762’s reload times are pretty much
as average as you can get for the rifle class in Siege. 3.3s is the exact mean average for rifle reloads
from empty and 2.6s is the mode average for tactical reloads (although it is
100ms slower than the mean). Bonus fact: Most people will be familiar with
the mean average (the sum of all values, divided by the number of values) but there are two more types of average that can be useful in statistical analyses. The median average represents
the midpoint of your data range. So for example in a range of 7 values it will
be the fourth largest and also the fourth smallest one. And then we have the mode
average I mentioned before. This is the value in your data range that
appears the most often. So applied to our Siege example, the most
common tactical reload time for assault rifles is 2.6s, even though the mean average is a
bit quicker at 2.5s due to the fact that the data is a little skewed by the ridiculous
2.0s reload of Jackal’s C7E. So my conclusion on capacity and reload time
is that once again, everything seems pretty balanced between the two options open to Zofia. On the one side: more bullets, on the other:
quicker reload. Now something I’ve never really tested or
explored in past Loadout META videos but something that many people have commented on is that
LMGs should have an advantage when opening up sightlines through soft walls. And that makes complete sense, back when Rainbow
Six introduced calibre based destruction; I tested it and found that the LMG class as
a whole had larger bullet holes and larger impulse hole sizes than most other guns in the game. And so I was quite surprised when I did a
side by side comparison of the M762 and LMG-E and found that even here, they
are pretty much balanced. I guess the larger 7.62x39mm calibre of the
rifle helps here and when you use up all of the ammo of both guns, you pretty much end
up with the same amount of soft wall destruction. The LMG-E still has a bit of an advantage
because you can basically go through the entire 300 round ammo reserve with only one reload,
while the M762 will need 7 reloads for 241 shots. All in all though, I would still be cautious
about using up large amounts of ammo just to create sight lines and a single mag from
the rifle can open up three impulses in standard dry wall and if that doesn’t give you enough
of a sightline, then I don’t know what will. Long story short, even here both guns seem
perfectly balanced. So far, so good but power is nothing without
control and the final question we need to address is how easy it is to acquire your targets and keep them in your sights with each of the guns. The Aim Down Sight time has always been a
key weakness for the LMG class. When you are suddenly confronted with an unexpected
enemy, taking an extra 100-200ms to aim in, can pretty much hand the victory to your opponent. The M762 comes with the standard ADS time
for rifles and this is 100ms faster than that of the LMG-E. This is a clear win for the
M762 but I do want to point out it’s once again maybe not quite as bad as it seems on paper. As you can see in my test footage here, the
LMG-E does take a full 550ms before the ADS animation is complete BUT if we’re going
to be realistic here, we could argue that at around 500ms the sight picture you get
is pretty damn not bad already and the minimal movement you get off of those last three frames really doesn’t impact your ability to fight all that much. So even though the ADS disadvantage of the
LMG-E is 100ms on paper, you could argue that in practice it’s more like 50ms. Still an advantage for the M762 but as long
as you develop some discipline in terms of pre-aiming before peeking an angle or pushing
an opponent, the disadvantage of the LMG-E is by no means a deal breaker here. Hip fire spread is a relatively low impact
stat because hip firing in Siege is pants. But the hip fire spread you start out on when
aiming in, also affects how soon you can get to decent accuracy when you open fire before
having fully ADS’ed. So, yes it’s a low impact stat but still
worth considering. That being said, the differences in hip fire
spread between Zofia’s guns are actually very subtle. In most stances when stationary, the spreads
are basically identical and it’s not until you start moving and or shooting that the
disadvantage of the LMG-E comes to light. Nevertheless, this round again goes to the M762. And finally last but not least, how easy are
the guns to control once you start firing? As you may have seen in the overview earlier,
I decided not to include the in-game recoil charts in this video because sadly for a small
number of guns in Siege, these charts are inaccurate and the M762 is one of them. As you can see here, adding the muzzle brake
to the gun supposedly has a profound effect on every single bullet fired and that’s
just not how that attachment works. It’s almost as if the in game chart was
created for single fire rather than full auto fire. So, forget the charts, we are going straight
to my in game test results! I ran a simple test with both guns, without
controlling the recoil and my conclusion from this test is that the M762 has a bit more vertical kick while the LMG tends to wander to the sides a bit more. These results were consistent both with and
without attachments. As a side note, the reason I chose the compensator
for both guns in this test is because it is the best muzzle attachment for long bursts
and so suits this experiment the best. These results make it pretty clear to me that
the M762 is the easier gun to control because pulling down on your mouse or even pushing
a control stick forward a little in order to counteract recoil is something that can
be practised but when a gun has a tendency to veer off to either side at random, that’s
something you can never really be prepared for. The only thing you can do is try to react
to the random recoil element as best you can and that’s just never quite the same as building up the muscle memory to counter vertical recoil. I ran a further test where I did my best to
control the recoil and I set up both guns with the vertical grip and either muzzle brake
or compensator and these trials essentially confirm my previous conclusion. Keeping the LMG-E down in terms of the muzzle
climb is not all that difficult but the gun has a real tendency to wander left or right,
resulting in a much larger impact pattern. And with just a tiny bit of practice, the
M762 becomes really easy to control giving it just one more advantage over the machinegun. And so to summarise: The M762 is a truly mediocre
assault rifle in Rainbow Six Siege. Ok damage and slightly below average fire rate, completely average reload times but pretty controllable. The LMG-E surprisingly manages to hold its
own throughout most of the comparison despite being one of the weaker LMGs in the game. But at the end of the day, faster ADS time
and better controllability still make the M762 the ever so slightly better choice in my eyes. And yet nevertheless, the overall balance
between the two guns is actually pretty good and as long as you take advantage of the greater
ammo capacity and mitigate the slower ADS time, the LMG-E can pretty much serve you
just as well as the M762. And that’s it my detailed breakdown of the
Loadout META for Zofia’s primaries. Which of the guns do you prefer to use and
which guns do you want me to analyse next? Leave your comments below and with that as
always: thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see
you in the next episode!

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    i got lesion killed yesterday. I told him to advance to take out zofia, didn't realize she brought her lmg e. after getting backed into a corner, he was not able to move left with out being picked off by the lmg e. and he couldn't fight back because of he ran out of ammo. zofia ended up coming around the corner and prefired lesion to finish him off. sorry bud good execution, but ruined by zofia's bs no wonder why Ela hates her now.

  91. George Fakis says:

    I know it's not relevant to the video but is nomad's Arx fire rate fixed now ?

  92. ReavenM1911A1 says:

    Could you do Jagers 416-C I want to see how it actually compared to other defender weapons.

  93. Grool says:

    1: step: get a five stack
    2: step: go casual meaby ranked for lol's
    3: step all pick lmg
    4:step un bind mouse 2
    5:step hold mouse 1
    6:step rush in
    7:step spam gg ez or ezzzzzzz

  94. Theo Kitsberg says:

    SAS secondary options please.

  95. Ghost Kou says:

    can you make mozzie secondary guns ? plz

  96. JephenYT says:

    I laughed out loud at 8:40

  97. yamakashii says:

    The M762 metalic sound when shooting is the most beautiful sound in life.

  98. PixelFoxtrot - Gun Syncs says:

    Ever since this vid most zof players have been using the lmg no joke. Y u do this rogue

  99. Phil Harris says:

    Please do one for Bucks guns

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