Showdown – Auto Loan | Navy Federal Credit Union Commercial

Many guys walk into this place you would’ve thought from the name of it it’s gonna be packed with sailors so I
immediately picked out the biggest guy in there and I walk straight up to him
he looks me square in the eye and I swear he says welcome to Navy Federal
Credit Union Whoa! Friendly Alert! I got a great auto rate
out of that guy you know now I have a wonderful hybrid slate blue cream
interior He was so nice Navy Federal Credit Union Our Members Are The Mission

3 comments on “Showdown – Auto Loan | Navy Federal Credit Union Commercial”

  1. Gold Prime says:

    What's that big SUV behind him?

  2. marvolicious1 says:

    It's a military hummer isn't it?

  3. CnationMavs41 says:

    My boy Leonard from Wild N Out

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